I’ve heard from time to time that we should not be content with what we have but to go and get more. Well, when I read about our being content in the New Testament it shares that we are to not be disturbed to the point that we object to the blessings of what others have. We are not to envy others, or complain about what we don’t have but rather be at peace in our mind, as Lionel Ritchie sang, “I’m easy, easy like a Sunday morning”.

Whatever it is that we possess, clothes, home, our outer appearance, employment, food, and our money. We are to be content and cease from looking for pseudo pleasures and gratifications. Our mind, heart and, spirit are to be at a continual rest in CHRIST JESUS and thankful for all that we do have. The LORD GOD is aware of what it is that we are in need of but we must ask HIM none the less and wait for HIM to provide. There is nothing wrong to want success, greater possessions, or more money, however, why do we want them? Is it just so we can brag about what we have; is it so we can feel superior to others; is it so we can glorify ourselves; and if we had the money to not only pay for all of our monthly debts without feeling the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck, will we use that money to help the less fortunate? What are our motives for having the desire to want more rather than being content with what we do have?

Don’t call attention to the lack that we think or possibly is a requirement that we are in need of. In our now situation be content, at peace, satisfied, undisturbed in all that we have or the lack thereof. When in lack trust that the FATHER will provide that which we are in need of. When in want, check the motive as to why we desire that thing.

Luke 4:11; Philippians 4:11





I had to look up and get the definition to this word because for thirty-nine years I’ve read this word and I understood that it means that which brings together. This is what CHRIST is doing HE is bringing us back to the FATHER. However, the dictionary expounds on the word a wee bit better. The principle stone, the stone which lies between two walls and unites them. Eleven times the word cornerstone is used and from what I’ve read in the Bible nine of the eleven is a reference to JESUS. Let us take a look, shall we?

Have any of us ever wondered just who the builders are that rejected the cornerstone? I know I’ve not, that is not until I began to study about the Cornerstone for my own growth. The builders were King Saul and his courtiers. CHRIST being our Headstone of this wonderful building as we continue to learn or bring to our remembrance will show us the following.

  1. HIS humiliation, HE was rejected by the builders and cut out of the mountain without human hands, Dan. 2:34. HE is the stone that is not only our strength, firmness, and duration but HE is our life in this building of the spiritual temple. The foundation of this gospel church must be. JESUS our Cornerstone was rejected not only by the builders but by the rulers and people of the Jews. They refused to own HIM as the Stone the promised MESSIAH and because of this they refused to build their faith on HIM, they refused to join themselves to HIM, they would make no use of HIM, and they would enter their building/synagogue/local church without HE is still being denied as HE was before Pilate. Does this come across as being familiar today? It should. Countries that have Kings or Queens that rule, are they living and speaking as a testimony that they themselves and they desire their people to follow CHRIST JESUS? My country which is America is ruled by a President and in my lifetime I’m not aware of any of them leading my fellow citizens to CHRIST. Though I’m American I do have a KING. People continue to trample on the Stone, they continue to treat HIM as trash, and HE is constantly being tripped over as we do when there is something in our footpath and we did not see it which causes us to trip up. So, when people disgrace CHRIST it becomes their ruin they are rejected by GOD.
  2. HIS exaltation, CHRIST JESUS is the Chief Cornerstone, HE is advanced to the highest degree both in honor and usefulness to be above all and all in all. HE is the Principle Stone in the foundation by which the Jews and the Gentiles are united to become one holy house. HE is the Headstone by which the building will become complete, HE is the pre-eminence of being the author and finisher of our faith. HIS and our FATHER is the ONE who has exalted HIM because JESUS humbled HIMself so in essence, we must make HIM the foundation of our hope, the center of our unity, and the end of our living. To properly live is to live in CHRIST JESUS.
  3. This is what GOD’s hand is in:
  • This is the LORD’s doing
  • HE is from the LORD
  • The hand of GOD is with the LORD
  • HIS hand is the product of HIS counsel
  • This is what HE contrived

The humiliation and the exaltation of the LORD JESUS were all HIS work. The FATHER sent JESUS, sealed JESUS, and the FATHER’s hand went with JESUS throughout everything that HE had to accomplish in the FATHER’s will and this is to be marvelous in our eyes. CHRIST very name JESUS is Wonderful and HIS redemption brought about the most amazing off all the works GOD had done. So much so that the angels in heaven inquire about this among themselves they admire what was accomplished and will continue to do so throughout all eternity. We should be admiring this what HE has done for us not rejecting HIM. We owe our all to HIM because great is the mystery of godliness.

JESUS is tested and HE is costly, HE is our firm foundation Cornerstone and when we rely on, stick to and trust in HIM we will no longer be ashamed of our past, or run out of fear because we are unaware of a thing or listening to idle chatter that is being known by the media, or by the people we speak with. More times than not we are in fear because we have listened to the experiences of others and that which is being broadcast over the media.

In the scriptures, we will find nine times where JESUS is being rejected and thrown out as rubbish. When we are born into this world if we don’t instill the teachings of CHRIST JESUS our Savior the older the child will get the further away he/she will become from not wanting to hear and will begin to reject CHRIST. Our sinful heart does not want to listen and we don’t have the spirit living within us to crave for HIM. JESUS our Chief Cornerstone is who keeps us together and not falling apart because of this thing called life in the world. The more we listen to the Good News about CHRIST JESUS and the more we find out who we are in HIM we will begin to see just how marvelous CHRIST JESUS really is.

I myself just as Apostle Paul write not just so we can have something to read to pass the time. We have written because it was his and it is my desire that we get our readers to cease from despising and rejecting CHRIST JESUS who is the Chief Cornerstone. Only to us who rely completely on, stick to and trust in by our faith in HIM realize just how precious CHRIST JESUS is to us. But for those who do not believe because they are relying on their own understanding rather than trusting by their faith. This Cornerstone is simply a stumbling block for and to them because they either do not believe or they want to pick and choose what is for them. The Cornerstone causes them to trip and sometimes fall because there are things in the flesh that we love and do not want to conform to what the scripture teaches us. There are things that are within us that we can easily walk away from and there are things in our flesh that are very difficult. For those difficult things that we do and say this is when we go to the FATHER and ask HIM to please deliver us from what it is we either love or have a love-hate relationship with. HE will accomplish our prayer request to HIM through our deliverer CHRIST JESUS.

So, dear ones don’t stop building our faith in CHRIST JESUS our precious Chief Cornerstone who is bringing us closer and closer to the FATHER and HIMself because of HIS faith and our reliance on HIM.

Psalms 118:22-23; Isaiah 28:16; Matthew 21:42; Mrk 12:10; Lk 20:17; Acts 4:11; 1 Ptr 2:7-8







In correcting others we are to do so not out of anger but it’s just to cause that person to stop doing wrong and to be set in the way which is right so that they will be set straight. Our LORD GOD as our FATHER corrects us so that we will be comfortable in HIS truth. The standard in which we once had we realize that it’s worthless and we decide to get right with the teaching we receive from the Holy Spirit and get comfortable in His just standard. When we are able to receive correction people of authority will take notice. Be ready to be invited to places or to be in the company of people we never thought to go or to be with. When this occurs we will want to have manners that will not bring shame but will be a delight. We obtain well manners not only from our elders, school, or at home but we also obtain manners from the Holy Spirit as He teaches us that which is correct to bring about change in our morality. In our morality that has been blessed in CHRIST JESUS provides us with principles that coincide with the truth. And, our language when spoken in an agreeable tone and with choice words of wisdom in CHRIST JESUS without having to quote scripture to everything but to just speak with established usage.

Beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we now know that our FATHER is not sitting in heaven ready to clunk us upside the head with a baseball bat as we in our ignorance used to view HIM. Absolutely not, however, as we grow in HIM we will face correction from HIM from time to time. Speaking for myself, I know that I have faced HIS correction but in my thirty-nine years of living in HIM and HIS living in me, HIS correction is not like the correction that we receive from our parents or guardians or anyone else of authority. HIS correction pricks our heart and when we actually receive HIS correction we become happy and realize that in HIS gentle chastening of us that we are more fortunate than those who never experience corrections from their parents. Actually being reproved by our FATHER causes us to realize that we have nothing to fear of because HE is doing what a loving father or mother is supposed to do with their child. Those that have been corrected by the FATHER knows what it is like to be disciplined by HIM. This is my belief and no one has to agree with me, but for me when I was corrected by the FATHER, I like to think that HE had gotten enough of me exercising my free will to do what I need to let go of. When I make the choice to let a thing go which is a part of my life that maybe I’m not aware is of my old sinful nature. Or maybe it’s something that I’m struggling with that I love to do, yet, I know that it’s not pleasing my FATHER and HE steps in and removes the desire for me to continue in my mess. I find that HE never cleanse and disinfects that part of my dark heart without opening up the windows and restoring that part of my heart with HIS essence, with something that is beneficial to my spirit man and I begin to notice that I don’t even miss that which HE threw out. HIS children do not despise being corrected in discipline and reproof by the FATHER as we are with our parents or those who are in authority. Because we know that HE does so out of HIS love for us and HE delights in HIS children. Unfortunately, because most often when some parents think that they are correcting us it’s often times out of anger, or because we are in the way of what they prefer to do that you have caused irritation and they begin to scream and yell then hit. All of this is most often not out of love but out of selfishness on their part. First, we must have the tools to correct others and if we are void of that which is correct in our own lives, how can we rightly discipline the lives of others? Fathers or mothers, I always like to speak to those who fathered a child because the purpose of a mother is to nurture her child and the purpose of the father is to teach, correct, discipline all from love and not through the ignorance of being selfish. In this a child grows to respect and depend on the love of their father.

Dear siblings, we must face the fact that we have nothing to fear from the LORD. We have already been judged never to be judged again. We securely walk in our freedom of HIS love. I had to write this because so many of my siblings are afraid of GOD and it does not make any sense, how can we serve, and believe that HE loves us if we are scared of HIM. We are to have a reverential awe of HIM which leads us to desire to please HIM out of our obedience toward HIS Word. And realize that in the study of HIS Word we gain discipline.

Peep this, only the prideful and rebellious hate to be corrected by anyone let alone GOD. The only instruction they gravitate towards is depravity and they are without discipline. In the Bible, we find the word scoffers and without knowing what the definition is we may believe that they no longer exist. Well, we are incorrect because we witness scoffers each and every day of our lives and we ourselves may be guilty of being a scoffer. Those that ridicule, mock and curse/use of profanity towards others are scoffers. There is nothing wrong when we mock others and they are aware of it just for fun. But when we imitate others for the sake of hurting them then we have crossed the line. Today, we live in a time where manners are absent and being rude is now the normality of the world. CHRISTians regardless of how others will test our emotions we are to refrain from being rude, speaking sarcastically and cursing others out. I know I struggle with being sarcastic because to me it’s as though before a person speaks they don’t think before allowing the words to come out of their mouth. Most people who use sarcasm often have a very dry sense of humor and we really don’t mean any harm. Unfortunately, no one gets the joke but those who too have a dry sense of humor. So beware to never try to correct a prideful and rebellious person who believes no one is right but him/her. Each time we try to correct a prideful and rebellious person we will be insulted by them because they are not open and receptive to being corrected. And, when we work with people like this or are friends with a friend who get along with someone like this, it’s difficult for us to get along with them. There is always that air of contention floating around. We know this because when we have to communicate with a fellow co-worker who is like this before we have to go to them we try to do whatever possible not to speak with them. We may sigh and roll our eyes or speak to those co-workers who are near us that we have to go speak with someone that we dread dealing with. And, what about having a day or night out with our friends and they have with them the one who is full of pride and rebellion, we don’t have the full fun time that we anticipated having. We don’t want to speak with the individual let alone hear their voice. Understand dear one that we all have fallen short and just because we are saved does not mean that we should forget that in our foolishness GOD still loved us so we must show love to those that most need it. Also, understand that pride springs up from a person’s own opinion that they try to enforce on others because they believe that what they think and do has more superiority over the thoughts and actions of others. So be careful not to display anything other than love for everyone especially our siblings in CHRIST. Continue to walk out our discipline in the LORD. If you love knowledge than you love discipline because they work together.

Children, those of you who are being brought up in a loving home by godly parents. Do not rebuke the discipline brought on by your father. Hopefully, the correction that you have to face is not out of self-righteousness, or ill emotion. But rather the father or mother is trying to discipline you to set you on a right and straight course for which you will require and use throughout your life. The house which is ruled by un-godliness is the house that the children will be disciplined in foolishness because they have no direction and are brought up to be rebellious. Don’t misunderstand me because I am a fan of correcting children but I am not a fan of abusing children. Children are precious and at their birth, we are filled with excitement and we may have in mind all these wonderful plans of how we are going to be with them throughout their little lives. Then we bring them home and watch as their personality begins to expose itself. Today parents want to reason with their children or put them in time out. I just found out that timeout is what my mother called “go stand in the corner”. Children will do wrong we all have done so, children are a blank slate ready to learn what we instill in them be it right or wrong. If we want to steer our children on the path to which is right then we can’t reason with them or just place them in the corner. No, we must tan their bottoms not abuse their bottoms but they must be disciplined with what they call today corporal punishment. Whatever player. All of our hearts are deceitfully wicked and though some homes are ungodly it does not mean that the parent does not want the very best for their children. As parents, it is up to us to guide, teach, and train which sometimes will require that the child receives a beating from us. This type of discipline will drive out that particular foolishness but be ready because another one is lurking about and will show up. Not every wrong that a child does require us to beat him/her we must know that after we have spoken at least three times about how not to do something and what the consequences of being disobedient will cause. Children will not die from correct discipline by beating/spanking whichever word you prefer. However, crossing the line by abusing the child will. Actually, when we beat our children as a last resort we are trying to drive out and save the soul of our children so that they will not easily enter into hell by this particular wrongful action. Correct discipline in the lives of our children will bring about rest and delight for us because they will have learned finally the error of their ways. Never to repeat them again. And finally, as I share with my daughter that which unfortunately I believe I learned too late as I was bringing up my children. Don’t just tell your children what you want them to do, show them what we want them to do in our lifestyle. If we keep an un-kept home and expect our children to keep their room clean, forget about it. If we don’t want our children to use foul language and we let the explicit language out all over the place, we should not expect our children not to use profanity as well. If we want our children to respect other and yet we are disrespectful of not only ourselves but others too. Don’t become frustrated and embarrassed when our children show the same display of rudeness. We all children and adults learn from what we see more than by what we hear.

As children of the living GOD, we should make a request of our FATHER asking HIM to correct us as HE sees fit. Be open to HIS instructions as HE corrects us. Understand dear hearts that our LORD is with us to save us day by day.

Children of the living GOD, above I wrote that we must remember that in our foolishness GOD still loved us and that we should do the same to everyone especially our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. Don’t grow discouraged because we are affecting the lives of those that we see often by our actions and words. GOD is correcting those that come against us so be gentle with them. Finally, my beloved, we know that all scripture has been given to us out of the inspiration of GOD. GOD breathed these valuable teachings of HIS truth and we were convicted of sin. However, as our FATHER, HE corrects us of our faults and teaches us through training how to live right because we belong to HIM, HE has equipped us for every good work through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS who is our LORD.

Job 5:17, Prov. 3:11-12, Heb. 12:9; Job 22:4;  Proverbs 5:12, 9:7-8, 10:17, 12:1,15:5, 12, 22:15, 23:13, 29:17, 19; Jeremiah 10:24, 30:11, 46:28; 2 Timothy 2:25, 3:16-17



To: Every follower of these blogs, reader, and those that share with others. 





From: Elder Briscoe and AMFBeM

Corruptible / Corruption


Creation is corrupted by sin however, this is not how it was from the very beginning. When GOD created all of the creation HE said that HIS creation was good. The curse that creation is under has caused all of us to become corrupted, putrid and under the subject of decay and destruction. Our principles and qualities are injured, impaired, and spoiled of our original value. We have become defected by sin. We are susceptible to depravity. Humans are growing increasingly in their perverseness and wickedness. Humans debase themselves because we are impure and tainted. We are guilty of committing high treason and the crime is a felony. But there is a way out for humankind.

All of us at some point in our life and may continue to serve other gods. They are in the form of images be they animals, people, or things such as employment, furniture, intoxicants, knick-knacks, money, paintings, photographs, and possessions. The Excellency, Glory, and Majesty of GOD had or is being exchanged for other gods.

For those of us alone who are blood washed in the blood of JESUS CHRIST, we will be raised up free and immune from decay because we are being transformed. We will depart what is the curse of nature which is death and finally free from its grip. Death will vanquish forever because it has been conquered. No more will there be death among any of GOD’s creation because death is the final enemy that will be abolished, done away with and subdued.

Get this understanding, JESUS is the only One who was born with the purpose to die for HIS creation, mankind. HE did not die for any other creation of HIS. HE was and is our perfect ransom which has been paid in full. This freed us from our worthless way of life and JESUS was never perishable but imperishable.

Though in death JESUS CHRIST went into the bowels of hell and the captives were set free. Corruption could not touch HIM neither was it found in or on HIM. Decay and destruction were not in or on JESUS as it is within us. Mankind without CHRIST JESUS living in our heart and who alone awakens our spirit to be a connection with HIM. Our heart will remain all wrong in the sight of GOD. It does not matter about all the wonderful things we may do because we are incapable of being righteous, straightforward and true before our most holy GOD. We are not faithful and steadfast in the New Covenant in which has been presented to us.

Beloved we have a reason to recall to our remembrance and to offer up the sacrifice of praise to our Savior. HE desired our life and it was JESUS who preserved our life from going into the pit of hell. All of our sins have been thrown behind HIS back never to be seen or thought of again. We need to do the same. We have obtained peace from that bitterness of facing hell. JESUS loves us so much that HE snatched us from the grips of corruption and nothingness and spending our eternity in the lake of fire.

Though many of us will see death don’t be in despair, that death in actuality for us is just us sleeping. We are sown back to the earth from which we came and we will decay. However, the glorious day will appear when we will be resurrected immune to decay and immortal. Yes, we were sown back to the earth with flesh that cannot be saved but it must in our lifetime be placed under the submission of CHRIST. And let’s admit it we sometimes act out in error and that’s because in our flesh still resides dishonor and humiliation. Don’t be ashamed that our human life will sometimes rather than having the lifestyle of acting out or saying things that are displeasing to our Savior. After all, we are acting out our infirmities and weakness in thoughts and saying that which is in our heart. This I believe the constant reminder that we cannot live day by day without CHRIST.  We are still living in our natural body and we are found groaning for our home in heaven. The promise is that we dear hearts will be raised in honor and glory with strength and endued with power. Our fleshly natural bodies will be transformed into supernatural bodies. Imagine just having the thought to be from one place to another and we will be there. Remember CHRIST JESUS when HE appeared to HIS disciples without using the door. Wow, faster than blinking we will be able to go from here to there. Our flesh and our blood which are corrupted will never be allowed to experience the wonderful salvation of eternal life. It’s not been given the promise of the inheritance nor can it share in the Kingdom of our GOD. Why? Because they are a part of the curse which decays and is corrupted.

So, dear hearts know this to be true. When we give into the desires of the flesh we will receive in our flesh its payment or rewards. They are not pleasant and I’ve never met anyone who desires to have these rewards which their flesh are the recipient of. Such as diseases, inflammation of the joints, and other enormous health problems. We don’t have to participate in things which will cause our flesh to decay because our flesh though outwardly we may look excellent we deal with at an early age acne, dry skin, the need for deodorants, cologne, perfume and skin moistener. These are signs of decay and sin. Also, though we throw behind us those activities in which we once participated in by the help of the Holy Spirit then the Holy Spirit will reward us with eternal life.

Here is just one of the many promises which have been given to. The exceedingly great promise which goes beyond the limit, measure or quantity of anything we can think of is that we have and are escaping from the rottenness and corruption that is in this world. Covetousness which is the lust and greed that we had has been replaced with our becoming partakers of HIS divine nature. This is a promise and life that we all who are saved from being corruptible and living in corruption will want to share with others but have a fear of being rejected. Don’t let being rejected by others to deter you from giving them the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. There are some who will never hear in their hearts because they are unreasoning, they will rather live their lives by instinct alone. These people are already unwittingly captured and destroyed by their nature and facing utter eternal destruction. They are ignorant and they will die in their corruption and they will be destroyed. The unrighteous will be paid in full for their wrongdoing. Today in what they consider the life because they are having what they consider to be the time of their life have not considered that they are blemishes and blots in the sight of GOD because of their carousing and deception. Don’t fear, these people will not feast with us. However, don’t be like those who promise freedom not knowing that they themselves are slaves to their sins full of depravation and defilement. Today the spirit of the Pharisee and Sadducee is still alive and among us. When we trust in our leaders more than we trust in the Word of GOD and CHRIST JESUS we are overcome by the enslavement that we follow. So keep the eyes and ears open to recognizing that we do not return back to being corruptible.

Romans 1:23; 1 Corinthians 15:53-54; Is. 25:8; 1 Peter 1:18, 23; Psalm 16:10; Acts 2:27, 31; 13:34-37; 8:21; Isaiah 38:17; 1 Corinthians 15:42, 50; Galatians 6:8; 2 Peter 1:4, 2:12-14, 19


Counsel / Counselor – Part II


A person who walks in the wisdom of GOD will offer counsel that he/she hears from the Holy Spirit. If the hearer will only listen and adhere to the advice GOD will be with him/her. We should never even partake of food or beverage without first consulting the LORD.

All of us have to face difficult decisions from time to time in our life. And we should never make rash decisions in a rush. Go before the LORD and inquire of HIM. Ask and listen to HIS voice which will be backed up by HIS Word, if it takes us day and night or several days, so be it. If we are facing a deadline and we do not hear an answer to our question seek out godly counsil from at least three people. In this, we are looking for consistency in their answers. Be advised that there will be times when we will not hear the voice of GOD on the day that we ask. But that does not mean that HE did not hear us, we are to listen for HIS voice or after a time period ask the counsel of others.

Wouldn’t you like to be among those that hear the counsel of GOD? If our answer is yes, don’t rely on our own wisdom. GOD’s friendship remains to HIS own even in our old age HIS counsel will not fade. It’s when we have grown ripe in an age that the younger should come to us for counsel and we provide wisdom that can only come from GOD people will listen. But when we offer counsel out of our own dark wisdom that holds no knowledge, it’s proof of our foolishness. We rush into decisions because we did not understand the total scope of what we are about to enter into. And whammo, we become stressed and don’t want to admit that our decision was without counsel.

Don’t listen to those that dole out ungodly counsel, keep away from their plans and don’t consider what their purpose is. We must cease from asking ourselves and expecting intelligent answers to come forward. Our thoughts are not like the thoughts of GOD nor can we see as HE sees. Trust in the LORD with all our might and lean not on our own understanding, when we do so we will bless the LORD who provides us with HIS counsel. And in those times when it seems as though we can’t see our way out of the darkness HE will instruct our heart. This we can be assured of that the counsel of the LORD never weakens and will stand strong forever from generation to generation and throughout eternity. The Holy Spirit will guide us in His counsel.

Beloved, come to know skillful and godly counsel which is the wisdom of GOD through HIS Holy Spirit. In doing so we will gain comprehension, discernment, insight, and understanding. We will be instructed in how to deal wisely in our affairs through discipline and thoughtfulness in righteousness, justice, and integrity. When we live in godly counsel we grow in knowledge, discretion, and discernment. Listening to the counsel of the LORD increases our learning. We won’t be naïve by double jargon or unable to understand a contract. Do we know that the beginning of godly counsel from the Holy Spirit is to reverently respect not only GOD and or the Holy Spirit but CHRIST JESUS as well? We all have a free will, two eyes if they have sight, two ears if they have the ability to hear and one mouth if it’s not mute. We need to use our eyes to see, not what we want to see but to see all around us. We need to use our ears, not to just hear but to listen. And we need to use our mouth to speak that which is right. In all these components we should not be led astray by wicked and perverse people in following that which will cause us harm. When we don’t compromise ourselves we receive an unbreakable and confidential communion through the secret counsel of GOD. Be a possessor of godly counsel, sound knowledge with understanding in the power of HIS might. We need a multitude of godly counselors because it’s in this mentorship that gains safety and accomplishments. Listen to counsel and receive instruction, do not be defensive because we are being corrected. The LORD only desires the best for us and HIS purpose will come to pass in our life. Have you ever found yourself telling something to someone that you never had any intention of sharing, yet, the hidden thing has been revealed? It’s because the person who walks in the counsel of the godly is anointed to draw out those secret things. We don’t have the ability to be wise, to counsel or to understand in and of ourselves because we can’t overcome the will of GOD. A true friend will counsel a friend in truth and not give counsel for which is in want to be heard.

We should desire that we operate in the counsel that is within us because the Holy Spirit now resides in us instead of just visiting as He did in days of old. In His wisdom, we are giving counsel and understanding in His power and through His knowledge, we learn to have reverential respect and fear which does not include dread. Instead, it draws us to become obedient to our LORD. And we don’t have to beg for His counsel all we need do is ask for it and have an ear to listen. Cease from clouding our minds with intoxicants be they alcoholic beverage or any type of drugs because they affect the mind and our clarity. How can we listen to the voice of Wisdom who provides us with His counsel if we are inebriated? It is His desire to teach us in His knowledge and to give to us the ability to understand His message. Stop being rebellious and taking our own counsel or the council of others which lead to failure instead of taking counsel from GOD so that we are victorious. The children of the living GOD sometimes when we become rebellious, decide to do our own thing and for a season it appears as though we have done a good thing. Finally, we will notice that we have stepped away from GOD. But, don’t fret, we serve a faithful GOD even in the times when we are faithless. HE will confirm HIS Word in us and apply an action to HIS counsel, HE will restore us and raise us up from the ruins. So, turn your backs on the gods that we unwittingly serve. Return to the only true and living GOD who is our Savior because there are no other gods besides HIM. The council of GOD will continue to stand because it’s impossible to stop all the pleasures and purposes that HE has in store for us. GOD has placed on purpose HIS desire and it will come to pass in our lives.

Let us stand in the council of our LORD, listen to HIS Word, give attention, notice and observe then do that which HE has counseled us to do. Listening and obeying the council of our GOD will cause us to turn from our wicked ways. And when we listen and obey to the council of our GOD we will see the greatness that is GOD for HIS counsel and wonderful deeds for us and in us. Because we are using our spiritual and natural eyes to see the ways of sinful nature in mankind. Understand that the righteous and sinful human will be given his/her reward or payment which has been earned according to the fruit of their deeds.

Sinners do not and never will know or understand the thoughts of CHRIST JESUS. However, when the righteous hear and begin to execute HIS plans we too think them to be crazy but in faith, we do as we have been counseled to do by HIM. Remember how Noah was ridiculed for building the ark all because rain had never occurred. Don’t worry about what people say regarding our obedience to our GOD. They will not be around long to heckle us. In the lives of those chosen by CHRIST JESUS, HE is building the true temple of GOD. HE is bearing the honor and glory and HE is sitting on the throne. HE is the only begotten of the FATHER, HE is our High Priest, HE is our Counselor of Peace, and HE alone holds the office of KING and Priest.

JESUS CHRIST counseled a man who came to HIM asking HIM about what works he must perform to possess eternal life. HALLELUJAH! We no longer have to perform/work to obtain eternal life because JESUS did all the work HIMself. We are getting this passage of scripture confused with how we are to live in HIM. We never consider that when JESUS counseled this man that JESUS was living during the times when the law of Moses which HE wrote and gave to him was still active. But that covenant is no longer required. We need to be thankful that we no longer have to prove our worthlessness according to performance which is the law of Moses which is the law of death that no person was able to keep.

So here is the recap to all which has been written, the bottom line is that is to recall to remembrance the following.

  1. Don’t make hasty and premature judgments.
  2. We are in union with CHRIST JESUS and have been given an inheritance. We were chosen in advance by the counsel of HIS will.
  3. GOD’s desire is to show us which is more convincingly and beyond all doubt HIS unchangeable counsel with us.
  4. CHRIST JESUS counsel to us that we take from HIM so that we may be rich and clothed in HIS glory so we no longer will be ashamed and to rub onto our eyes HIS salve so that we may obtain sight.

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Counsel/Counselor – Part I


Advice; is the opinion, or instruction, given upon request, for directing the judgment or conduct of another; opinion given upon deliberation or consultation.

Any person who gives advice; but properly one who is authorized by natural relationship, or by birth, office or profession, to advise another in regard to his/her future conduct and measures.

We all require counseling be it professional or through the bonds of friendship or family. First and most required is that we all go and obtain counsel from GOD HIMself. The majority of people believe that GOD only speaks to the clergy but in truth, HE will speak to everyone who inquires of HIM and the requirement to hear from HIM is to have our ears open to listen to what HE has to say regardless of our accepting or rejecting. However, if the council comes from GOD, I suggest that we heed what HE provides us with as HE counsels us in HIS wisdom. I will provide many scripture references but I don’t believe I will write about each scripture that I provide. Understand, however, that we must beware that there are many bad as well as good counselors. The thing is that we need to know instinctively which is which. And when we don’t speak about matters with those that we trust to provide us with good counsil and we rely on our own counsel many times we fail because we thought or maybe we never considered that our idea is not a GOD idea. Often when I write about a subject matter it is for me as well so I too am growing and learning.

First, let us take a look at what happens when we receive and trust in bad counseling from those we receive as a counselor be it temporary or through mentorship. Our first and hopefully throughout our lifetime should be our parents. We look to them for advice and answers. Unfortunately, today because females and males are having children at such a young age because they are not receiving the guidance that is required in there young lives. We have households that are no different than that of Ahab the king who was married to Jezebel. Oh, please allow me to clarify who Jezebel was, it has nothing to do with her being a loose woman. Too often females are regarded as Jezebels because they are loose. Actually, Jezebel was a woman who was extremely rebellious and took her husband’s authority from him in her emasculating him. We have two or three generations of parents who don’t have a clue to living or providing the type of counsel that each generation needs because they don’t have it to give. We listen to those who are not living better than us but rather living on the same level or lower than we are.

Then we have those who may be in the profession of being counselors. They need to take caution because they grow into the mindset that because they get paid to counsel many that they know it all or can help direct others to the answers that are required. In other words, they become to know it all. They nor do we see them as fools all because they are relying on their own wisdom and not the wisdom of GOD. But this is not just for those who are professionals we can attach this to those who in most times will provide good counsel but we never consider that just because we have been given good advice so many times from an individual that often times they never live or take heed to their own counsel.

Anyone who sit or stand around thinking and speaking of ways to do evil we need to be far away from. People like this egg one another on through evil counseling. No one ever decides to do evil on an impulse, they begin with thoughts that go through their mind playing like a loop. And no one who has a constant thought ever keeps it to themselves, someone knows about the plans that are being considered to be executed. We must continually be aware of our counselors because all of them are not good but rather bad. Every one who counsels to do what is wicked before the LORD is actually against the LORD. Now that I’ve written about how to notice those counselors who provide bad advice and how we are not to take heed from them because of their lifestyle and because of what they speak about which is evil or have not experienced that in which we need help in.

Now let’s take a look at what we receive when we receive from good counselors. When we are seeking out counselors for our life rather professional or among our family or peers we should know what to look out for. When our counselors live their life in CHRIST JESUS we need to look for the qualities that a wise counselor had by the name Zechariah. And if those who do not live their lives in CHRIST JESUS they should still have some of the traits of Zechariah. Wise counselors are known to mentor and tutor others. Most often than not we can rely on the advice that is offered.

For those of us who live before our LORD GOD we must consider this when we are in search of counselors who consider themselves wise and know that no one is wise in and of him/herself. Job has the answer which shut his and the mouths of others up. Don’t be so blind not to recognize that we all are entwined to do well and evil which is scattered throughout the nature of our lives. GOD is the only One who in HIS own way will remove that which is evil and reshape us into the image of HIS SON. Everything that has breath is in HIS hand. We all have a free will and those of us who have working ears which hear we don’t use them to listen. We use our mouth to know that which we like and dislike but we don’t use our ears for the very same. Beware of those which are old and we take counsel from because I am seeing more and more that seniors are just as clueless as the younger generation. We can’t assume that senior citizens will provide good counsel just because of their age. I’ve taken good counsel from many who are a generation behind me. Wisdom is not automatically given to those just because their head has gray or white hair and their life is categorized to be a senior citizen. This is why it is very important that when we seek out counselors for our life that they rely on their wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Because through Him we gain wisdom and understanding as to what it is that we seek. We are all familiar with the saying “when GOD opens a door or window no man can shut it” actually the scripture reads “when HE breaks something down, it can’t be rebuilt; when HE imprisons someone, he can’t be released”. We often refer to this when we have a great desire that we hope belongs to us. Every one of us must rest in the knowledge that GOD alone is total might/strength and wisdom everything is in HIS power. In most cases we worry about things that we know we have no control over and we are looking for someone to advise us through council how we may avail a situation. Or we sit and brood over our own thoughts trying to devise plans that will free us. How about leaving our concerns with GOD and watch how HE leads those who devise evil schemes and make fools of them all because of their own self wisdom in the estimation that HE causes to fail. Fools are slaves to pride which is the spirit of satan remember this is what got him thrown out of the Kingdom of GOD when his name was lucifer. Ever to roam the earth until his day of judgement. Even those of the clergy are known to devise wicked plans only to satisfy their own greedy desires which lead those that they have charge astray. It does not matter what their position is be it from the President of the United States of America, to kings and queens of foreign countries, anyone sitting in high positions of authority to make decisions or the average citizens. If any of these are firmly seated in their own wisdom or they do not consider to obtain counsel from others that will direct them to goodness rather than what is wrong for themselves will have a rippling effect towards others. GOD will overturn their plans. HE does so by not having anyone to any longer listen to the words that are being given, though once trusted the trust has now been dried up. HE causes those that once trusted the advice of these counselors to be despised, HE disables their authority and position and breaks with destruction the pride that existed in their lives. HE uncovers those deep secrets that we think no one else is aware of to some it becomes their shame and to others it drives us to repentance. Consider that those who we value as good counselors yet they give bad advice, it’s been done so by the will of GOD who has taken away their understanding because they are wandering in the wilderness of their own making.

In searching for counselors who can help us look for those who have a personal testimony in your situation. They have gone through what you are facing and came out victorious or they failed.

We must surround ourselves in the midst of wise counselors where we will find safety. In the counselors of peace, we will find joy. To avoid being frustrated seek out godly counsel in the hopes that our purposes will be accomplished. In the abundance of counselors meaning that it’s wise to ask for assistance in our decisions from more than one person but rather ask and listen to a minimum of three. Listen to the agreement without letting the other know that we have asked from another in this type of counseling we can gain victory and safety.

We hear this every CHRISTmas yet, we never take it to heart for us to grow in faith. JESUS was given to us and in HIM, HE will extend the dominion and the government to perpetuate HIS peace of the throne and kingdom of David which are HIS. HE has secured it and sustained it through HIS justice and righteousness now and forever/eternity. In HIS name JESUS is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty GOD, Everlasting FATHER and Prince of Peace. So, because HE is the Wonderful Counselor why do we not go to HIM first and maybe after three days of not receiving clarity from HIM seek out godly counsel from those that GOD uses in this capacity? I’m sure we will obtain clarity.

No one has and no one can measure out the accurate measurements that GOD used to create the world and everything that is in it. Some like to think that they can direct GOD by saying “I told GOD”. How foolish this statement is, we can’t tell GOD what to do but we can sit ourselves down and speak to HIM from the heart to heart. HE is our Wonderful Counselor, HE is the One who teaches not the other way round. The Spirit of the LORD does not receive direction from HIS creation HE directs HIS creation. Who does JESUS receive counsel from in the hopes that HE can provide us with wise counsel? Who has given to HIM justice and given to HIM the knowledge we seek and the understanding that we require? In HIS name lies the answer. Can any of HIS creation know the mind of the LORD? Can we understand HIS thoughts without the Holy Spirit? Who counsels JESUS? The answers are in HIS name.

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