We all operate with expectation and hope where we believe what has been done, said, or seen. However, what we see is not a part of the operation of believing because what is seen is a tangible fact. However, when we believe that which is spoken without the sense of seeing that takes faith. Our believing is all about faith. We believe and hold on to the knowledge that our beloved parents are who we are born from so why not believe in CHRIST JESUS the very same way? To believe we must operate in the expectation of hope. To trust, place our full confidence in or on something or someone in rest. Having our heart and mind in total agreement.

Everyone who chooses not to believe in CHRIST JESUS will be judged and rebuked/punished after they die because they did not believe in HIS being the risen CHRIST.

Those of us who chose to believe in HIS name and received HIM we have been given the authority to become the children of the Most High GOD.

We have spoken with our mouth that JESUS is the LORD only because we have believed this in our heart that GOD the FATHER has raised CHRIST JESUS from the dead and this is the cause of our being born in HIM, this is why we can boldly say without reservation that we are saved in HIM.

It is imperative that we believe with all not some of it but all our heart that CHRIST JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD. Know this dear heart that it’s only possible for us to speak by the Spirit of GOD in the acknowledgment of who CHRIST JESUS is and it is impossible for us to curse the CHRIST. Those that blaspheme JESUS the CHRIST/GOD is a blasphemer speaking the name with impious irreverence, speaking reproachfully of GOD or HIS Holy Spirit and being arrogant about who GOD chooses to work through, and what HE is doing because of our lack of understanding. What and who GOD chooses to do and use is HIS prerogative. But know this those of you who are ignorant to being in a relationship with the Living GOD because of CHRIST JESUS, our GOD is a never changing GOD what HE has done and accomplished in the past, HE is doing today and in all the tomorrows to come. Those who have the Holy Spirit residing within them easily will confess that JESUS is the LORD. Every tongue should confess but every tongue sadly will not do so, CHRIST JESUS is the LORD and HE is to the glory of GOD the FATHER. When JESUS the CHRIST died it was done so that HE will become LORD of both the living and the dead. What does this mean? It has nothing to do with those who are dead as we know it. What it has to do with is that those who are truly alive in CHRIST JESUS, HE is our Ruler. And for those who are living zombies without CHRIST JESUS, it is the hope that you will believe in HIM so that you will become a part of us who are living in HIM.

We all begin our life from the womb with a measure of faith. Both naturally and spiritually, it is our spiritual faith that does not get to grow and mature in the homes where CHRIST JESUS does not reside. If the parents are not teaching the forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy of JESUS we will not believe from childhood. Our natural faith is always active because it is by faith that babies will drink and eat anything, it is by faith that children will go with and speak to anyone, and it is by faith that so many people are gullible because there is no fear of danger and no barriers. None of us should operate in the spirit of fear however, we should be gullible in our belief only to all things CHRIST. Our faith in JESUS makes it possible for us to please GOD the FATHER. We can only come to the FATHER when we have true faith in HIS SON, JESUS. CHRIST JESUS rewards us all when we apply HIS Word to our life. We should never neglect or become careless in our relationship with HIM. Never be ashamed to use the name of JESUS when speaking about HIM through our testimony or in general conversation. We must be sure that when others are speaking with us and they keep saying god ask what their god’s name is. We need to be sure that they are speaking about JESUS. Many people believe in GOD and that’s terrific but even satan and his demons believe in GOD the Creator but deny GOD the SON. The devil and his demons will tremble when we mention GOD but they will only run when we invoke the name of JESUS in faith and by our faith.

We must have the same assurance and belief in GOD the FATHER as Abraham had which is explained by our transaction for our righteousness, after all, believers are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promises. Our motives are wrapped up in our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS because of our belief in HIM. Within our heart is what we believe for unrighteousness which is what is heard when we speak or for righteousness which is also heard when we speak. Because whatever is in our heart it will come out of our mouth. Can people hear the salvation we possess from our mouth even though we are not speaking scriptures each and every time we communicate with others? When I’m among people and I’m just trying to blend in and just be me, I’m very often revealed by others. They will ask me if I’m a preacher not because I’m speaking in scriptures, being legalistic, or judgmental but because they can see the light of CHRIST shining through me and can hear HIM speaking encouragement, forgiveness, grace, love or mercy. Most times I don’t know what it is that I’m saying to others but what I do know that I don’t speak to others in the same manner that most do. Just because most people agree with what is said or going on does not make it right. And if you come to me and ask me what I think you will only get the truth from me. I can’t tell you how many people that I no longer socialize with have come to me many years later informing me of what I’ve said to them and how it encouraged them. Believe in the LORD JESUS and recognize that HE values and consider that we are important and dear to HIM. Because we believe in CHRIST JESUS we will become and are friends of GOD. Those of us who have an active belief in CHRIST JESUS has been persuaded that JESUS is able to keep whatever we have given over to HIM, this is why we are not ashamed to reveal to others who CHRIST JESUS is to us and why we believe in HIM.      

Mark 16:14; John 1:12; Romans 10:9; Acts 8:37; 1 Cor. 12:3; Philip. 2:11; Rom. 14:9; Hebrews 11:6; James 2:19; Romans 4:3, 22, 10:10; Gen. 15:6; Jms. 2:23; 2 Tim 1:12





Another name for belly is our abdomen, core, stomach, and for women only the womb. It’s the part of the body which we so desperately try to keep flat through rigorous exercises. For some the belly is their god because of their eating habits, meaning instead of eating to live, they live to eat. And finally, the Bible speaks to us about the heart and the earth being a belly. You may be wondering why am writing about the belly. Well, this writing is centered or it opens with Jonah a man that anyone who is called into the ministry should be able to understand personally. Why don’t we just take a small stroll to see just how Jonah and the scriptures will encourage, inform and inspire.

Jonah was a prophet of GOD and he was given a message to share with those in Nineveh. Those who resided in Nineveh were known heathens and Jonah did not want to go there to speak with them. He was perfectly okay with them going to hell. I wonder if this is where the profanity of telling people to go there originated. However, when he did go it was through reluctance. Come on, I’m certain that many of us have been instructed by JESUS to go and do something that we were either too afraid and reluctant to do or because we see with our natural eyes and hear with our natural ears how people or a person is that we are okay with them going to hell. Jonah as some others was a type of the Son of man a foreshadow of JESUS who was to come. Here we go let’s dive in.

For those of us who at some point in our life that received instructions from the LORD to do or say something and we did not go through with it. We all experienced some type of stress in our life or witnessed something great because someone else did what we were told to do or say. I know for me I can relate because I went through many fears early on in the ministry GOD has given to me. Jonah in his reluctance to go where he was instructed to go and speak to the people that GOD loved found himself in a very stressful situation and those that he was in the company of because he was on a boat/ship they to experienced the turmoil that was caused because of Jonah’s disobedience. But I love and chuckle at how those who were on the boat/ship with him threw him overboard once they found out that he was the cause of the storm that was tossing their vessel. As Jonah was floundering in the water the LORD GOD had commanded a large fish (no one knows what type of large fish it was, and there are many types of large fish. Please do not call the large/great fish something that it is not such as the whale,) to come and swallow him up. Jonah spent three days and nights in the belly of this fish and he was not spewed out until he had changed his mind/ repented and decided to do what the LORD had requested of him to do. Imagine when we choose not to do what we have been commanded to do and at how we too place ourselves or because of our fears we are overwhelmed and buried/engulfed in very stressful situations until we change our minds/repent. Now, to see how Jonah is compared to JESUS. The belly of the earth is hell which is spoken of in the book of Jonah. I know that many do not want to consider that when the Savior died in those three days and nights HE was not just laying in the tomb before HE came back to life. HE was actually still working because HE descended into the belly, the heart of earth/hell and preached and set the captives free. And just as Jonah once he actually arrived in Nineveh became a sign to them with the delivered message that was given to him by the LORD GOD, it caused them to repent and turn to GOD. CHRIST JESUS is our sign, HE had and has a message which is never changing and those who have ears to hear spiritually will hear HIM and come to HIM to answer HIS call for them. None of us can find GOD because GOD is not and never has been or ever will be lost. However, we are found by CHRIST JESUS who comes looking for each and every one of us until HE finds us and places us upon HIS shoulders to carry us to safety in HIM. Each and every human should turn/change the mind/repent from their evil ways and from the violence they are capable of doing, saying and thinking. GOD is not an angry GOD nor is HE judgmental of humans because of the mentor that we have in CHRIST JESUS and for HIS children HE is our mediator. Today, for those who die in their sins, they did so by choice because there are far too many avenues by which we can hear the truth of CHRIST JESUS and it was chosen not to believe and adhere to HIS Word. We have television, radios, cell phones, computers, tablets, preachers, evangelist, and some true prophets. And let us not forget the bestselling book that continues to outsell any published book ever published and it’s titled the Bible. We truly do not have any excuse of not knowing GOD’s Word.

I wrote at the top of the page that the belly is also considered the heart when it’s looked up in the scriptures. We can also learn how within our belly dwells carnal lust and sensual pleasures. And, then the entire man. Take a look and see just how your belly is.

  • Proverbs 18:8; gossip is so tasty, how we love to swallow it up. GNT
  • Romans 16:17-18; watch out for those who cause division and upset people; for those who do such things are not serving CHRIST the LORD but their own [belly-NKJV]. By their fine words and flattering speech, they deceive innocent people. [Hearts of the simple-NKJV].
  • They are going to end up in hell because their god is their bodily desires. They are proud of what they should be ashamed of, and they think only of things that belong to this world. GNT
  • Proverbs 20:30; sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways. GNT
  • And regarding the entirety of mankind. Titus 1:12; always liars; wicked beasts; and lazy gluttons. NKJV & GNT
  • John 7:38; whoever believes in ME {JESUS} should drink from ME {JESUS}. GNT; italic, AMFBeM for better comprehension. Out of HIS {JESUS} heart will flow rivers of living waters. NKJV

Jonah 1:17; Mt. 12:40; Lk. 11:30





In today’s blog, we are going to read how GOD the FATHER has given HIS only begotten and beloved SON to us graciously. How HIS love for us has been laid out in and through CHRIST JESUS. How we have been deposited in HIM for safe keeping. And how CHRIST JESUS has been imparted into the hearts, minds, and strength of those who believe and confess in HIM.

The love that GOD has for mankind is not capable of being exhausted, the source of supply that we have in HIS love is overwhelming. In the knowledge of this, we should continually praise HIM in the recognition of all that HE has done for us. Because of HIS mercy and constant love towards us we partake and possess HIS rich blessings.

Humans are flawed in many ways and one of the flaws that we have is that we look at the outward appearance of others and decide whether they are beautiful or ugly. True beauty does not reside outwardly but inwardly and that true beauty comes from the LORD HIMself. When CHRIST JESUS lives inwardly and the more we mature in the reliance of HIM people will see the beauty of CHRIST shining forth from those who belong to HIM. This beauty is perfect never-ending beauty that does not fade with age or illness.

The FATHER gave CHRIST JESUS the authority to rule over everything and CHRIST JESUS bestowed that authority to us. Remember, we are heirs according to the promises, so whatever CHRIST JESUS has and can do so can we in the now. Believers/children of the Most High GOD through CHRIST JESUS has been placed in charge over all of his own property.

And now as I bring this baby home, we must see with our own eyes just how much the FATHER loves us. The love that HE has for us is so wonderful that those who believe in HIS SON CHRIST JESUS, HE calls HIS children. We are not bastards, mistakes, servants or slaves, no we are HIS children and friends. So what kind of love is this really that we are loved so much with? Well, it’s simple really but humans make understanding the love of GOD so very difficult. So much so, we don’t get to enjoy in the comfort and rest of HIS love because we are so busy trying with our own effort to work towards being and doing. Most don’t get to just rest in CHRIST JESUS because of all the legality that we believe we must operate in as well as traditions. In the beginning of our life that we thought was good or great living, we never considered the love of GOD for us. In fact, we concentrated on the anger and judgment rather than HIS forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy. It’s because GOD the FATHER loves us so dearly that HE sent HIS only begotten and beloved SON to us so that HE will be the One we are to focus on because HE is the actual means of all our sins being forgiven and forgotten. The FATHER’s love and mercy are abundant and bestowed on us so much so that while being spiritually dead, and filthy because of our disobedience HE sent JESUS so that we can truly become alive in HIM instead of being the walking dead. GOD’s grace is what saves us not our performance and works. Being in unity with CHRIST JESUS causes us to be raised up and to rule with HIM in the heavenly world. This was done to demonstrate to all, HIS extraordinary greatness in the grace of HIS love which HE showed us through HIS SON CHRIST JESUS.

I hope in this blog those who are not believers, who do not possess CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit living on the inside of their hearts and they are absent in CHRIST JESUS. Will come to know and understand the love which has been bestowed upon us. For those of us who do possess CHRIST JESUS because we are believers, we are not ashamed of HIM and HIS gospel and willingly confess HIM before others. We burn with the glow of HIS love because HE dwells inwardly in our hearts and we live within HIM as well, I hope that encouragement and inspiration were found in this reading.    

Isaiah 63:7; Ezekiel 16:14; Ps. 50:2; Luke 22:29; Mt. 24:47; 1 John 3:1, 4:10; Jhn. 3:16; Eph. 2:4-7




What a horrible emotional feeling and logical realization to experience. We’ve all been betrayed and if you have not, beware it’s coming. The first betrayal every human experience is that within when Adam willingly betrayed our freedom to live in JESUS and we’ve all been born with that curse of sin. And we all have been, will be or have betrayed others. Whose trust have you violated? Who violated your trust? Betrayal is the act of unfaithfulness this is done in so many ways. The most common is through gossip, informing others of what has been entrusted to us. What gossip does is expose the vulnerability of another. What this also does is disclose and permit to appear that which was to remain concealed between the actual person and to whom the person has confided. This is why it is all so important that we be quick to listen but be cautious of our tongue because it will betray our ignorance. Betrayal also misleads people to believe one thing about another only to find out most often in pain the true motive of people. When we betray we demonstrate that we are deceivers. Now, if JESUS had with HIM a deceiver who HE knew would betray HIM. What makes us think that we will not experience being betrayed? JESUS was not surprised of HIS being betrayed by one HE was close to because HE was the One who chose him to be with HIM.

Had JESUS not known that HE was going to be betrayed, how would it have been possible for HIM to speak into the ears of HIS disciples that HE will be betrayed? We are the ones who are always surprised about being betrayed by others and most of us don’t realize that we too betray ourselves. This is why we are found exclaiming “how did I get here” after we have done or said something that we regret. Not only did JESUS inform HIS disciples of what was to come but HE asked them not to forget to allow HIS words of warning to sink deep into their hearing. But we all know how that worked out, all of HIS disciples were caught off guard and fear overtook them. All because when HE spoke to them they did not ask HIM questions to their lack of understanding about what HE was sharing with them. I get so irritated today when I am speaking and ask if anyone has questions and no one will raise their hands. Especially adults, you know that you don’t understand with clarity so why not dispel the pride you have and ask questions. I was taught that no question is stupid except the one which is not asked. JESUS allowed HIMself to be overtaken by the power of humankind. Humans could not and cannot do anything without JESUS allowing things to happen.

What will happen if we know within our spirit because the Holy Spirit has already informed us that we are among someone or people who will betray us? JESUS, when HE was having a beautiful dinner with HIS guys looked up and said in the hearing of everyone that HE will be betrayed by one of them. HE had even gone as far as to disclose who HIS betrayer was. WoW! How blind and deaf we can be when the truth is told to us and shown to us and all because we have our own perception of something and someone we don’t want to receive the truth. But remain in what is our blissful ignorance. We just like JESUS, can be enjoying the company that we are keeping, out enjoying entertainment, a meal, or just having a blast when we are in the company of one or those whose motives is to betray us. Sometimes we even sleep with our enemy/betrayer. JESUS CHRIST did not die at the hand of man’s authority HE died because it was predestined in the decision of GOD the FATHER. However, when someone betrays us that is if they have a conscience because they know deep in their heart that what they have done is not only wrong but the one they targeted to betray was uncalled for based on the character and integrity of the one who has been betrayed. If or when the person who betrays another becomes grievous in their heart and is distressed. Hopefully, the betrayer will come and confess asking for our forgiveness and we will forgive them. Don’t allow the person who betrays us to become overwhelmed by betraying us to the point that they are driven to do what Judas did. Judas could have asked for forgiveness from JESUS though he may not have been able to get close to HIM after HIS arrest. Instead because of his guilt, he became self-righteous and took his own life. Just as JESUS chose HIS twelve guys to pal around with we too choose who we decide to befriend. However, JESUS had insight that one of HIS homeboys was the son of the devil. And we too pal around or marry sons and daughters of the devil not knowing it. However, we too can know who we have decided to be friends with when we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us and listen to His instructions and warnings. This way if we decide to keep a betrayer within our mist then we can if we choose to demonstrate pure love to that person and reveal JESUS in our character and integrity in the hope that the person or people who we have chosen to be in our circle will come to CHRIST JESUS if they’ve not made that move in HIS direction as yet.    

Matthew 17:22; Mrk. 9:30-32; Lk. 9:43-45; Matthew 26:21, 46; Lk. 22:21-23; Jn. 6:70-71, 13:21




When my children were small and they were being taught to read, I instilled within them that reading is not just the ability to recognize and say the words that are on a page. Reading is the ability to recognize, say the word correctly, and know the definition of each and every word. I would without warning ask them what does “A” mean or what does “The” mean and so on. Many people have the ability to read but do not know the definition of most words that they read. Today, we are going to take a look at how we experience the better of GOD. We must be able to recognize HIS great qualities which are better than what we are used to having. How through HIS better we can experience a better in our physical being; in our morals; in our possessions; and in our finances. In CHRIST JESUS we have better advantages; acceptance; safety; health; skill; wisdom; success; better affection and such.

Every born-again CHRISTian at the beginning of their transformation from being a sinner to being a saint desire to immediately be with CHRIST JESUS. And then somewhere in our growing up in HIM the fire to be with HIM goes down but not out. Then as we have become mature in HIM and have grown weary of all that we hear and see in this world our desire returns and we groan inwardly wanting to be with CHRIST again but recognize that we are not really ready to go to sleep (die physically) to await HIS return for us. This pulling that we experience is because we are experiencing the better in CHRIST JESUS. We want others to experience this and some of us have grown weary trying to get our families and friends to trust in CHRIST JESUS. But our position in our family and among our friends is not to preach so much or beat them up with our Bible, rather, it is to be an example to them, showing them the better of our life in CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit is showing us in CHRIST JESUS a better life in HIM every day. When we remain in HIS presence we are bathed and or showered in HIS fullness of joy which I believe most of you will agree with me is better than the roller coaster happiness that we once had. Joy outweighs happiness because the joy of the LORD is not predicated on our experience of who we are around, what we see or what we hear and especially by not by how we feel. We receive from CHRIST JESUS, HIS pleasures from the FATHER because HE is sitting at the right hand of our FATHER and the FATHER said that at HIS right hand are pleasures evermore. Didn’t the FATHER say in the hearing of witnesses that JESUS is HIS beloved SON and HE is well pleased with HIM? Pleasure is the action of, please.

Just because life happens to us all it does not negate that in our salvation we are to doubt in HIS Word and HIS promises to us which are better than the words we once believed. What accompanies our salvation is better blessings from HIM. Okay, we have come to JESUS and in doing this we are no longer apart of the Old Covenant we are now going to experience HIS New Covenant for us which is better than that covenant of old. JESUS is our Defense Attorney, Counselor, and Mediator; we need HIM to be this for us because in our minds we hear the voice of the enemy accusing us of what our hearts want in our old life which is sinful. Each and every one of us falls into the mud of sin, however, when we do we must get up quickly and move forward to get out of the filth. Move forward and acknowledge that we messed up but don’t believe for an instant that we have fallen out of the grace of GOD. This is the promise of the New Covenant that we have in HIM and the enemy accuses us based on the Old Covenant. Every day we are being sprinkled in the blood of JESUS because in HIS blood we have better promises.

Philippians 1:23; Ps. 16:11; Hebrews 6:9, 12:24






2. Birth of Jesus BV

The action of coming to life. Humans are birthed into a lineage, each birth from that lineage before the one who is born is an ancestor. For example, our parents are our ancestors and further down the lineage line. We are birthed into a condition and produced to enhance for the betterment of our lineage. Women/females are the only creation of GOD that has the ability to birth be they human or animal. All of what I explained has to do with the ability of the flesh. But there is a greater birth that has nothing to do with the flesh and that is when we acknowledge, believe by faith and confess with our mouth who JESUS CHRIST is and that we are sinners in need of HIM that we are regenerated spiritually which is our new birth or being born again.

The greatest birth that ever took place and that will never happen again, is the birth of JESUS. Have any of you, every really took the time to think about HIS conception and birth? For me, it always gives me chills because of the amazement of it all. CHRIST JESUS who is GOD existed before all things, HE has no beginning and HE has no end. CHRIST JESUS is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, HE created all things seen and unseen. Yet, HE left HIS throne to come into the earth that HE created to be born of a virgin. Her conception was not of the flesh at all. And those whose minds refuse to believe and blaspheme this miracle are ignorant of the mind and heart. They are trying to be logical when nothing about CHRIST JESUS is logical.

We don’t like to read the genealogy of JESUS, which is of HIS ancestors, the lineage of which HE is birthed into. However, I suggest that we study this because in HIS genealogy we will find ourselves. We will find that HIS ancestral lineage was dysfunctional as we all are, yet, they were remembered and written for us to give us hope. That if these onetime nutters had a heart change and was used by CHRIST JESUS, what makes us think that we are not able to be used for HIS glory as well? Mary became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why the LORD HIMself calls her blessed. She had never before the birth of JESUS had sexual intercourse with a male. And for those of you who may twist the scripture, let me set it straight to make it clear, she also never had intercourse with a female. Mary was a complete and total virgin. The Holy Spirit came to Mary, those of us who have and acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit within us should not find it peculiar that He impregnated Mary without sexual intercourse with her. GOD’s holy power took rest upon her. Those of us who have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us can’t explain how He got to live within us, we just know by faith and the power in which we are able to operate in that He is alive within us. And because Mary carried this miracle gift given to her, she was informed that she will give birth to the SON of GOD. Mary gave birth to her firstborn Son, stop, wait a minute; so many of us want to keep Mary a virgin. Believing that she remained married to Joseph and that they never had intercourse or that other children were not birthed from their marriage. However, the very word used “firstborn” informs us that there had to be other children birthed from her. Why use the word firstborn if a second, third, fourth and so on did not occur. We are to honor not worship but honor her because she was labeled and she continues to be blessed among all women. It was prophesied about the birth of JESUS as far back to the book of Genesis. Yet, in the book of Isaiah, it is made perfectly clear that a virgin will conceive and birth a Son who will be named IMMANUEL which means GOD is with us. CHRIST JESUS the LORD shared why HE came to earth; before HIS birth in the flesh before HE took on the likeness of mankind; JESUS was appointed by HIS FATHER to be HIS Servant; to bring back HIS people. The FATHER honored JESUS and JESUS acknowledge that all of HIS strength came from HIS FATHER.

Now that I’ve shared with you the wonderful miracle of the birth of JESUS. Let’s take a look at the downside of sin. Begin to understand that without CHRIST JESUS within us that or for that matter when we are not renewing our minds daily in the Word of GOD this is what happens with us. Conception does not happen instantly, conception takes time. Humans and animals are conceived and in due time they are birthed. So is it with the actions we take that are not done on instant impulse. But even then the conception of thought takes place. Here is some example of thoughts being conceived that are sinful before action was taken place.

  • As little children, too young to attend school, we are enticed to obtain something that we have been warned not to eat, go or touch. In our little minds, we think about it to the point that we disobey the warnings given to us.
  • As young children, we are enticed to take things that do not belong to us. We think about it for a time and then the action takes place to take what does not belong to us.
  • As teenagers, we want to try most things that our pals are engaged with. We have a sense that what our pals are doing is wrong and for a while, we don’t indulge or participate in what is told to us that everyone is doing it. Our thoughts are consumed with what we are fearful of doing and before you know it, we have been snared by something we wish we had left alone.
  • As adults, we allow our thoughts to dwell on people we don’t understand so we dislike them. We can’t conjure up thoughts that are positive towards them. We think of ways to shortcut doing what needs to be done accurately only to find ourselves having to do it again.

The examples I provided seem harmless enough but if we were to examine our thoughts and see how they lead to our actions; we will notice that most of our thoughts are not pleasing to GOD. Do you think that a person who tries to commit suicide just rolls up out of the bed one day and think which causes the action to end their life? No, those who commit or try to commit this action gave it plenty of thought. Do you think that anyone that does anything that is displeasing to JESUS just decides to sin? No, we think long and hard about the things we do and say. Our actions were conceived in thought first before the due date of its birth. Remember, every sinful thought that we put into action brings us closer to death because sin is death. Uncleansed, unrighteous, guilty, and wicked people who are sinners without CHRIST JESUS will always think up evil things to do. It is in the DNA to plan trouble and practice deception. So we all need to stop acting so surprised at what we witness and stop saying to one another “What is your problem or why would you do that”? And for those of us who are cleaned in the blood of JESUS, righteous in GOD through CHRIST JESUS, not guilty, but innocent because of CHRIST JESUS; do have the ability to retain their former way of thinking if we do not renew our minds as we are instructed to. No one ever has to teach us to do wrong, we can’t help ourselves we are driven to do wrong. What we do need to be guided towards, instructed in, taught and trained in is to do what is right. CHRISTians must remain in the Word GOD and continue with our relationship with CHRIST JESUS intimately because daily our minds must be renewed. If we decline we will find ourselves thinking the same thoughts and because of what we conceived action will take place and we will wonder how we got to where we took ourselves.

Matthew 1:18; Lk. 1:35, 2:7; Is. 7:14, 49:5; James 1:15; Jb. 13:35; Ps. 7:14; Is. 59:4





The one and only way any of us will ever be blameless, guiltless, innocent, and without fault is through CHRIST JESUS. We have an example with Apostle Paul, either he was a liar or he had complete and total faith in the fact that he has been made anew through being reborn in CHRIST JESUS and that his entire past is dead and gone. As Saul, he watched over the garments of those who stoned Stephen, persecuted the church, and went into the homes, snatched out and jailed anyone who worshiped CHRIST JESUS. But, as Paul, he said that he had done no wrong. As Paul, no one could prove that he did or said anything as he did and said when he was in his old life of a sinner and a zealot for the Law of Moses. Too many of us are still living as guilty sinners rather than in the righteous of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. So, who is the liar?

When we look in the Word our un-renewed mindset informs us that we are believing the lie rather than the truth of CHRIST JESUS. It’s only because of the grace of GOD that has made it available for us to be blameless. JESUS CHRIST took all of our blame in HIS flesh and died in our place and once we believe what HE did for us on that old rugged cross we will acknowledge that we are being presented before the FATHER acquitted of all charges, blameless, holy, and innocent. As far as the FATHER is concerned we are above contempt, we cannot be charged with our previous crimes of sin because this will be double jeopardy. Disgrace, infamy, and shame, is no longer on us. We are no longer the object of contempt, derision and, scorn in the sight of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. How is this possible? Because, when we have decided to acknowledge and believe in our heart and confess with our mouth the LORD JESUS then we become washed in HIS precious blood and all the promises are ours. We lack nothing and nothing is missing from us, we are totally complete in HIM. We are presented perfectly in CHRIST JESUS. Glory to GOD! We are the glorious church of GOD in and through CHRIST JESUS, we are holy and without any blemishes. Our character and reputation are being daily renewed in CHRIST JESUS and because of this, we do not have any stains against us. This means that we are pure no longer a disgrace, no longer at fault but blameless in CHRIST JESUS.

Instead of being diligent in guilt and shame because of our old thoughts. Be diligent in renewing the mind and speak to yourself who you are in CHRIST JESUS. Because CHRIST JESUS lives on the inside of our heart and we live in HIM we possess HIS peace knowing that we are blameless because we are no longer HIS enemies in sin. Though due to our immaturity, lack of faith, lack of knowledge in the Word, and unbelief though we are blameless in HIS righteousness, we must speak to ourselves while we are doing something that is against HIS pleasure that we are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and we are blameless. Now, does this give us the right to continue in the acts of sin? Nope, but until we know the truth once we discover it in the Word and believe the Word and mature in the Word we will continue to look and sound dirty and filthy though we are not. CHRIST JESUS will never turn HIS back on us and the FATHER will never again turn HIS face against us because we are forever being confirmed that we are blameless in the LORD CHRIST JESUS. Trust that we are being established and that our hearts are blameless and that we are holy in the sight of our most Holy GOD and FATHER now and at the coming of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. Our GOD is of peace HIMself and in HIM we are consecrated in HIS completion. Remember, I informed and reminded you that we are not lacking or missing anything within our spirit, soul or body. We are blameless and preserved my brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS!

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