A gibbet/gallows consisting of two pieces of timber placed across each other, in the form of a [+] which notorious malefactors are hanged, on which their bodies are suffered to remain, as spectacles of terror, and which our Savior suffered Ephesians 2:16. The ensign of the Christian faith. A monument with a cross upon it is to excite devotion through remembrance of the price JESUS paid for us. The doctrine of CHRIST’s sufferings and of the atonement, of our salvation by CHRIST, Galatians 5:11.

JESUS CHRIST after being beaten to the point of death had HE been a mere man. Was forced to carry HIS cross on HIS bloody and broken flesh body. HIS blood began to spill at the Praetorium and has flowed all over this planet to clean our blood and to provide us with a new DNA from all the curses of disease, sickness, and sin. If we would remember the suffering that JESUS CHRIST took on our behalf we should be willing also to pick up our cross and carry it as well. JESUS CHRIST never complained yet we complain about the trials and tribulations that we are hit with. When we neglect to carry our cross to go through the suffering that comes our way such as giving up all things that are not pleasing to the FATHER. We demonstrate that we are not worthy of following the example JESUS CHRIST left with us. In CHRIST JESUS we are able to do all things. It’s tiring and causes great pain but we must be willing to deny the cravings of our flesh. However, the problem with all of us is that we are too prideful to ask for help. Though JESUS CHRIST did not ask for help from the soldiers or those who witnessed HIM walking towards Golgotha to HIS execution. Help was provided by forcing another to take the cross of JESUS CHRIST the remainder of the way. This is a demonstration to us that we may begin toting the full weight of the cross but we don’t have to do it alone. Ask for help from family, friends and most of all CHRIST JESUS. There are no pleasing people, we are guilty of finding fault with others, magnifying all the negative or mistakes that we make and criticizing. But we seldom focus on the good. This is why most people shy away from asking for help, family and friends are supposed to walk not only in the cool breeze when everything is going well. We are to walk in the heat of the fire with family and friends as well without criticizing or looking for something out of it for self. We have nothing to prove to another. It’s a great thing that JESUS CHRIST never got down from that cross to prove to those who taunted HIM that HE could save HIMself and that HE is GOD. Had HE done so, we would never have the hope, that HE supplied us with through HIS obedience. If people don’t believe us with what we share with them when we speak, so what. Obey the examples JESUS CHRIST left for us. We are the subjects of our Sovereign, HE is the KING of the Jews. This is not just for those who know that they are Jews but it’s also for every Gentile who by faith believe in CHRIST JESUS and has become Jewish by faith. And don’t become upset when our mothers have to stand by to witness the pains we will go through to glorify the FATHER and our Savior. The mother of JESUS CHRIST stood by helpless crying for her baby but she understood that this is why HE was born to take on all the sins, all the diseases, all the sickness, and all the stresses of life. When we come through by becoming dead to the will of our flesh we will not be broken just as JESUS CHRIST bones were not broken. Ex. 12:46.

As an Evangelist I speak to those who are also anointed to evangelize, we are not sent out by CHRIST JESUS to carry out all the responsibilities that some are responsible to carry out in ministry. Though there may be times when the opportunity may present itself and the Holy Spirit will instruct us to carry out what we are not concerned with. Our prime responsibility is to proclaim the Good News of our Savior CHRIST JESUS. Never try to impress others with big words or lie about having what we don’t have because we desire to reflect what we see in others. We must be ourselves and rely totally on the wisdom which we receive from the Holy Spirit. Not all of us can relate to the plight of everyone that we come in contact with but we can share our testimony and the blood of the lamb with others. As an evangelist, we may not see everyone who we speak with transform from sin to righteousness but at least we can give them something to think about which will give them life and snatch them away from death. Our power is not in and of ourselves but in the cross.

Our confidence is found in the LORD our Savior CHRIST JESUS. Not in fables and especially not in the law which we have been redeemed from. Those that judge us because we don’t speak or live as they do because everything is either black or white there is no gray for them. Will judge and criticize yet they themselves never speak and live fulfilling the traditions of man neither do they obey the law entirely. We are to keep our eyes on the cross, not the law, come to realize that in CHRIST JESUS our heart is what is circumcised. Men don’t have to have their penis circumcised as a mark to show that they are righteous. Many men are circumcised from Jew to Gentile and they are not obedient to the law of GOD what so ever. However, those who have their heart circumcised are obedient to the knowledge of their freedom through CHRIST JESUS. Careless about the outward appearance because those who are more concerned about the outward appearance are dead inwardly. Putting on a show is just an act. Are you living when there is no one to see you in the same manner as you put on a show about? We better get our mind right and not be concerned about the outward person who is whitewashed but rather live life according to the crucifixion and our crucifixion is with JESUS CHRIST. This world has been crucified but there are some who are not aware of this or believe it to be so. We were a part of the world and it’s through our crucifixion with JESUS CHRIST that we are no longer a part of the world but rather in the world. We were once separated from the FATHER but because of the obedience JESUS CHRIST went through for us we have now become a new human, we are one in CHRIST JESUS and we have within us HIS peace. Through the execution of JESUS CHRIST, we are reconciled back to the FATHER. JESUS CHRIST’s death was as though HE was a criminal but HE was innocent. We are the ones who are guilty deserving the punishment that HE took for us all. To the family who is washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS, if we imitate anyone and we do make sure that our mentor is one who follows CHRIST JESUS and lives according to HIS Word. Then our mentors are those who are enemies of JESUS CHRIST and HIS death on the cross we are imitating the wrong people. Regardless of how nice or smart they may be. Darkness cannot extinguish light but light can extinguish the dark. Following the wrong people will only lead to destruction. The god that they serve is not the true and living GOD who created everything and died to set us free from sin. Everything or everyone that is put before CHRIST JESUS is serving a false god. They should be ashamed but are not because their minds are on the things of this world. GOD is well pleased with JESUS and it’s seen by HIM having the total essence of GOD living within HIMself. JESUS reconciled everything on earth and in heaven to GOD by making peace in the shedding of HIS precious blood. JESUS paid our debt in full and HE did so completely and perfectly. The law which is regulations stood against us because none of us are able to live perfectly according to those guild lines. So JESUS had the law nailed to HIMself on the cross.

We are not alone in our faith and walk in CHRIST JESUS. No, we have with us those who lived in the freedom of CHRIST JESUS from Adam and Eve to the last human being alive when CHRIST JESUS return or dead in the grave who will rise when called forward. So in CHRIST JESUS discard from us everything that causes us not to be obedient to CHRIST JESUS. And just because something prevents us individually from living for CHRIST as we aught does not necessarily mean that it’s a sin. The sin is that we have it in the place where CHRIST JESUS should be in our heart. Nothing that we enjoy should keep us from moving forward in CHRIST JESUS. Keep the endurance of going forward and not looking to the side or back. CHRIST initiated and completed our trust in HIM. We share in the joy which is set before us because of what JESUS endured on the cross on our behalf. JESUS was the one who endured the beatings, the antagonistic words which were hurled at HIM. JESUS was the One who was executed in our place and put to shame by being exposed nakedly so people could gaze upon HIS bloody and destroyed flesh. But glory to our Savior who was not left in the grave, CHRIST JESUS rose from death because death could not keep HIM captive. We are told to rest in CHRIST JESUS because CHRIST sat back down on HIS throne beside HIS FATHER’s right side because HE is the One who left nothing undone. As JESUS did on the cross proclaim as HE did. Finished!

Matthew 10:38, 16:24, 27:32, 40, 42; Jn. 19:17, 19, 25, 31; 1 Corinthians 1:17-18; Galatians 5:10-12, 6:11-14; Eph. 2:16; Phil. 2:8; 3:17-19; Col. 1:20, 2:14; Hebrews 12:2




So many of us live our lives confessing that we are kings and queens but never actually live as such. Kings are clothed and adorned with a crown and possess regal power. CHRIST JESUS is our greatest example as to how we are to live our life so that we may obtain a crown from HIM. CHRIST JESUS has a crown that no man will ever be able to fully imagine what it looks like and the crown that some of us will be rewarded with likewise cannot be imagined. The crowns that we see worn by true royalty here on earth will never be able to compare to what some of us will receive in heaven. As children of the living GOD we must live with dignity and honor. CHRIST JESUS had HIS crown replaced on HIS head once HE returns back to HIS throne because of the complete and perfect grace of salvation HE completed for mankind.

The LORD GOD never completely takes HIS eyes off mankind, yes, it is true that HE cannot look on sin. And that HE turned HIS eyes away from HIS own beloved SON on the cross because JESUS had taken the sins of the world on to HIMself. Our creator GOD is in-love with mankind and HE is ever mindful of us all. Mankind is so lost that they don’t realize that we are created and just a little lower than the created angels of heaven. When JESUS came as a man, HE too took on this form and was just a little lower than the angels. HIS FATHER graciously cared for HIM and helped HIM, HIS FATHER also visited and looked after HIM. But we fail to realize that our creator GOD does the very same for us but because we are so far removed from HIM we don’t recognize that HE is speaking to us, that HE is helping us, that HE is nearer to us than our very breath, it is by HIS grace that we don’t drop dead instantly from some of the sins we actively participate in. There is nothing the FATHER of JESUS who is the living GOD will not do that HE did for HIS SON JESUS. It was only for a little while that JESUS was without HIS crown of glory and honor which HE is so deserving of. JESUS has been giving all authority over everything nothing missing. JESUS CHRIST perfectly suffered for us all to death and this is why HE is so deserving of the crown that HE wears. Some of the children of GOD who completely understands who they are in CHRIST JESUS that we are the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS, who rest totally and completely in CHRIST JESUS and allow HIM to work for us, who obey through the help of the Holy Spirit and who walk in faith and not by sight will be satisfied with the fruit of his character and integrity in CHRIST JESUS. These will be his/her holy thoughts because of his/her renewed mind in CHRIST JESUS and his/her actions will be evident what is in the heart that causes delight within.

To all my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we have a crown waiting for us to be given to us as the symbol that we have completed our tasks given to us by our FATHER. So that when it is all said and done as the crown is placed on our head we will hear well done good and faithful servant. Let us achieve in getting our crown and not forfeit it because we have not fully given ourselves over to CHRIST JESUS and to rest in HIM for all things.

Hebrews 2:6-7, 9; Ps. 8:4-6; Prvbs. 14:18




As I was preparing to write this blog I thought to myself how am I to convey to all my readers just what it is to be crucified. So I went to my favorite dictionary and decided to cut and paste exactly what was found there.  

  1. To nail to a cross; to put to death by nailing the hands and feet to a cross or gibbet [another name for gibbet is gallows], sometimes anciently, by fastening a criminal to a tree, with cords.

But they cried, crucify him, crucify him. Luke 23:21.

  1. In scriptural language, to subdue; to mortify; to destroy the power or ruling influence of.

They that are CHRIST’s have crucified the flesh, with the affections and lusts. Galatians 5:24.

  1. To reject and despise.

They crucify to themselves the SON of GOD afresh. Hebrews 6:6.

To be crucified with CHRIST, is to become dead to the law and to sin, and to have indwelling corruption subdued. Galatians 2:20

  1. To vex or torment.

I know that I could not have described what it’s like to be crucified any better than what is found in the dictionary.

During the final part of the unjust trial where JESUS was waiting to hear the judgment for HIM which was unwarily ordained from the beginning of time in the heart and mind of GOD. Because JESUS was the only human born to die and HIS death was not the same type of earthly death that we all succumb to, no, HIS death had a purpose for the world and that was to heal, deliver and save all mankind if they would only have faith in HIM. HIS precious spilled blood is able to wash clean every human on this planet if everyone would only believe in HIM. HIS resurrection provides to all of those who place their entire trust in HIM the victory over everything as HE is our victor. I encourage everyone to read from all four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the record that we have about the crucifixion of JESUS who Pilate openly confessed that JESUS is the CHRIST. Now, I don’t know if Pilate and his wife became believers in JESUS but I have witnessed in my life those that are true heathens being used by the living GOD by delivering messages to me. So knowing that Pilate could have been just an instrument and not a believer in the SON of GOD to be used by GOD was already ordained in the heavens before Pilate was born. In the scriptures, our ancestors pronounced a curse on each of us and that is not only are they guilty of punishing JESUS but that we all are guilty of this horrendous punishment that JESUS went through so that we would not have to go through it. The corporate punishment now is normally found in the prison system and they use death by needle filled with four types of poison. But if the corporal punishment that was once used back then and that was to crucify criminals. Then criminals today who have been judged to be put to death would also be nailed or tied to the stake until dead and if there were no one to have compassion on the one who had been crucified that body would remain on that stake for all to watch decay day by day.

 Our ancestors shouted that JESUS must die by means of being crucified on the stake. Pilate was told by his wife that JESUS is a just man and it was noticed I’m sure by Pilate that JESUS is just because of HIS mannerism. I’m sure that Pilate had witnessed many criminals that either growl with shouting back that they are innocent, those that have in their eyes an emptiness and not showing remorse for their crimes. Pilate notices and was intrigued by JESUS.

When we read in the gospels about Pilate we know that he is a man with great authority, yet, he did not operate in his full authority for a few reasons. The first reason is that GOD is the one who orchestrated that day and JESUS came into this world to save mankind through HIS death. Secondly, GOD said that HE will put enmity between you [satan that serpent] and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; HE will bruise your head, and you will bruise HIS heel. Thirdly, he was overcome by the pressure of the people who were being used by satan. From the chief priest to the poorest of people who did not follow the teachings of JESUS were being used. We see Peter in hiding and cussing someone out watching this fiasco and the remaining disciples are not known where they ran out of fear. The only one who was up close and remained to the very end was John. It is written that we are to pick up and carry our cross. JESUS provided us with the example how HE HIMself carried HIS own cross. Have any of us ever wondered why the place where JESUS was crucified was called the place of the skull? Well, it’s because it’s the location where David buried the skull of Goliath. When we study the location which is Goliadin/Golgotha Jerusalem was a mound which became a hill. Also now known as Calvary Hill. Goliath’s head was buried by David in this hill which is also known after the burial as the place of the skull. This is the very same place where JESUS CHRIST was crucified as CHRIST JESUS destroyed a greater Goliath. The enemy of our souls. Refer to Gen. 3:15. The final act that Pilate authorized with the orchestration of GOD is that he had the scribes to write and place a plaque above the head of JESUS which read, “JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS.” This was written in the common languages of the time to be read in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Though the chief priest became furious with what was written Pilate refused to have it changed per the request of the chief priest. After all, without many realizing it to be true, it is. After JESUS was crucified the soldiers fulfilled what was written in Ps. 22:18 they divided HIS garments into fours and took a piece but HIS tunic which is the undergarment did not have any seams which were proof of HIS wealth and they gambled for the tunic of CHRIST.

Though JESUS CHRIST suffered greatly HE did so because of the love that HE has for HIS creation mankind. Though HE was captured and delivered it could not have been done if it not been time for this to take place. When we read the scriptures we see that when they had tried to kill HIM before that HE walked right in the midst of them. Everything about that night from HIS going with HIS captures from the garden to the Praetorium was accomplished with illegal hands. The crucifixion of JESUS also differed from the rest because unlike those before HIM, with HIM and after HIM, JESUS laid willingly HIMself down on the cross to be nailed in HIS hands and feet. The Son of Man is going to HIS death according to GOD’s plan. JESUS was not put to death HE willingly died by giving up HIS Spirit which is the Holy Spirit that now lives in every believer. CHRIST JESUS arose from the dead in victory and this is how we know that death no longer has victory over those who belong to CHRIST JESUS. It was not possible for death to hold JESUS down neither is it possible for death to hold us down as well.

Mark 15:13; Matthew 27:22; Luke 23:33, Jhn. 19:17-24; Acts 2:23-24


[Ref. from Jhn] Mrk. 15:21-22, Num. 15:36, [Ref. from acts] Lk.22:22, Acts 5:30]



Crying out is good for the soul. Crying refreshes the soul and in doing so we relieve ourselves of the heavy weight of carrying what we are filled up with. Just because a person cry does not always mean that they are filled up with hurt. Most people cry and never know it because of the form in which we cry. Crying does not always mean that salty fluid will exit the eyes but we may be filled up to the brim and have a need to expel with our voice. We cry aloud using our voice to speak that which we believe deep within our belly. We cry out with a call using great force. We cry out to GOD using a loud voice by way of the earnest request in prayer or giving GOD the praise and worship due to HIM. Sometimes we cry out in distress to our GOD because of a great need we may have or we will cry out in distress not because we stand in need of something from GOD but because we are overwhelmed by the good of our GOD. We exalt JESUS through praise by the clapping of our hands as tears roll down our face as we think about how we have been set free from sin. Because HE loves us so greatly and HIS grace, truth, and mercy can be overwhelming when we recognize that we are not worthy because of what we do. The most popular cry is that of a loud or silent voice in weeping because of the sorrow we are feeling. So we lament until we get it out of our system. The most popular cry that we all are apart of is that of triumph in whatever we have a passion for or when we see the answer to prayer. We are overcome with emotion and passion for the victories of our favorite sports team, achievements in our personal and business life, what our children are doing as we encourage them to live out their passions. Daily when we view the news we hear how people cry out with complaints because they feel the oppression of injustice. When we cry be it through tears of joy or sorrow, or to express something that is frightening which have caused great alarm or when we express a desperate need or want. We all must get in the habit of recalling the goodness that JESUS is to us, we need to recall that we have unmerited favor through HIM. And when we fix our attention on HIS goodness and promises to us we can’t help but cry.

From the depths of our soul, we should be overcome by the great appreciation through our love for JESUS. And how we crave HIM as a man craves for the attention of a woman and vice-versa. We are overcome just like the joy that is felt when a woman births her child. Though none of us want to die an earthly death we who are in a relationship with JESUS desire to be with HIM in the manner in which we can see, smell, hear and touch HIM up close and personal and we can taste HIS Word in our mouth. We cry from the inner depths of our heart in joy to our living GOD who watches us in all things, who listens to our heart, who answers our petitions the moment we speak our request and who also speaks in our spirit. How deeply loved is the dwelling place of JESUS.

And it’s not only us who are encased in the flesh that cries. The Holy Spirit also cries out, He cries out for the lost ones who do not belong to the FATHER and the SON, CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit is a person, not a thing as we like to refer to Him as being when we say “something told me not to do or say”. The Holy Spirit is Wisdom which belongs to GOD who provides us with the indwelling of HIS presence so that we do not have to make the wrong decisions as well as He is constantly speaking about JESUS in our heart and spirit. Wisdom is so powerful that we require an understanding of what we hear. When we hear the cries of the Holy Spirit we find ourselves questioning the voice that we hear. To the non-believer hearing the cry of the Holy Spirit in our soul gives us pause and we make the decision to either remain in the darkness of sin or to turn and begin to live and walk in the light of CHRIST JESUS. To the believer, we grow too because we are accustomed to the cries of the Holy Spirit when we hear in our spirit the goodness of CHRIST JESUS and where we come from, how we were lurking about in darkness and did not realize it. So cry aloud my beloved release all the hurt that is being carried within you, release that pain to CHRIST JESUS. Cry aloud for the person that you never mourned for properly. Cry with joy about the goodness of our GOD and how we are saved from the punishment that we could have experienced eternally should we have not turned from our wicked ways to become the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Continue to cry through exclamations of excitement for the achievements made by ourselves, others and especially our loved ones in our family. Cease from being that one who can cry aloud because of what our favorite sports team is achieving but find it difficult to give GOD the glory which is due to HIM not just on Sunday or Saturday when we attend our weekly worship service in our local assembly. But cry out with the overcoming love that we have for CHRIST JESUS not so much because of what HE is doing in our lives but because of who HE is in our life.

Psalm 84:2; Proverbs 8:1




A cup is such a small thing. This vessel that we use in our daily lives to drink our coffee, tea, soup, water or any other food item is given not much attention until we are in need of one. In the Bible, we see that JESUS request through prayer that the cup that is in HIS possession be removed from HIM because of the contents in which HE alone must drink, Mt. 26:39. Those who have faith in CHRIST JESUS have a grateful heart because JESUS drank from HIS cup. And now the cup that we have because of HIM is a joy to drink from because of our remembrance of HIM.

I’m elated with the grace that I have in CHRIST JESUS. HE is filling my cup with so much of HIS favor; HE has a kind regard towards me; my countenance has been changed to resemble HIS image; the propitious aspect that HE anoints me within HIS grace, mercy, and forgiveness towards me; HE shows me that HE has a friendly disposition for me. I am aware of having HIS support; HE defends me; I am vindicated from all the accusations that satan and his demons hurl at me and JESUS; HE provides to me the disposition to give me aid, JESUS has befriended me, and HE alone is the One who promotes and justify me. JESUS is giving me HIS kindness which is done and granted forever; I awake knowing, go about my day knowing and rest in sweat sleep knowing that HIS benevolence is shown by word or deed daily in me; I possess the act of grace and good will, as distinguished from acts of HIS justice and remuneration for me. CHRIST JESUS has pardoned me for being guilty I possess HIS favor. CHRIST JESUS has given to me the gift of eternal liberty and life in HIM. I have HIS overflowing love which allows me to be a success in HIM. CHRIST JESUS forever speaks words of encouragement to me.

Notice that I only spoke of myself it’s because when I think of my cup which is overflowing I can only hope that my CHRISTian siblings are aware of the fact that they too have a cup and that it’s not empty but filled to the brim or overflowing with the gifts that we possess in HIM. We are not saved from the punishment of sin just to get in and live in heaven, no, we are saved to experience a heavenly life through CHRIST JESUS and to drink from the cup HE has given to us. Don’t let the contents to spill out on the ground. Drink from the cup those things we are in need of.

CHRIST JESUS gives us a cup the moment we begin to have faith in HIM because we have been snatched out of the pit of despair where we were dying of thirst. As we drink in daily we acknowledge that CHRIST JESUS has confirmed; established and settled to perfection what was required to save us. CHRIST JESUS has placed HIS stamp of approval on us from HIS blood and we are valid with the agreement that has been established for us.

Not many of us think to take communion daily and it’s not that we are not thinking of what JESUS endured for us. Because I’m sure that when we think of HIS goodness we include in our thoughts what we have escaped because of HIM. But we have been so conditioned by our local assemble to only take our communion once a month. I am only aware of one ministry that offers communion on a daily basis and that is the Catholic Church. I don’t recall at any time the congregation being told in all the local assemblies that I have visited only take communion once a month in our desired house of worship. We all should go to our local Christian bookstore and purchase a communion package. If for some the expense of this boxed package is too expensive, improvise and take an unsalted cracker, or a piece of bread with grape juice and as we recall the goodness of JESUS and what HE endured for us. Take the communion as stated in Mt. 26; Mrk. 24, Lk. 22, and 1 Cor. Never forget what we hold in our cup from the LORD and what drinking from the cup reveals our action as to what we have in HIM and what HE endured for us and what HE established by fulfilling the law and providing us with a better covenant which is our life in HIM with all liberty.

Psalms 23:5; Mt. 26:27-28; 1 Corinthians 11:25




There are 54 curses for being disobedient to the law yet there are 14 blessings when we live in obedience. Our understanding of what a curse is is very limited when we take a look at our lives before coming to CHRIST JESUS. We are born cursed from our mother’s womb. I have compiled from the Old Testament and the New Testament our lives under the law and free from the law. I sincerely hope that my CHRISTian brothers and sisters who are possessed in CHRIST and not just a professor of CHRIST as so many are. Will receive the illumination from the Holy Spirit so that we will cease from what the law in the Old Testament in its perfection yet will not help us to be perfect and live according to the better and perfect law of the New Testament to live according to the liberty we have obtained in CHRIST JESUS. There are 106 OT laws which are perfect, however, if our believing siblings of old could not keep the laws it’s understandable that we are not able to keep the laws. And there are 174 NT laws of liberty that are perfect and demonstrated that will help us to become perfect as our GOD is perfect. It is through the Holy Spirit who teaches and guides us that will shape us to be who we were originally designed to be in CHRIST JESUS.

The Old Testament

  • Law of the 1st born – Ex. 13:10-12
  • Law of the Altar – Ex. 20:21-23
  • Law concerning servants – Ex. 21:1-3; Deut. 15:12
  • Law concerning violence – Ex. 21:12-13
  • Law concerning animal control – Ex. 21:28-29
  • Law concerning the Sabbath – Ex. 23:10-11, 24:12-13, 31:12-13
  • Law concerning burnt offerings – Lev. 6:8-9
  • Law concerning the grain & drink offering – Lev. 6:14-15; Numb. 15:1-3
  • Law concerning the sin offering – Lev. 6:24-25
  • Law concerning the trespass offering – Lev. 7:1-3, 6-8
  • Law concerning the peace offering – Lev. 7:11-12, 11:45-47
  • Law concerning the birthing offering – Lev. 12:6-8
  • Law concerning leprosy – Lev. 13:1-3, 46-48, 58-59, 14:1-3, 31-34, 53-55
  • Law concerning discharge – Lev. 15:1-3, 31-33
  • Law concerning sexual immorality – Lev. 18:1-3
  • Law concerning morals & ceremonies – Lev. 19:1-3
  • Law concerning the penalties for breaking the law – Lev. 20:1-3, 11-13, 24:21-23
  • Law concerning slavery – Lev. 25:39-40
  • Law concerning jealousy – Numb. 5:29-30
  • Law of the Nazarite – Numb. 6:13-14, 20-21
  • Law concerning unintentional sin – Numb. 15:22-23, 28-29
  • Law concerning presumptuous sin – Numb. 15:30-31
  • Law of purification – Numb. 19:1-3
  • Law of dying at home – Numb. 19:1-3
  • Law of inheritance – Numb. 27:1-11
  • Law concerning vows – Numb. 30:1-16
  • Introduction to GOD’s law – Deut. 4:44
  • Essence of the law – Deut. 10:12
  • Law of 1st born animals – Deut. 15:19
  • Law concerning witnesses – Deut. 19:15
  • Law concerning unsolved murders – Deut. 21:22
  • Law concerning sexual morality – Deut. 22:13
  • Miscellaneous laws – Deut. 23:15, 24:5, 25:11
  • Laws concerning divorce – Deut. 24:1
  • Laws inscribed in stone – Deut. 27:1-3, 8, 26
  • The laws are to be read every 7 years – Deut. 31:9

The New Testament

  • CHRIST fulfilled the law – Mt. 5:17-18; Heb. 9:22
  • Law concerning males – Lk. 2:23
  • Opened scriptures – Lk. 24:44
  • The law does not justify – Acts 13:9
  • Perish in and out of the law – Rom. 2:12-15
  • Breaking the law – Rom. 2:23
  • Guilty according to the law – Rom. 3:19-21
  • Justified by faith not law – Rom. 3:28
  • Establish the law – Rom. 3:31
  • Promise granted through faith not law – Rom. 4:13, 15
  • No law – Rom 5:13
  • Why the law; what is it for – Rom. 5:20; 1 Tim. 1:7-9
  • No longer under law – Rom. 6:14
  • Win those who are under the law – 1 Cor. 9:20-21
  • What is the laws strength – 1 Cor. 15:56
  • Do not return to the law – Gal. 2:11
  • Not justified by the works of the law – Gal. 2:16
  • Righteousness is not in the law – Gal. 2:21
  • Did we receive the Holy Spirit by the law – Gal. 3:2, 5
  • The law came 430 years after Abraham – Gal. 3:17-18
  • Purpose of the law – Gal. 3:19-24
  • JESUS redeemed us from the law – Gal. 4:4-5
  • 2 Covenants (law & liberty) – Gal. 4:21-22
  • Want to be justified by the law – Gal. 5:4
  • Love fulfills the law – Gal. 5:7, 14, 18, 23, 6:2
  • The law abolished – Eph. 2:15
  • The law is self-righteousness – Philip. 3:8-10
  • The law is hard labor/strive – Tit. 3:9
  • Tithing was done before the law – Heb. 7:4-6
  • Need for a new Priesthood – Heb. 7:10-12
  • The law is a fleshy commandment – Heb. 7:15-17
  • The law is perfect but does not help anyone to be perfect – Heb. 7:19
  • The law appointed High Priest who were sinners – Heb. 7:28
  • JESUS did not offer gifts & sacrifices as the Priest did according to the law – Heb. 8:3-5
  • JESUS laws are in our mind & heart when we come to JESUS & HE is our GOD – Heb. 8:10-17
  • Take a look at the crucifixion to see that the rituals done by Moses were done to JESUS.
  1. HIS Blood
  2. Water from HIS body
  3. Sour wine offered to HIM by hyssop
  4. HIS blood is powerful which was spilled and seen in the Holy Book/the Word, HIMself which connects us to HIM – Heb. 9:19
  • No other sacrifice by law will make us perfect – Heb. 10:1
  • Offerings and sacrifices were accepted but not pleasurable to GOD because they continually remind us that we are sinners – Heb. 10:8
  • There is a perfect law called liberty – Jms. 1:25
  • Royal law of love – Jms. 2:8-12
  • Do not judge our brothers & sister in CHRIST JESUS – Jms. 4:11

Deut. 28:15-68; curses for disobedience, Galatians 3:10-13; the law brings a curse




We all know that a cymbal is a brass instrument that when played properly does not overtake the accompanying instruments used to perform beautiful music. However, cymbals or tambourines in the use of one that is not trained to play the instrument in the form of hearing only pleasure can pierce one’s hearing and or only bring about displeasure because what we hear is only noise. Much like when a gong is hit, a gong is used merely to begin or end a song with no melodious tone to it. A gong more frequently is used to gain the attention of people that something is about to take place and our attention is required. However, when people speak without being led in love, we too come off as what is known as white noise, loud cymbals or tambourine out of rhythm to the music or a gong being hit continuously bringing our attention to nothing useful.

Every human is guilty of being a cymbal, gong or tambourine being used improperly. The words which come out of our mouths when spoken without the spirit of love is noise. Even the true believer in CHRIST JESUS will have a tendency from time to time to say words which are not filled in love. Words have power and when we aim our words in the direction of others or ourselves as well. We abort the spirit of the ones who are being assaulted. One of the lies that we all have learned is this, “sticks and stones may break my bones but name calling or what you say to me will not hurt me”. This is a lie because many of us who have been assaulted verbally in childhood can still recall what was said to us as young, middle-aged or senior adults. Words affect us emotionally and mentally. Words spoken out of love for us leave wounds that continue to bleed and the only healing we can obtain will come from CHRIST JESUS. Many may remember what was said to us after CHRIST has healed us but many of us will not remember the sting or infected wound that we suffered for years. Nothing can conquer hate except love. It is said that we all must “think before we speak.” This is a notable lesson because if we actually listened to the words that are floating around in our mind before actually bringing them forward to injure ourselves or others knowing the motive as to why we have those thoughts and knowing the motive as to why we are willing to say words empty of love. There is a great chance that we will not speak in an unloving manner. So how do we speak unlovingly to ourselves? Here are just a few examples.

  1. Calling ourselves anything other than what GOD made us to be
  2. I be damned
  3. I’m broke
  4. I can’t
  5. I’m sick

I recall an exercise that I found impossible to do when I heard the voice of GOD tell me who I am to HIM and how HE feels about me. I went into the powder room, closed the door behind me and looked into the mirror to tell myself that “I love me,” “GOD loves me” and who I am in CHRIST JESUS and how HE will use me for HIS glory. I broke out in uncontrollable tears. I believe this is the first time I faced all those unloving, unkind, evil words that had been hurled at me beginning in my early childhood. These words always haunted me emotionally and mentally but I never had to face them head-on by speaking love to myself. Each day I would tell myself what I heard GOD say to me and each day I grew stronger emotionally and mentally. Although I can recall every emotional and mental assault that had come at me, I am no longer affected by those words because I know who I am in GOD through CHRIST JESUS and I know that I am loved greatly in HIM. Today, if someone chooses to aim and assault me by their words I counter-attack by reminding myself who I am in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. And though I am guilty on very rare occasions I do speak as a cymbal, tambourine or gong which are not being played in a manner which brings about pleasure. I’m still believing that all traces of my saying things that cause harm to others will be removed from me. This is because of all the evil words that were spoken to JESUS, HE never once said a word that was unloving or unkind. And knowing that I am the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS and that I can do all things through CHRIST JESUS. This noise that I have a rare tendency to make will stop. And every word I choose to speak will be that of beautiful music which gives pleasure to the soul. Those of us who know the love of GOD in CHRIST JESUS understand that we too are filled with that reasoning, intentional, spiritual devotion such as is inspired by GOD’s love for and in us and this is what makes it possible for us to be as GOD is toward us, we should be toward others.

1 Corinthians 13:1