Bravery; that quality of mind which enables mankind to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, without fear, without depression of spirits, to have valor, boldness, and resolution. It is a constituent part of fortitude, but fortitude implies patience to bear continued suffering.

Fearlessness; bravery in danger, undaunted courage, and boldness.

I believe this is missing in my CHRISTian brothers and sisters of faith in CHRIST JESUS. It has been my experience from the many ministries I’ve visited in my current lifetime that instead of the junk that we hear that is mixed with the preaching and teaching of the Good News in CHRIST JESUS that is given each week in our local assemblies of worship. The junk should be replaced with encouraging those ears that is directed at the speaking that is going on that we must be courageous. It is documented that we are to be strong and courageous ten times, to have good courage fifteen times, not to fear six times and not to be dismayed one time which is to be dishearten and deprived of courage. Why are we so afraid to be bold in the things of our GOD? Especially those who in their former life was a bold, loud, hellion which is to be rowdy, mischievous, and a troublemaking person. The person who by nature is shy and quiet as myself until I’m around family or those that I feel comfortable with. Have no excuse either because we need to stop believing that we must speak or do the work that is required in our natural effort. We need to stop depending on our own ability and rely on the ability of CHRIST JESUS. Remind yourself and ask the question, is anything to difficult for GOD? I’m often amazed at how the LORD will anoint me to speak before many people. When speaking to and being around three people is a crowd to me and above three is a mob. Just as I am amazed at how I will stand strong in the LORD and the power of HIS might when I stand toe to toe with an individual who has demons taking charge of a life. I’m not afraid to speak the truth of CHRIST JESUS to anyone because it’s not me who is doing the work of speaking or going. It’s the guidance of the Holy Spirit who leads me. When being led by the LORD to face difficult decisions or to approach anyone we are to be strong and courageous, we are to take a hold of good courage and not fear or be dismayed.

Be strong, be bold, be courageous, be firm,  don’t be afraid or frightened of whatever we have to face, whatever it is, remember that the LORD our GOD is going with us. HE will neither fail us or abandon us. And in the knowledge that JESUS is going not only with us but HE is waiting to meet us where HE sends us. CHRIST JESUS does not tell us to deal with a situation and then leave us to deal with anything or anyone negative that we must face. HE’s not going to fail us.

Haven’t the LORD ordered us to be bold, courageous, strong and vigorous? So, why are we so chicken-hearted when it comes to being what we have been instructed to be? We are not to be afraid or downhearted, because the LORD our GOD is with us wherever we go. The five-fold ministry should often tell the people not to be afraid or confused but that we are to be bold, courageous and strong in their life. But how can the five-fold ministry instill this in the people when most of us are scared but will not admit it. I have a memory of a time a few decades ago when I asked my then pastor to go with me to a crack house to bring my brother out. My then pastor was a very tall, dark complexion and muscular man. Yet, I saw the fear that came over him and he never did assist me. When I went home I found out that my grandmother had gone up in that place and retrieved my brother from that house. My grandmother walked in the boldness of GOD and when I listened to her testimony of how those drug dealers parted ways to clear a path for her to enter I shook my head in amazement. She did not allow her age or the fact that she was a woman to deter her from doing what the LORD our GOD had instructed her to do. I so miss her but I will see her again.

Be bold, be courageous, be strong and just do it! Whatever HE asks us to do or say. Stop being afraid or discouraged! CHRIST JESUS our LORD and GOD are with us. HE will not abandon us or fail us, please get this into your spirit.

If we just place our hope in the LORD CHRIST JESUS, and be bold, courageous and strong, and let our heart take courage! If we will only place our hope in HIM and not ourselves! We must learn to wait because we don’t like to wait. I know I don’t when I ask the FATHER for something and it seems to me that it’s taking too long to get what I’m asking for from HIM. I’m just being honest because I have challenges also. We are told to be in expectation from HIM but after a while, we begin to give up and take matters into our own hands, I know that I’m guilty of this. We fulfill our own hope for our desire and most times after we get what we asked for because of our own efforts we don’t appreciate or enjoy what we have done or received for long. We begin to set our sights on something else because we are no longer excited about what we’ve done, where we’ve gone or what we possess. Let us love the LORD JESUS and be faithful because HE is preserving those who are loyal to HIM. In our heart, we must take courage and be strong in HIM. Be hopeful and continue to expect from the FATHER through JESUS. This is a lesson for me as well.

So, my beloved be bold, be of good courage and be strong in the power of CHRIST JESUS. Remind yourselves as well as our CHRISTian siblings.

Deuteronomy 31:6; Joshua 1:9, 10:25; 1 Chronicles 28:20; Psalm 27:14; 31:24; Isaiah 41:6



Everlasting Covenant


What is an everlasting covenant and why is it that we don’t know what it is, what it entails, and continually recall to mind the promises made between GOD and mankind? In short, it is lasting or enduring forever; eternal; existing or continuing without end; immortal. A coming together; a meeting or agreement of minds.

  • “The Covenant of Works”, is that implied in the commands, prohibitions, and promises of GOD; the promise of GOD to man, that man’s perfect obedience should entitle him to happiness. “This do, and live; that do, and die”.
  • “The Covenant of Redemption”, is the mutual agreement between the FATHER and SON, CHRIST JESUS respecting the redemption of sinners by CHRIST.
  • “The Covenant of Grace”, is that by which GOD engages to bestow salvation on man, upon the condition that man will believe in CHRIST JESUS and yield obedience to the terms of the gospel.

There are three hundred fifteen scriptures that teach us all about the covenant but there are only sixteen scriptures that teach us about the everlasting covenant. And three JESUS CHRIST and Paul share with us. Let us take a look at the various everlasting covenants because they are the ones that inform and teach that we should recall to remembrance the wonderful promises that we have.

This is the everlasting covenant that the FATHER made to Noah. The FATHER promised that HE will never again cause a flood that will destroy all living beings. This means that mankind and animals will never be destroyed by the overtaking of water caused by GOD. So some of you are reading this and saying “what about those massive floods, tidal waves, and tsunamis? There are many gods but only One True GOD, HE said that HE will never again cause destruction by water, yet, HE gets the blame for this evil thing. Our enemy satan is the god of this world and he is the one who copies the destruction of old to cause the devastation that we either experience or witness from our local news broadcast. Yet, he is never blamed for this, people in their ignorance quickly begin to chatter that GOD is angry and judging a particular location. This is far from the truth. When we see that beautiful rainbow in the sky most people never recall that it’s actually a sign from the FATHER of the covenant HE made with Noah. That sign is seen by GOD and us to remind us of the everlasting covenant which was made. The everlasting covenant is for every living creature of any kind which is on the earth. The rainbow is not about lucky charms, money, enchantments, leprechauns or any other stupid lies that the devil has sold to us and that is believed. CHRIST JESUS is GOD Almighty and HE appeared before Abram, and the covenant which was made to him was of works. Abram had to walk in or better stated had to live in total dependence and righteousness before GOD in order to receive from HIM. Now many people never think about the fact that the law was never given until after the crossing of the red sea by Moses and the now freed Israelites from Egypt who boasted about their ability to do what GOD had given them to do. So how was Abram going to live righteously before GOD? Abram was to believe, depend, rely and trust in whatever GOD shared with /promised him. The name Abram means exalted father, after CHRIST JESUS changed his name to Abraham he became the father of many nations. As of this writing Abraham is still producing fruit because he is the father of faith and every person who makes the choice to believe, depend, rely and trust in whatever GOD through CHRIST JESUS has shared with and promised us is his seed. There was a time when to prove that we are on the LORD’s side that the males were to be circumcised. This is no longer a requirement because CHRIST JESUS will circumcise anyone in their heart who believes in HIM. Just as the LORD changed Abrahams name HE also changed his wife’s name from mockery which is the meaning of Sarai to princess which is the meaning of Sarah. Now the father of many nations and the princess had a son and called him Isaac which means laughter as instructed by the LORD. And it was through Isaac that the LORD established HIS everlasting covenant. Think about this in this household is the father of many nations, the princess and laughter. This was an incredible household.

Here is another everlasting covenant made to King David which he spoke in his final words of life. Many may think that the words that he spoke pertained only to King David and his household but it does not. This everlasting covenant spoken is about CHRIST JESUS and how much we need him because of our sinful nature. All rulers over people must be righteous before GOD and rule in the admonition of GOD for himself and the people. Those of us who are on the LORD’s side meaning that we believe, depend, rely on, and trust in our salvation through CHRIST JESUS possess an everlasting covenant with HIM. We are in order with the assurance that everything that HE promised will come to full maturity.

We all desire to have an abundant life, don’t we? Well in the reading of Isaiah fifty-five we are shown just how we are to obtain that. And in the reading of chapter sixty-one we find that the Good News of our salvation is given.

We know how to quote this verse but quoting does not mean that we have taken it to heart by faith to believe in what CHRIST JESUS has said. “Look, I AM the LORD, the GOD of every living creature. Is there anything too difficult/ hard/ impossible for ME”? CHRIST JESUS promised that all the tribes that were run off because of HIS anger that HE alone will gather them and return them to the place of safety. If our spiritual eyes are open we can see HIM doing this today. Jews and one time gentiles alike will be the people of GOD we have a singleness of heart and purpose that cause us to have a reverential fear not a fear of dread to our FATHER forever. The FATHER has given to us an everlasting covenant not to turn away from us but to draw us nearer to HIM and to provide us with HIS good. In our hearts will be a respectful fear of him instead of having that fear of dread which once caused us to tremble or run away from HIM and hide. The FATHER is filled with joy regarding us and HE desires to provide us with HIS goodness and we will be planted with HIS entire heart and being. By now you should be ready to give GOD a praise and shout! For HIS glory is marvelous!!

Repentance brings about shame in a good way, when we repent we are mindful of just how sinful and in need we are of being saved not only from ourselves but from satan and our obedience to him. We are ashamed because we did not believe what we heard about CHRIST or that it took us so long to believe in HIM. GOD is a faithful GOD even in our unfaithfulness, HE remembers the covenant that HE made with us which is everlasting. HIS covenant does not reward us for sin, no, HIS covenant is for anyone who will come to HIS SON JESUS and believe in HIM. Because the LORD GOD is a forgiving GOD and HE will be our LORD. Check this out when reading chapter thirty-seven of Ezekiel I literally saw the cross when HE told Ezekiel to bind two sticks together. Wake up people see how the LORD GOD is collecting the tribes from the North, South, East, and West and bringing them back to their own land the land of promise. We will become one complete nation no longer divided into two and will serve only one KING. We will give up serving false gods because JESUS CHRIST has and is saving us, no longer will we be living in sin, HE will cleanse us so that we will be HIS people and that HE will be our GOD. The servant David is not referring to the mortal King David but the immortal KING David who is JESUS. HE also is our Good Shepherd and we will keep and observe to do what is right before GOD. KING David will lead us eternally HE has given to us the everlasting covenant of peace we are mighty in numbers and HIS sanctuary is forever in us.

Before JESUS CHRIST was illegally detained, questioned, tortured and nailed to the cross. JESUS CHRIST had HIS final Passover dinner/meal/supper with HIS disciples and HE said that HE will no longer celebrate the Passover again until its true meaning is full in the Kingdom of GOD. JESUS CHRIST took a cup of wine and gave it to HIS disciples to share with each other saying that HE will no longer drink from the fruit of the vine until the Kingdom of GOD comes. JESUS CHRIST also took bread blessed it with thanksgiving, broke it and gave it to HIS disciples saying “this is MY body which is being given for you / [us]; do this in memory of HIM”. After the meal JESUS CHRIST again took the cup and said, this cup is the New Covenant, confirmed, sanctioned and made valid by MY blood which is / [was] poured out for you / [us].

The work that CHRIST JESUS was given to do was far superior to what was done in the past. Just as the New Covenant that HE mediated for us is far superior to that which was given. So why is this New Covenant superior to that of the old? Because it is enacted and rest on more important promises which are sublime, higher and nobler. Unlike our ancestors who were with Moses we were not brought to the mountain of death which is Sinai but rather we have been led to the mountain called Zion. The city of the living GOD, the heavenly Jerusalem along with the countless multitude of angels for we are the church assembly of the Firstborn who are registered in heaven as citizens. And we are brought before GOD the FATHER who is Judge of all and to the spirits of righteous, the redeemed in heaven for we have been made perfect in HIM. We are being brought up with CHRIST who is our Agent and Mediator of the New Covenant which has been sprinkled with HIS blood which speaks mercy of which we all need. HIS blood is nobler and provides a more gracious message than that of Abel which cried out for vengeance. Now, not later but now the GOD of our peace which has been given to us who raised CHRIST JESUS up from the dead the great Shepherd by HIS blood which confirmed; sanctioned; sealed and made valid the everlasting covenant, complete, strengthen and perfect in us what we are to be and equip us with every good thing that we will carry out HIS will, while CHRIST JESUS HIMself, not us, works and accomplishes that which is pleasing in the sight of GOD through CHRIST JESUS for it is for HIM that the glory will be forever. Amen. This should be our prayer.

Genesis 9:15-17, 17:2, 4-8, 13, 19; 2 Samuel 23:1-5; Isaiah 55; 61; Jeremiah 32:26-27, 37-42; Ezekiel 16:60-63; 37:15-28; Hebrews 13:20-21, 8:6; 12:24; Luke 22:20




In the study of what had been done by CHRIST JESUS when the scripture teaches us that our sins have been covered. I believe that in the translation the word cover is used in error when it comes to what CHRIST has done for the world. Many years ago I was set free in the knowledge of knowing that my sins were not merely covered but washed away. You see anything that has been covered can be uncovered. Just as anything that is washed can become dirty again. However, when our cleansing comes from the CHRIST we have no desire to wallow in the mud of sin as we once did because of ignorance. CHRIST JESUS is our soap and HE also burns away with the refiner’s fire. CHRIST JESUS is the only One who was able to wash away that which is offensive to the FATHER, we have been pardoned from that punishment that we as unbelievers deserve. CHRIST JESUS remitted the required payment and now HE shelters protect and defends us. That is the proper coverage that we all need. No, CHRIST JESUS did and does not cover our sin HE washed our sins away in HIS blood and water. We are the ones who disguise and conceal hypocritically the wrong that we do. We need to hand over ourselves and loved ones so that the CHRIST will purify us in HIS water, not ours.

Let’s read a few scriptures in a manner I believe will also set many of my CHRISTian siblings free if we read them in the translation in which they were meant.

Fortunate those whose crimes are carted off, taken away, whose sins are wiped clean from the slate, blotted/erased, washed away. Fortunate the person against whom the LORD does not keep score and continues to remind us of our wrongs.

When we bring our CHRISTian siblings back from doing wrong by wandering around in their familiarity of being active in sin we cause many sins to be forgiven by us and we through the outpouring of our love will cover them up in the hopes that we do not uncover them by reminding our beloved ones of what they once did. Understand that when JESUS CHRIST became sin for us HE saw us and we were not thought of by our parents nor were we in existence yet. Yet, HE saw each and every one of us individually and forgave our ancestors who actively participated in the persecution and desire to have JESUS CHRIST crucified all the way to us and our descendants.

Our love to our CHRISTian siblings will cover all the wrong that we will do. So don’t hold grudges, know that in ourselves we are not perfect yet, we strive for the perfection that is desired from the FATHER. Also, we are only perfect in CHRIST JESUS not out of HIM.

We are made holy by the cleansing of water which is the Word. We become spiritually clean through the Good News. CHRIST JESUS fulfills the law in us through the sprinkling of HIS blood and water to purify our hearts. Without the awakening of our spirit man within us and a heart transformation, we remain spiritually dead twice in our being barren and uprooted from the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit.


Rom. 4:7; James 5:20; 1 Ptr. 4:8, Prov. 10:12




A desire or want with an eagerness; earnestly to obtain or possess; in a good or bad sense. An example of having a desire to have eagerly is wanting the best gifts of GOD as written in 1 Cor. 12:31. A bad example of having a desire to possess eagerly is wanting those things that are owned by others such as their home, clothes, car, and dating friend/fiancé/spouse as written in Ex. 20:17.

In business, if those who possess the ability to promote an employee would use the principle of having people who are not covetousness over just being friends or liking another. I believe that businesses will be run with integrity. I believe also that when considering people to befriend, I mean those that are in our inner circle, we should want those who are not covetousness. When we pray we should ask the FATHER that covetousness not be found in our heart. As any sin we should love the sinner and hate the sin and those who covet are operating in sin. We all have the propensity to be covetousness however when we come to CHRIST JESUS this should have been left behind. How do we know that at one time or another we operated in covetousness? Because we all have dealt with people falsely. Precious people be they sinner or one who walks in the presence of our LORD and Savior have lost their lives in death all because someone coveted what they possessed. The life that we are born into which is the life of sin and being a sinner whether we act on these actions or not JESUS let us know what is within all of our hearts before coming to HIM. Our hearts are filled with evil don’t be fooled just because we actively do nice things or have a nice personality. Because without CHRIST JESUS we have within us the ability to think on and act on all kinds of evil which are within us all and has defiled us. Praise GOD the FATHER for HIS SON who took on every sin for us so that we do not have to remain the way we were born by natural effort.

So if we belong to CHRIST JESUS because we have repented and given our life to HIM through faith and the washing in HIS blood. Then we must lay down, turn our backs and walk away from being covetousness. Our life is fulfilled not in what we possess naturally but by who we possess spiritually and supernaturally. Whatever we desire to have not because someone else have it all we need do is ask the FATHER for it and by faith wait to receive what we have asked for. Dearly beloved, cease from being covetousness don’t allow it to be found in us any longer because we are the saints of CHRIST JESUS. We are to kill those evil desires and we do so by confessing that what we are thinking and have a craving to do has been nailed to the cross and we no longer have to give into our every whim.

As children of the living GOD, we must be content with whatever we possess. GOD knows what we have need of and HE is aware of those things we will like to have. If we ask in faith with pure motives for wanting to possess what we are asking for HE will provide. Be a good steward of our finances and not one who worship and has made money an idol. I have seen with my own eyes ministers who from humble beginnings spoke the living Word of GOD with fear of the living GOD. Now, they have watered down the Good News for the wealth they have obtained and yet, they are not satisfied but want more. Because of the covetousness that people operate in we all have been duped and exploited by the dripping words of deceit. And there is nothing worse than to be exploited by ministers who speak to us with coveted motives and because we do not listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit we dole over our finances for whatever cause they give us. It will always be my belief that whatever the head has must flow down to those who they touch consistently. If your spiritual leader has a mansion why are we living in a crime district? If your spiritual leader has not one but several expensive vehicles such as a Rolls Royce; Alpha Romero; Ferrari; Peugeot; Lamborghini; Lotus; and Porsche while we are riding the bus or walking this poses a problem for me. Unless we desire to live in an apartment building where the tenants do not respect their neighbors with noise coming from their apartment or the slamming of doors or liter in the halls or grounds then there is no problem. And unless we do not possess a driver’s license and we have no desire to own a vehicle again there is no problem. However, for those that desire to live in a better community and will like to own and drive their dream car. Why don’t the spiritual leader teach the congregation how to obtain wealth? No one that is a member of a house of worship should be struggling. But we are to not covet what others have either.

Ex. 18:21; Ps. 119:36; Prov. 28:16; Jer. 6:13, 22:27; Mrk. 7:22; Luke 12:15; Eph. 5:3; Col. 3:5; Hebrews 13:5; 1 Tim. 6:10; 2 Ptr. 2:3


Created, Creation, Creator, and Creature [a series-4th and final]



That which is created; every being beside the Creator, or everything not self-existent. The sun, moon, and stars; the earth, animals, plants, light, darkness, air, water, man, etc., are the creatures of GOD.

Now that it has been read throughout the series who is the Creator let us get an understanding who and what are the creatures. GOD spoke into existence every creature that lives in the water; and every creature that flies in the air. If it existed or exist it’s because GOD is the One who created it to be so. And everything that GOD created was good in HIS sight. GOD not man or a huge explosion spoke into existence that the earth was to bring forward every living creature. After man had been created the LORD GOD brought every wild animal, every creeping thing and every bird to Adam to see what Adam would call them whatever he named them to be that is what it’s called to this day. After the flood the LORD GOD made a covenant with Noah and his descendants that has remained to this day. This covenant was so powerful that the LORD GOD also included HIS creatures the animals which survived the flood because they too entered the Ark as well. Not only was the covenant spoken the LORD GOD sealed HIS covenant with a sign in the sky which is in the form of a rainbow. The LORD GOD is a promise keeper because HE said that HE will remember HIS covenant between HIMself and every living creature of every kind. When people see the rainbow in the sky they think it’s a symbol of luck, that there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow or that it’s a symbol for a leprechaun. The rainbow is none of the above it’s placed there so that when GOD see it HE will remember the everlasting covenant that HE made with Noah and every living creature on the earth. There was a time when the law prohibited the eating of certain animals. Bless GOD that this law no longer needs to be adhered to. We will find out why later in the blog. A great question is why is it that every living creature willingly praise their Creator except humankind? When someone decides that they want to try and drag me into their foolish conversations with their pets, I stand my ground because not only does the scripture inform us that everything that has breathe praise the LORD. It’s broken down for us and too not understand what the scripture is, is because we don’t want to understand. The scripture teaches us that every living creature is to praise the LORD from the earth everything that lives in the water, fire and hail; snow and mist; storm-winds obey HIS Word; the mountains and the hills; every tree; wild animals; livestock; creeping reptiles; flying birds; royalty of the earth; those in authority; men, women and children are to praise the LORD. Why is it so difficult for humankind to understand this? When your dog barks, it’s because the dog is praising the LORD. When your cat purrs it’s because your cat is praising the LORD. Your reptiles praise the LORD and so do your pet fish and birds. Every tree and bush that we pass by is praising the LORD and so does the elements. Every creature praises the LORD willingly except humankind and it’s because humankind are detached from the Creator until humankind come with a repentant heart to JESUS by faith. Ezekiel who is a creature called humankind had a vision of GOD his Creator. We like to think that Cherubim are what we call cupids they are far from that. In Genesis we see the first mention of them. Two of them to this day are guarding the entrance of Eden and believe me they are no babies. They have been standing there in obedience since the LORD GOD placed them there with a flaming sword. This is just one description of their appearance composed of various creatures, as a man, an ox, an eagle and lion. Another description of their appearance is that they have four heads or faces, the hands of a man and wings. The four faces were, the face of a bull, that of a man, that of a lion, and that of an eagle. Yet, they have the likeness of man. They have four wings two of the four wings touch one another and the other two of the creature wings cover their bodies. In the middle of these living creatures is burning coals that resemble torches and lightning. These living creatures move with the swiftness of lightning. Next to these living creatures is a wheel on the ground. This wheel has a wheel within a wheel and when the living creatures moved these wheels moved alongside of them. When the cherubim who are creatures were lifted up so were the wheels. Where ever the spirit moved the cherubim moved and so did the wheels right along with the spirit. This occurred because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. Over the heads of these living creatures appeared to be ice glittering and each of them had a pair of wings stretched out toward the others as another pair of their wings covered their bodies. In the sound of the wings of the creatures was the sound of great waters the voice of the ALMIGHTY/EL SHADDAI. These creatures which are cherubim’s are so mighty that CHRIST is described in the scripture riding on one of the creatures on the wings of the wind. In the celestial hierarchy the cherubim is a spiritual creature which is after the Seraph which is the angel of the highest order. In conclusion about the creatures which are the cherubim there are four who stand around the throne and in the center of each side of the throne. Never ceasing to praise the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY saying “Holy holy, holy is the LORD, GOD of heaven’s armies. The One who was, who is and is coming!” Because HE alone is worthy, HE is the LORD with three distinctive entities, FATHER, SON and Holy Ghost. HE is the LORD our GOD. HE has glory, honor and power because HE is the One who created all things because of HIS will every creature was created be they in heaven, earth, sea or hell. There is an appointed time when the creatures along with the elders in heaven will sing a song regarding the opening of the scroll that only the worthy Lamb can open. And once this is done along with the creatures which are the cherubim and elders will also be the creatures which are angels who will also be around the throne. And in unison it is heard by the creatures in heaven the following. “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. To receive power and riches and wisdom. And strength and honor and glory and blessing!” Then every creature in heaven, on earth, in hell, and sea will say because CHRIST JESUS will not be denied HIS praise because HE alone is worthy of glory, honor and praise. “Blessing and honor and glory and power. Be to HIM who sits on the throne. To the Lamb, forever and ever!” Then the four living creatures said, “Amen!” And the twenty-four elders who are creatures fell down and worshiped HIM who lives forever and ever. So if the creatures in heaven worship GOD, don’t you think that we too should worship HIM? Now after CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave HE located HIS disciples who were renamed apostles and told them to preach the Good News to all of HIS creatures which is the human race. Warning, GOD has given HIS creatures which are the human race over to the full power of sin when they refuse to believe the truth of GOD. Instead there are some who prefer to believe the lie because of the lust of their heart and they serve creatures that have been created by the Creator. However, there is hope for anyone who will turn from their wicked activities and depraved heart and HIS name is JESUS the CHRIST. HIS death on the cross is to reconcile us back to the FATHER because we are HIS creatures which are in need of HIS SON. Once our faith is in CHRIST JESUS never turn away but remain grounded and steadfast look to CHRIST JESUS who is the hope we need by reading and listening to the gospel which is made available to us all who are creatures HIS human race who are under heaven.

Do you recall that I wrote that at one time there was a law pertaining to the eating of certain animals? Well, now here is the freedom we now have to eat whatever creature, animal we desire without fear of consequences. Every creature in animal form or that creeps on the earth is good by the voice of GOD. As long as we receive our food regardless of what has been prepared for us to eat we are to give thanks to GOD for our food by prayer in the Word to GOD to make our food holy. No creature that GOD spoke into existence is hidden from the sight of GOD. We are all exposed; naked, and defenseless in the eyes of our Creator JESUS. Once we are reborn through CHRIST JESUS we become sons by HIS Word which is Truth we become the firstfruits of HIS creatures because we are consecrated to CHRIST JESUS. We are fabulous creatures with the ability to tame every creature but we cannot tame our tongue. There are scripture references that I have included in this blog that I have not written about because it will appear repetitive. However, my suggestion will be to read them in the hopes that we will gain wisdom from GOD about the fact that everything seen and unseen has been created by GOD which makes everything HIS creature in the hopes that in our ignorance we will stop worshipping and idolizing HIS creation and turn our attention to our Creator.

Gen. 1:20-21, 24, 2:19, 9:9-10, 12-13, 15-16; Lev. 11:46; Ps. 148:7-12; Ez. 1:1-26, 3:12-14, 10:1-17, 20; Mrk. 16:14-16; Rom. 1:24-25; Col. 1:19-23;  1 Timothy 4:4-5; Heb. 4:13; Jms. 1:18, 3:7; Rev. 4:6-9; Rev. 5:6, 8, 11, 13-14, 6:1-7, 7:11, 14:3


Created, Creation, Creator, and Creature [a series- part 3]



GOD alone is the One who creates. Man makes with his/her voice by speaking into existence as GOD did because we are in the image of our Creator who is GOD. Nothing that man discovers or makes cannot be done without all things that GOD had already spoken into existence. When a man discovers or invents it is because he/she found what was always in existence we just could not see it. Hence the reason why man call what is found the discovery of something. As for inventions, we have to use every material that GOD created to form something into that particular condition. When a man is able to invent without the use of everything that GOD has created then and only then has man created. All humans have their being because of our Creator GOD as well as everything that has been created as recorded in the book of Genesis chapter one. GOD is the author of our existence. In GOD we live, move and have our being, Acts 17:28. GOD is not a being. Yet GOD exists.

A tender and loving mother from the moment we find out that we are expecting a baby we must become responsible for the precious life that we carry. Just as we are protective of our sweet baby once delivered outside our body we must remain responsible and protective before it’s too late. We should begin by reading scriptures to our baby while he/she is still in the womb and continue during story time when we are at home, from work or school. And again during those precious years when we tuck them into bed at night. Why is this so very important? Because we are all brought forth in iniquity, Ps. 51:5. We as parents are our children’s greatest influence not only are we all taught greatly by what we see rather than what we hear but when what we hear is linked to that of what we see in our lives it will cause us to recall to remembrance what we are being taught. Evil days will come to our young because this is when evil begins it’s not when we are teens, young adults or adults with responsibilities. So when the pressure of evil arrives our young ones will recall everything that was taught about our Creator. We will remember that although we have a free will to choose we are not our own. The physical pleasures of the flesh speaks to us all and when young we believe that we are invisible we never think or we should not be concerned with death. GOD willing; we will grow old and in this, we no longer will find pleasure in the work that we once performed for a living. We may lose our taste for all the foods and drinks we once enjoyed in our younger years. We will leave behind the nightlife of going out to concerts at arenas, clubs or stadiums. But what we should always have with us is our recall of our Creator and HIS pleasures for us beginning from our youth until we leave this world. Our remembrance of our Creator should be what we use to guide us into the activities of our actions and decisions. Instead, we believe that our Creator is sitting on HIS throne ready to knock us upside the head with a huge bat or that HE is angry and will judge us for our behavior. Yet, with thinking like this, it does not cause us to cease from our evil deeds. This is proof that we do not know or are respectful of our Creator. Our Creator wants us to rely completely on HIM, HE desires for us to speak with HIM. HE’s always awake; HE never sleeps; HE’s watching everything that we are doing and HE hears every thought in our heart, mind and what comes out of our mouths. Our Creator no longer grows tired and weary as once did because HE stepped out of heaven to become like a man and in HIS grace, love and mercy HE saved us from evil but there are so many souls that are unaware of this fact to the point of not believing. Some of these souls have heard that JESUS died for our sins, yet, they have not turned to CHRIST with their heart. Hence the disbelief in CHRIST JESUS. Our Creator understands that mankind is sinful this is why we desperately need a Savior and HIS salvation minute by minute, second by second, day by day, month by month and year by year. JESUS is the Holy One the creator of all and HE is the KING. JESUS came into HIS created world and mankind did not recognize HIM, yet, everything that HE created animals, plant life, seas, and the elements knew HIM when HE arrived here in the form of Man. They know that HE is GOD their Creator.

We are fools when it comes to the knowledge of our Creator. We know that there is a GOD but we disrespect HIM with the making of false gods made in the image of man, and other created things created by GOD. We disrespect HIM by calling HIM our higher power, or the man upstairs. We take away our Creators excellence, glory, and majesty when we exchange our immortal Creator who is GOD for that which is dead, deaf, mute and mortal. This is how we know that our Creator GOD has given us over to our own vileness of our heart. When we say foolish things like we were born to have passion and sex with the same sex we are. Adultery, fornication, and homosexuality are done because of the lust of the heart. We don’t know the truth about our Creator GOD this is why we place our trust in false gods from the idolization of humans to everything else created. GOD has given us up to continue in our degrading passions of the flesh. However, this does not mean that HE will not deliver us from these vile passions when we turn our hearts to HIM through HIS SON because of HIS love for mankind and not our vile and degrading passions of the flesh. These were also nailed to JESUS on that cross. Each and every one of us will have to face our Creators judgment. For the living that has turned their hearts to CHRIST JESUS our Creator and GOD, we have already been judged and found “Not Guilty” because we believe in the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS. That we have been washed clean and delivered from sin. And those that die in their sin your judgment is unimaginable, yes, it is known that hell and the lake of fire is their eternal torment. But what will it be like for them to face their Creator GOD and have to see and speak with HIM without excuse for our disobedience and disbelief in HIM? For the righteous; don’t grow weary in the suffering that we endure for JESUS because in our suffering we are not alone CHRIST JESUS is going through the suffering with us. And CHRIST will get us through whatever we suffer with. Continue to do what our Creator GOD desires for us in HIS will for us by obeying the Word of GOD.

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Created, Creation, Creator, and Creature [a series; part 2]



The things created; creatures; the world; man; the universe; anything produced or caused to exist from nothing.

It is through the blindness of humans; through the deafness of their ears and the deadness of their spirit that mankind would believe that everything that has been created only exists because of some big explosion in the sky and that mankind evolved from primates. In the book of Genesis GOD inspired Moses to write the entire account of the creation of GOD. GOD is not a man so when HE speaks it is impossible for HIM to lie. GOD is a loving GOD but prior to the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST, HE often judged mankind and mankind felt the heat of HIS anger. After destroying the world by the flood of water to destroy all mankind who were the offsprings of fallen angels (demons); there were only eight souls kept safe from the destruction along with two of every animal that creeps on the ground; the beast and birds. I would think that there was no need to gather two of every type of animal who lived in the sea because they were capable of living in the flooded waters. Then again, this will be a great question to ask JESUS or Noah when I enter heaven. So, after the dry land appeared which is the world that we now reside in Noah was given a covenant promise from GOD with a sign that we to this day see after the rain. I myself get very excited when I see a rainbow in the sky because quickly I am reminded that this world will never again be destroyed by the flooding of water. This is the covenant that our creator GOD made with Noah that continues to exist to this day. GOD’s glory is seen everywhere because of HIS creation but man denies it. We should be in constant awe and praise and worship HIM for HIS creation for HE alone is supreme in power and dominion. GOD is the sovereign good of all who love and obey HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our supreme LORD or Ruler; the One who possesses the highest authority; our supreme magistrate; our KING. Praise to the Sovereign LORD for HIS creation! What’s wrong with us that we should not do this which HE is so deserving of? Oh, I know we are born into sin, we are sinful from our birth as we grow older without HIM and a living spirit residing within us we are blind and deaf to the Truth. We must praise our GOD not only for HIS creation but also for HIS redemption. If we can’t think of what to say to GOD the scriptures teach and remind us all that HE is the One who brought about creation from nothing and redeemed mankind from sin. All of the creation give praise to the LORD except mankind that is until mankind has begun to believe in the redemption of CHRIST JESUS. GOD in the beginning of creation created male and female; man knew his responsibility and so did the female. There was never any confusion as to who they were. But as sin began to increase man left the natural affection that he is to have for the female and likewise did the female. They have believed the lie that they are born this way. They destroy their bodies with operations to satisfy the lust for what they believe. Yet, they never realize that regardless of how much money they spend to transform their bodies to fool the public when they die the coroner will find out their secret. Not only that, but GOD will address man as man and woman as a woman. Because GOD did not make one mistake in HIS creation. Each time there is what mankind calls a natural disaster we begin to proclaim that we are living in the last days, or that GOD is angry and judging the inhabitants of the world for their actions. We then run to the local assemblies out of fear and some with emotion will pretend to give themselves over to JESUS and some with a repentant heart will give themselves over to CHRIST JESUS. But we are not aware of the warning that we have been given pertaining to the last days, if we were we would not shutter about every evil that we witness in person or from the journalist. Yes, we will see many tribulations before the actual end come, but know that they are warnings those in authority will have hearts bent to evil they speak nothing but lies even when they are enjoying their meals together in the pseudo hope of friendship but their deeds will not prosper because the appointed time has not yet come. CHRISTians and the local assemblies which preach and teach the unadulterated Good News will be captured, tortured and killed for not renouncing their devotion to CHRIST JESUS. Local assemblies will be desecrated with daily sacrifices which will be an abomination of desolation. When this time is fulfilled there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. So until then go your way and rest in CHRIST JESUS, arise to your inheritance.

What excuse do we have for not glorifying the One who causes all of creation? Though we are born in sin we actually have no excuse for not believing in HIM. We see HIS creation in the mirror when we look at ourselves and others. We see HIS creation in everything; CHRIST JESUS has invisible qualities in HIS eternal power and divine nature that we who belong to HIM have within us for our possession. Every creation of CHRIST JESUS understands that they are the creation of CHRIST JESUS except man, that us until he comes to CHRIST JESUS with a repentant heart and trust in HIM by faith. We all have heard of GOD and most believe in GOD but knowing and believing in GOD will get us nowhere when we deny CHRIST JESUS, HIS beloved SON. CHRIST JESUS is neither glorified nor given thanks for who HE is and what HE has done. When Adam sinned; sin was not only put on all his descendants but everything that GOD spoke into existence in creation was effected as well. I wrote in this blog that mankind call what the devil causes natural disaster; there is nothing natural about what we experience with flooding; hurricanes; tidal waves; earth-quakes and any other disaster that I can’t think of at this moment. The world is waiting patiently for the true sons of GOD to stand up and reveal themselves. Man is the only one who willingly disobeyed the voice of the LORD GOD; none of HIS other creation had any part of this, yet, all of creation has been made subject to the frustration of sin all because of Adam. However, all of creation has been given a desirable hope that every creation but man believe. Man will only believe in the hope provided when his heart has become repentant and trust in CHRIST JESUS; then and only then will they along with all of the creation know that there will come a time when they will be set free from its bondage to decay and to enjoy the freedom which comes with GOD’s glory. All of GOD’s creation groans from the pain of this fallen world due to sin. Even when we come to CHRIST we find ourselves as well groaning because we become eager to become perfect sons. This will occur when we see our redeemed bodies set free completely. At this moment we only have a perfect living spirit that we should adhere to. At this moment we are still learning to stop following the flesh, our soul then the spirit. We must follow our spirit, then our soul which the flesh must follow.

This is why we are to be taught that in CHRIST JESUS we have been created anew a totally new creation in HIM. Our old desire to sin is gone if we would only believe this, however, because we don’t we must be taught that it’s not necessary to indulge in the cravings of the flesh. And none of our traditions matter to GOD what matters to HIM is that we truly have become new creations in HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our redeemer all of our sins have been forgiven; past, present, and future. After all which of us were born during the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST? Absolutely no one and yet HE saw each and every one of us which means that at the time of HIS crucifixion our sins were present. We can’t even name each sin that we have committed in our lifetime before coming to HIM. JESUS CHRIST is the visible image that was given to us who is the very essence of GOD. Just think of this Mary the mother of JESUS got to kiss the face of GOD daily and there were others who got to kiss GOD and not know it. The disciples got to learn from GOD first hand; they ate, traveled and slept along with GOD and never knew it. CHRIST JESUS is supreme as I wrote before; CHRIST JESUS is the One who created all things. CHRIST JESUS is our High Priest because HE has given to us a far better covenant with HIM and there are things which are better that we may not see in our lifetime but will see and experience eventually. CHRIST JESUS as our High Priest did not use HIS creation to obtain eternal redemption HE used HIS precious body as the living sacrifice we so desperately needed. I can recall and I’m certain that prideful man is still saying amongst others about the return of JESUS. Not believing that HIS return will ever come. Fools they are. Just because life continues as it has since the beginning of creation, death continues and mankind still is living sinful lives does not mean that CHRIST JESUS has forgotten HIS promise to us and that HE is coming back. Maybe the concern should not be when will CHRIST JESUS return but to be certain that we are filled with CHRIST JESUS in our heart and obey HIS Word. Nevertheless, allow me to leave you with this; CHRIST JESUS is the ruler of all creation.

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