Every service that I’m asked to do for a dearly departed. I’m grieved to hear all the testimonies from those that know that person. It is a lie on the name of GOD to believe and say that the GOD of the living need an angel or flower for HIS garden so HE took the one you love. The Creator GOD who is the GOD of the living, not the dead does not need to cause death to those that we love for HIS purpose. HE had us to be born for HIS purpose, the Word informs us that HE knew us before we were born while we were in our mother’s womb because it is HE who knits us together while we are there. It is the Living GOD whose thoughts towards us are to give us peace not evil to give us a future hope. Not only that, the Living GOD has ever only taken two people and when HE took them they never saw death and their names are Enoch and Elijah. So, before you say anything that ridiculous about the Living GOD taking someone you love, study up on Enoch and Elijah to see if your love one measured up to those great men. Also, understand the Living GOD is a Creator, to create is to use nothing and cause it to be. I never speak about the person who has departed because they are gone, if I do reference that person it’s because I know that person intimately to be a child of the Most High GOD, I will never fabricate what comes across as good to the hearing about someone if it’s not true. My aim is to introduce everyone who is not blood washed to the Savior who shed HIS blood for everyone on the cross at Calvary. The punishment and death that JESUS endured for us are not just some made up story that we heard as little children and then forgot temporarily by packing those stories up and storing them away in the back of our minds. So many people know the salvation story in their minds but not in their hearts.

When those who chose to die in their sins and it is correct that it’s a choice because there are too many avenues that are at our disposal that we will have no excuse to say that we did not know. We have the Word on television, the radio, in books especially the Bible, we have Bible apps, men and women of GOD who have apps who are teaching GOD’s Word, we have church buildings especially in America on every block some blocks have more than one building, we have street evangelist who is introducing passerby’s to JESUS. But those who died in their sins will see that their choice was the wrong choice and that because of their unbelief or fear of being made fun of by people have caused them to have an eternal death rather than an eternal life with the FATHER and SON.

The dead will stand before the Living GOD in front of HIS throne they will be small and great; that is, young and old, low and high, poor and rich. And the books will be opened, so what type of books will these be? They will be the books of life and death. These books will have our entire life on earth recorded as to our heart, our emotions, our thoughts, our actions, and what we’ve said out of our mouth because nothing at all is hidden from the Living GOD, HE sees and hears all that we say in our heart and mind whether we say them out of our mouth or not. This is how the dead are judged not by what you had not done but by what you have done. When we are all born from our mother’s womb we are all written in the book of life though we are born in sin, it is not until we make the choice to sin that our names are erased from the book of life. Nothing can be blotted/erased/removed until it existed beforehand. Those that compromise the truth for the lie, those who are unrighteous because they did not choose life but rather death instead. CHRIST JESUS is coming back! Every human must know this fact better than they know their very name. We must be ready in HIM for HIS return be those who are still breathing or those who have gone to sleep in HIM awaiting for their resurrection. When CHRIST JESUS return in HIS FATHER’s glory and with HIS angels, HE will repay everyone according to their conduct. Time is so very short and those who belong to JESUS can see and hear the darkness in this world and we groan within for HIS soon coming return.

Who are a sinner and non-believer? Those who are non-believers in JESUS; those who live habitually impure and shameful lifestyles; those who are defiled and profane; the unwashed in the blood of JESUS; the abominable; detestable; morally repugnant; those who habitually lie; those who live according to the desires of this world and according to their flesh as written in Galatians 5:19-21. Your name is written in the book of death. Who is the righteous and believer? Those who believe and have received the free gift of salvation from the Savior JESUS; those who know without reservation that they are clean from sin because of the blood of JESUS who have and is washing them; those who totally cling to and rely on JESUS; those who live in the freedom of HIS grace; those who are pure in spirit; those who live according to the Spirit and exhibit the fruits of the Spirit as recorded in Galatians 5:22-26.  It is the righteous whose name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Be a fellow worker in getting into the hearing or sight of those who are lost and going to hell. You don’t have to wear the attire of the clergy or stand behind a pulpit. We share everything that we find great for us such as telling others when we enter into a romantic relationship, the upcoming wedding of a loved one; the birth of a loved one; the graduations; new employment; sporting events, sales regarding items we purchased or want to purchase and such. The greatest gift that any human will ever receive; the greatest accomplishment any human will have is that of having CHRIST JESUS living on the inside of them. Look at your life, examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that JESUS CHRIST is in you?—unless indeed you are disqualified.  Now by this, we know that we know JESUS if we keep HIS commandments, not the Law of Moses. Keeping the commandments that JESUS gave to us will cause us to keep the Law. He who says, “I know JESUS,” and does not keep HIS commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. Beware, don’t fool yourself. Just because you are keeping the Law which in and of itself is death and just because you attend church service religiously or go through the motions of working believing that you are in route to heaven. Remember what those who thought that they were heaven bound said and what JESUS said. You will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in YOUR presence, and YOU taught in our streets.’ But HE will say, ‘I tell you I do not know you, where you are from. Depart from ME, all you workers of iniquity.’ There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of GOD, and yourselves thrust/thrown out.

Revelation 20:12; Ps. 69:28; Matt. 16:27; Revelation 21:27; Phil. 4:3




JESUS bore the sins of the world upon HIMself and the punishment was that HE be perforated; which means that HE was pierced for us. HIS body was penetrated by the nails and the spear which made round holds in HIS body. Visualize what JESUS did for you so that you do not need to suffer in the manner in which HE did for us. When you read the bible verses below take that in. JESUS took all and every disease and sickness unto HIMself on that cross.

JESUS exposed HIMself to the curse of death, HE was counted among the sinners though HE was sinless. We are told in the Word; John who is a man of love that in JESUS is no sin; by Paul the intellectual that JESUS knew no sin and by Peter a man of action that JESUS did no sin. JESUS bore the sins of the world and HE intercedes for us all who are offenders. Many people do not believe that people are demon possessed today but many are and they are very recognizable if we will only get into the Word of GOD so we may see that there are various levels of demons within people. Some do not bother other people or reveal themselves at all times and then there are those that we actually see day by day but because the people are not convulsing, throwing up or their head is not spinning as we have viewed on television or in the movies at the theater, we don’t recognize that we live in our homes with people who are demon possessed, work among them, attend school with them, sit by them in our local assemble (the church building) and socialize with them, accepting the demonology that has become law in our court systems. Not only did JESUS drive out demons with HIS authority in the Spirit of GOD, but HE was attacked by demons on the cross. HE bore that for us. JESUS bore the beatings, the unjust trial, the lies, the persecutions in the Temple Court because the underworld/hell/darkness was in charge for that moment. JESUS bore this for us. JESUS was in turmoil. JESUS bore that for us. We must be convinced without doubt or reservation that because of what JESUS bore on our behalf that nothing; not death, not what we go through in life; angels (demons, fallen angels); satan who is the ruler and prince of the air; not by any negative tribulations that we are experiencing now or what is coming in our future; don’t be influenced by the dark powers of the air or below us; nothing created has the power to separate the child of GOD and HIS love for us which is coming daily saturating us in HIS life through JESUS our LORD MESSIAH. You see we react rather than being proactive because we either do not know or we forget that we are not struggling with humans because those humans who are blood washed are being influenced by the Holy Spirit and those humans who are not blood washed are influenced by demons. We do not know or forget that in this earth realm there is a ruler who is the prince of the air and he has authority and power which he governs the darkness of this world. The world is not saved, it is cursed we don’t know this or recall this to our memory. Beloved children of the Most High GOD we are actually dealing with evil spiritual forces in the heavenly (air). However, remember that JESUS stripped satan and his demons of their power and he can only operate when we give him power by our words and actions. JESUS bore and made a public spectacle (showed off, put on exhibition, presented, to be seen by the eye); JESUS is victorious because HE endured the cross on our behalf.

JESUS took on HIMself all of our weaknesses and diseases, HE carried them away, those that we know by name and those that we do not know by name. So when we go to our medical doctor and the diagnoses is crucial or non-crucial in our hearing and heart. Know that if you are blood washed that you are healed regardless of what is attacking our flesh. Go home and get into the Word of GOD and stand up against it by recalling that every disease and weakness that attacks us was and is placed on JESUS on that cross and that you are healed and refuse to take the disease and the weakness. Be bold about that confession and don’t stop until it becomes second nature to the point that the disease and weakness departs. And, if for some reason it does not depart, stand on the Word of GOD because you are healed no matter what the flesh is being attacked by. Remember, the real you is a spirit, not flesh. Remember when I wrote above that some demons are violent and recognizable? This is great for us to recall or know; demons recognize the anointing and light within us and just as they spoke and were fearful when they saw JESUS this is the way they are with us as well. They become agitated because they are aware that their time will come when they will be forever done away with as taught to us in the book of Revelation. When they are around us they should see JESUS within us and tremble in fear and want to get far away from us. We must recognize that when demons are comfortable around us who are blood washed we must investigate our life in CHRIST. Never compromise with the world of darkness, evil and sin. We are healed because HE bore our illnesses; we have been delivered from the influence of the devil and his demons because JESUS bore their torment. Are demons falling down around us screaming that the SON of GOD is present before them? I know that I’ve not experienced that but that does not mean that I’m living a habitual life of sin; what I have experienced, however, is that demons do become agitated around me and move away from me. Look, every sickness and disease has a name whether we know their names or not and JESUS bore them all in HIS body so that we will not have to suffer from them. Lay hands on yourself and be confident enough to lay your hands on those who are suffering in their flesh from a disease or sickness when you are being directed by the Holy Spirit to do this. Use your hands and know that under the anointing those are no longer your hands but the hands of CHRIST who is operating in you and you and those you lay hands on with confidence that you and they are healed. You know, satan is crafty, skulking (lurks in concealed spaces), cowardly, oily, slimy and slick and will use whoever is available to be influenced by him. JESUS is a never changing GOD and HE drove demons out then and HE is still driving demons out of people and places. JESUS accomplished all HE came to do once and for all so we must live our lives in complete boldness and victory because HE conquered everything when HE bore everything for us.

This video is by Joseph Prince I do not have the rights to it but I am thankful for the ability to share this with you. Thank you, Pastor Joseph Prince and New Creation Church.

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We are brought forward, produced by the efforts of our parents biologically. Bless them FATHER GOD for the life they made. However, the very best product is to be Born-Again by the regenerated and renewing by receiving our spiritual life. HALLELUJAH FATHER for the Salvation received by faith in YOUR SON, JESUS the CHRIST.

Each and every human must acknowledge that their Adamic DNA is sinful which makes us sinners. We all need a DNA transfusion in CHRIST JESUS to make us righteous in GOD through JESUS. This is why you have heard and possibly not understood that we must be Born-Again in HIM. We are first born by the efforts of our parent’s love, lust or rape. It really does not matter how we were born. What does matter is that when we hear the Truth we must receive the free gift given to us which cost the FATHER greatly and that is HIS SON died so we do not need to die. Yes, an earthly death which is one of the curses we will succumb to but the earthly death is nothing compared to the second death. The second death is when those who have not received the gift of salvation from CHRIST JESUS will spend eternity in hell where death is. There is no longer hope for those to be saved, it’s a done deal, it’s over for them.

The second we choose to receive the gift of salvation from CHRIST JESUS our hearts become purified and our spirit becomes alive within us because before our spirit was dead. We lived by our soul which is our thoughts, our will, and our emotions. Which directed our flesh. Being Born-Again we will learn to obey the Word of GOD with the help of the Holy Spirit and we will have the ability to love all people but especially our brothers and sisters who are also blood washed in CHRIST JESUS. Being Born-Again has nothing to do with sexual intercourse between man and woman where a sperm the seed of man is deposited into the woman’s egg. Every human is decaying every day which is one of the awful gifts that was given to us by the enemy in exchange for what we had in the Garden of Eden. But, now, all those who have been Born-Again is born from the Seed which cannot decay through the Living Word of GOD that will last forever, eternally. We are no different in the decaying process when we see all plant life lose their leaves, petals and when we see fresh greenery turn brown. In like manner but we never realize this that daily our cells are decaying and are blowing away. But, when we live in the Word, the Good News of the Living GOD we will never decay because our new bodies will be perfect because our GOD is perfect.

JESUS was born of a woman through the Holy Spirit. HIS earthly father whom HE loved, obeyed and respected had nothing what-so-ever to do with HIS being born. We should never count Joseph the husband of Mary out. And we will meet him in heaven where we can speak with him about the pregnancy of his wife and how he obeyed the FATHER regarding JESUS. JESUS was born to be given to every human on the earth. JESUS is the Son of man who is given to us. The dominion of the world has been placed on HIS shoulders to bear, not ours. So, stop fretting about those things we can do nothing about except pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS about what disturbs us. The very name of JESUS helps us to understand who HE is and how to call upon HIM in our time of need. HIS name is Wonderful, the presentation to the sight or mind, unusual, strange, great, extraordinary, or not well understood; something that arrests our attention, grandeur or inexplicableness. The expression of astonishment and amazement. Counselor, HE gives us advice about our conduct and our future. Mighty GOD, wise, important, momentous, great, wonderful, eminent, forcible, efficacious, strong, vast, loud, thunderous, rushing wind, powerful, bold, vigorous, divine Creator, the Word, GODhead, the Just One, hope, righteous, holy, habitation, eternal life, ABBA-FATHER. This is not all of who HE is, I just don’t have the earthly lifespan to write down all of who HE is as our Mighty GOD. Everlasting FATHER, Eternal One who has begotten us, ancestor, progenitor. Prince of Peace, the promised Savior, MESSIAH, and free-willing-offering.

GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only unique SON so that everyone who believes by faith; trust in; clings to; relies on HIM will have eternal life, instead of being utterly destroyed and eternally lost by the destroyer who is destruction. Choose eternal life in CHRIST JESUS so you can live eternally with HIM.

Ah, how Wonderful is the name of JESUS!

It’s by GOD’s Grace that humans are delivered we cannot do anything other than go to HIM and trust in HIM. Give yourself to CHRIST JESUS. HIS Grace is for everyone, there is nothing that we can think, say or do that will keep us from HIS Grace of deliverance. The worst we are in our sins the greater the love we will have for HIM and the deeper our praise toward HIM. Grace has come to teach us daily how to renounce, change our mind which is repentance from ungodliness, the pleasures that we find in the world that was great so we thought until it takes total control of us and we see no way of escape. But JESUS has come and has provided a way of escape. We can live self-controlled lives in HIM, we can live godly and righteous lives in CHRIST JESUS. We don’t have to continue to say and believe in the lie that we must wait for the sweet bye and bye. We can have pleasure now on the earth through CHRIST JESUS. Continue to expect the blessed hope of our fulfillment which is the Holy Spirit of our Mighty GOD and the appearance of our deliverer and Savior JESUS the MESSIAH. HE is the One who gave HIMself up for us to free us all from the violation of the Law. This is so we will become purified just for HIM, we will be HIS people and eager to do good/well in HIM.

People desire peace but peace is CHRIST JESUS and without HIM peace will be temporary because of our efforts but in HIM peace is within and everlasting. JESUS has broken down the curtain, the veil, the wall that once separated us from the FATHER so that we can actually go directly to HIM through CHRIST JESUS. We don’t need to go to a priest and confess anything, he does not have the authority to forgive sins or the ability to absolve anyone of anything. He himself needs the Savior to be forgiven and know that he is loved greatly by the FATHER and SON. The FATHER and SON will speak directly to us and we can speak directly to HIM. We don’t require an appointment and HE can hear us individually as though we are the only person speaking with HIM when in actuality many of HIS kids are speaking with HIM. In the body of JESUS, HE destroyed that quality of our onetime being HIS enemy, the unfriendliness, the ill will, the rooted hatred, the disposition, the malevolence and the opposition which was caused by the Law with its commands set forward by ordinances. JESUS abolished those decrees and ordinances and from these two HE created in HIMself one new quality of manhood and in doing this HE made peace. To do this HE was nailed to the cross like a common criminal and took into HIS sinless body the curse and killed all things which kept us away from the FATHER. In the eyes of the FATHER, there are only two types of people and they are Jews and Gentiles once we come to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS the Gentile becomes a Jew through HIS SON JESUS.

To those who have not taken the free gift of salvation from JESUS which cost the FATHER dearly. At this reading, you are born of natural effort. That’s great that you have not been murdered through abortion. Now, be Born-Again by the Seed who is JESUS the CHRIST.



John 3:3, 1Ptr. 1:22-25; Isaiah 9:6; Jhn. 3:16; Jdgs. 13:18; Tit. 2:11-14; Eph. 2:14-16




This word is described in the bible as the abyss; hades and the place of perdition; the pit and sheol/hell. This is the place where all non-believing lost souls go after the first death. It’s immeasurable and the throne of darkness. The place of the underworld inhabited by lost souls. Where for eternity the soul is entirely lost; ruined; utterly destructed; yet will experience eternally misery and death; the place of the dead for departed lost souls. And, yet, this is not the end because after the judgment lost souls will eternally be thrown into the lake of fire to serve their king.

Lucifer has been thrown out of heaven, he once was the light-bringer, the daystar, the son of the morning. Now, he has been cut down to the ground, he is blasphemous, he is satan and in him is the DNA of the satanic nature.

JESUS, HIMself saw with HIS own eyes satan fall from heaven with the intensity of lightning.

Angelic beings are huge so when Lucifer/satan fell out of heaven, how he looked never changed. Remember he was a light-bringer, a daystar, son of the morning and when he fell he was a combustible substance. This is also a great depiction of lightning, stars or a torch, satan was on fire and burning, yet, not consumed. When what looked like a star fell to earth he was given the keys which led to the bottomless pit. The word keys are important and you may want to take a look at the subject of keys and JESUS. Those keys belonged to satan where he dwells, he unlocked the bottomless pit and the smoke which is much like the smoke from a furnace wafted towards the sky and darkened the sun and the earth has become dark. I’m certain many of you have heard or say yourselves that the world is a dark place. Now, you know why. Those who do not believe as yet or who die the earthly death still not believing in JESUS will serve their king, the angel of the bottomless pit forever. Unfortunately for them because they did not learn that he is true to his name which is destruction and destroyer these lost souls will experience up close and personal who he is. This beast that all lost souls knowingly or unknowingly has risen up out of the bottomless to wage war, conquer and kill. This beast who comes up out of the deep has ten heads and seven horns upon them and on his horns are seven crowns and engraved upon his head are blasphemous names. Everyone who has not had their name recorded in the Book of Life of the sacrificial Lamb will fall down and pay homage to this beast because they adore him who comes up from the bottomless pit. The beast from the bottomless pit will try to represent himself to be a lamb by the recognition of his two horns but he will speak like the dragon of old, that old cunning serpent. Oh, but what joy for the children of the Living GOD who know that the beast has no authority or power over them any longer. We have been redeemed. The beast and his followers will all be destroyed. 


 Is. 14:12; Lk. 10:18; Revelation 8:10; 9:1-2, 11; 11:7; 13:1, 8, 11; 17:8, 11















A branch if more familiarly known as the arm of a tree or plant. Here, however, because the Word of GOD describes JESUS as the Vine, HE is describing HIS mighty and strong arm. From branches grow or shoot-out fruit or plant life. In the Vine of JESUS grows or shoot-out HIS fruit which is the blood washed CHRISTian.

There are men and women of GOD who shepherd the flock of CHRIST JESUS but many due to their lack of understanding of the grace of GOD destroy and scatter the sheep of HIS pasture. We are losing those who attend weekly worship service to non-sense being preached from the pulpit and though it’s done in ignorance to GOD’s grace those who have not changed their minds as yet to believe and receive the salvation message of grace will leave as well as those who are blood washed believers because they are not being taught the grace, love, and forgiveness of CHRIST. JESUS has already fulfilled the Law so why are we hearing the Law to live by as though JESUS has not done so? Shepherds must take care of sheep not drive them away but bless the LORD of Host who is willing and will go and search for all those who were negligently let go. Bless the LORD GOD that when JESUS collects the lost, HE brings them to a pasture where they will be fruitful and multiply in HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our righteous branch and HE is the only One qualified to execute justice and righteousness.

We are to keep our eyes set on CHRIST JESUS the MESSIAH whose name also is Branch, HE is the only One who is building the true church/temple of the LORD GOD.

JESUS introduces HIMself to everyone but we must choose to believe in who HE is. CHRIST JESUS is the Real/True Vine and the FATHER is the One who dresses the Vine. We must begin and continue to sustain our fruitfulness so that we will not be cut off from the branch because JESUS is continually pruning away and cleaning the branch which does bring forward fruit so that we will be more excellent and richer in HIM. We must choose to invite JESUS in so that HE will live in us and we will live in HIM. CHRIST JESUS is the Vine that we branch from and because we live in HIM and HE in us we have no choice but to grow abundantly as luscious ripe fruit. It’s when we are sinners/non-believers or think that because we’ve read the scriptures many times or because we’ve heard a message before that we leave believing that we know it all yet, our lives are not a demonstration of ripe growth in HIM. We do not recognize that apart from CHRIST JESUS we are incapable of doing anything that will please HIM. Anyone who does not live in CHRIST JESUS is cut off from the FATHER and should the earthly death find you, you will be cast into the fire. However, when we move into CHRIST JESUS and HE moves into us, when we remain in HIS Word from the heart we will be able to ask the FATHER anything in the name of JESUS and receive it. We are not to have JESUS living on the inside of us and become closet CHRISTians, no we are to demonstrate the forgiveness, grace, and love of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. This is how we show honor and glorify the FATHER as we prove ourselves to be true followers of the MESSIAH. As the FATHER loves the SON, so does the SON love HIS own, so much so that HE gave HIMself to sinners all over the world before we knew anything about him in our heart. So, keep the instructions and commandments given to us in the New Covenant just as JESUS obeyed the instructions and commandments of the FATHER. The Real/True Vine has shared this so that HIS joy and delight will be found in us and that our joy and gladness will be that of a full measure which is complete and overflowing. The commandment that JESUS has given to us is that we are to love our brothers and sisters in the LORD. The LORD JESUS laid down HIS life not only for you but for all mankind and anyone who not only professes but also possess CHRIST JESUS is our brother and sister in HIM. We are not HIS servants but HIS friends and as HIS friends HE shares with us everything that the FATHER has told HIM. Remember, we did not first choose JESUS and HIS righteousness but HE chose us and gave us HIS righteousness.

Joseph is a shadow of JESUS. Joseph was fruitful and his branches ran over the wall. JESUS is fruitful and HIS branches knocked down the wall. Joseph was attacked from within his house and was persecuted outside of his house. JESUS was attacked in HIS home by neighbors and siblings this is why HE could do no great miracles for them. JESUS was attacked by people who tried to stone HIM and they lied on HIM. Joseph remained strong and steady in his faith, he rested on the Strength that did not fail him but made him stronger and more active by the hands of the Almighty GOD. JESUS remained strong and steady and HIS rest on the FATHER did not fail HIM. By the works of HIS hands through HIS FATHER, HE persevered without wavering.

In CHRIST JESUS the backslider is being healed. We are loved freely. There is no anger towards us. We are moistened nightly by the dew which is JESUS. In HIM we will grow and our roots are lengthened because HIS branches spread HIS beauty and there is a sweet fragrance. We are under HIS shadow, we constantly return to be revived and grow in HIM. We will throw away every idol and be fruitful in HIM. The wise understand and the careful and cautious person depend on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to make known what is the righteous way of the LORD so we will walk according to them.

JESUS is the Vine and we are HIS branches, live in HIM and continue to be fruitful. We are fruitless and can do nothing away from HIM.

Those who are true of faith in CHRIST JESUS are the seeds of Abraham and because we are the seeds of Abraham we are consecrated righteous and are branches. Branches which are cut off from the Vine never did or no longer believe and trust in CHRIST JESUS. These are those who are conceited and prideful. GOD will not spare anyone who is an unbelieving branch. Take notice and appreciate the gracious kindness and that we who trust in JESUS will no longer suffer the severity of GOD: severity is only toward those who have fallen, but GOD will continue to be gracious and show kindness to HIS own. Only GOD through CHRIST JESUS has the power to insert another branch when they no longer live in unbelief in HIS SON. Cease trying to be self-opinionated and trust JESUS because natural logic will never convince us what is only possible through HIM.

Jeremiah 23:1-6, 33:15; Zechariah 6:12-13; John 15:1-17; Gen. 49:22-26; Hosea 14:4-9; John 15:5; Rom. 11:16, 20-25




Ah, just the very mention of the word and I can see myself making meals out of just bread. This is because I’m addicted to bread/carbs. And my love for bread/carbs is not returned to me, as a matter of fact, this addiction of mine has caused and will continue to cause me to gain weight and not look as flattering as I desire in my own eyes. Now, this type of bread is natural food for eating it’s a mass of dough, made by moistening and kneading the flour or meal of some species of grain and baked in an oven, or pan. But there is a greater bread that we all must eat daily and the only fattening that this bread will cause is that of our heart and spirit. JESUS is the bread of life. And this is the addiction I prefer to have. When we ask the LORD to give us our daily bread we often refer to natural food and this should not be the case. The daily bread that scripture refers to is the Bread of Life/JESUS. JESUS HIMself said that “man cannot live by bread alone (natural food) but by every Word (spiritual bread) that proceeds from the mouth of GOD”.

Just as JESUS was led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil we too are tempted but not led by the Holy Spirit. JESUS is the only person who was actually led by the Holy Spirit to begin the battle for our very souls. We are often tempted but we are tempted by those things that we have already experienced or by that which is pleasing to our natural senses. 1 Cor. 10:13, Jms. 1:13. We are all addicted to eating and JESUS ate regularly by the hands of his parents while HE still lived at home. If you don’t believe that eating is an addiction fast for three days and notice your mindset and the cravings for food even the eyes will take notice of television, billboard and magazine ads that have something to do with food. During your travels you may have never noticed how many fast food eateries you pass but because now that your flesh wants to be fed it’s tempted. The first temptation JESUS had to conquer was that of who HE is. We all must be alert to the word “if”; satan came at Eve in this same manner causing her to question what GOD said. The possibility that JESUS maybe the SON of the living GOD was not sure by satan, after all, he did have many male babies killed beginning when Moses was born up until the time when JESUS was two years old. However, notice how the enemy did not acknowledge JESUS as HIS FATHER said who HE is. In the book of Ps. It is written, “The LORD has said to ME, YOU are MY SON, today I have begotten YOU”. In the gospels, GOD said, “This is MY beloved SON, in whom I AM well pleased”. And “This is MY beloved SON, hear HIM”! So JESUS passed that test. The next temptation was that of HIS flesh through hunger telling JESUS to make the stones become bread. Did not the devil tempt Eve to look at the fruit for too long that she began to question and in fact added to what GOD told them? Gen. 2:16-17, 3:1-3. First, allow me to share this with all the readers, we are all often guilty of trying to argue and or prove who JESUS is to those who are not saved before we mature in the knowledge of CHRIST. Cease arguing and trying to prove to a non-believer about the salvation grace of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. First, live our life according to how JESUS is teaching us to live be an example rather than a speaker so much. People are more influenced by action rather than words. We can verbally share the salvation of CHRIST JESUS with others but never beat them up or feel defeated if they refuse to believe the Good News that we offer. We’ve placed it in their hearing maybe, hopefully before they die someone else will come along and witness to them also and eventually their heart will be ready to receive from JESUS. Next, never try to prove who you are or who JESUS is. What if we are asked to reveal something and it does not happen? Then our testimony will be a joke. For example, do we have to prove to another that we are either male or female and that the female is made to compliment the male? No, when we are seen anyone can see that we are either male or female and it is only the devil who has confused the minds of the males and females to see themselves as the opposite of what their genes, chromosomes, and flesh reveal them to be. We never have to remove our garments to reveal our gender to prove to others that we are male or female. Even those who go as far as getting a sex change can’t fool the medical examiner or the medical labs should we require medical attention or getting a medical check-up. JESUS let it be known that natural food will never sustain us alone but what will sustain us is spiritual food along with natural food.

Do you want a true life? Then eat the Bread of Life, eat JESUS.

It pains me how when we take Communion it’s taken incorrectly. I have heard prayers that are done inaccurately regarding the bread and the wine. I have heard statements that are not biblical before taking the bread and wine. So let’s take a look at what JESUS said regarding the bread and the wine.

Matthew 26:26-28; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:19-20; 1 Corinthians 11:23-25

JESUS took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, “Take, eat; this is MY body.” The JESUS took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. For this is MY blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins”.

JESUS took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is MY body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of ME”. Likewise, JESUS also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in MY blood, which is shed for you”.

The LORD JESUS on the same night that HE was betrayed took bread; and when HE had given thanks, HE broke it and said, “Take, eat; this is MY body which is broken for you; do this in remembrance of ME”. In the same manner, JESUS also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in MY blood, this do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of ME”.

It is not necessary to improve on what JESUS did or said. Follow HIS example in all things. Though the topic is about bread know this accurately, it is important that we never separate the bread from the wine, don’t be like Cain and Lot who did not take notice of the blood. Our first example of the bread and wine was Melchizedek/JESUS who introduced this to Abraham, Gen. 14:18.


Matthew 4:4; John 6:48; 1 Corinthians 11:23



Because broken is the past tense of a break, hopefully, I will be able to explain how JESUS was broken and the benefit HIS brokenness gave to us. All things broken are done so violently by piercing, striking or tearing. The flesh is broken when it has been broken open and separated by an object.

JESUS side was pierced because to the soldiers HE appeared to already be dead, however, to make sure that HE was dead and did not just pass out the soldiers pierced HIS side and witnessed blood and water leave the area of HIS body which had been broken by the spear of the soldier. Did or do you miss the point that the Jews did not want the bodies to remain on their crosses? I know that I did for decades but it was not only the precious body of JESUS that they wanted down it was anyone who had been crucified. So, what made that Sabbath-seventh day more important than the others? It’s because the Passover fell on the Sabbath-seventh day. In the Jewish calendar according to the book of Exodus the Passover was first instituted in this manner.

  1. The month of beginnings/first month of the year; March-April.
  2. The preparation began on the tenth day of the month which was to get an unblemished lamb and keep it until the fourteenth day of the first month.
  3. At the end of the day which is sunset [Now considered the fifteenth day of the month] the lamb was to be killed. Then the blood of the lamb was to be smeared on the door post/door frame as well as the headpiece of the door frame.
  4. On that same night, they were to consume the flesh of the lamb which had to be cooked in an open fire as cooking meat on a spit when cooking outdoors. The flesh had to be consumed with unleavened bread/bread without yeast and bitter herbs.
  5. The entire lamb had to be consumed and nothing of it left over.
  6. The head of each family/tribe was to wear a belt around their waist, sandals on their feet and their staff in their hand. They had to eat quickly and this was the first Passover.
  7. The LORD HIMSELF came through Egypt during the night and killed all the firstborn be they human or animal; HE executed judgment on all the false gods/idols/icons. But when HE saw the blood on the frames of the doors HE Passed Over that house.
  8. For seven days the memorial of Passover is to be observed.

So, during the time JESUS had been crucified this ritual which we find in the twelfth chapter in the book of Exodus was still being observed. Now, back to the topic; JESUS did not have any of HIS bones broken as any of those who were crucified. But HIS flesh indeed was broken by the beatings HE endured and the spear which had been used to pierce HIS side. JESUS is our true Passover lamb and just as required during the time of Moses that the bones of the lamb were not to be broken neither were the bones of JESUS.

Why is the Communion so very important to us? Because we are to bring to remembrance what JESUS did for each and every one of us. We are to take Communion not only on the first Sunday of every month but it should be a daily habit of ours.

  1. Give thanks to the LORD.
  2. Break the bread which you plan to eat in the remembrance. The bread is broken because the body of JESUS, HIS flesh was broken for all of us and it is in HIS broken body that we obtain deliverance and healing.
  3. Take a preferably non-carbonated beverage and drink it recognizing that the blood of JESUS provided us with a new and everlasting covenant with HIM through HIM. As often as we drink we are acknowledging that it is HIS blood alone that washes us completely clean from sin.

Communion is often done with white crackers, wafers or white bread. I’m not against any of these, however, what if you don’t have that but what you do have which is considered in the bread family and you want to take communion? Do we have to wait until we get what is ceremonial correct? No, don’t make the remembrance of JESUS broken body legalistic. And what if you don’t have any grape or cranberry juice or unfermented wine. Are we to not drink what we have on hand in remembrance of the blood that was shed for us all to cleanse us from sin? No-take water if we need to and thank the LORD for the shed blood of JESUS that was spilled on your behalf. It is in the honoring that we take communion by recalling to mind just what it took to snatch us from the hands of satan and the eternal death of hell. To deliver and make us whole in CHRIST JESUS.

CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF is the one who broke down totally destroying and abolished the hostility of the law which kept and keeps us divided by a wall. In CHRIST JESUS we have eternal peace something we never had before through the work we thought we had to perform to obtain favor in the LORD GOD. This is why the law was given to show us that we can’t perform perfectly to obtain favor from GOD. But in CHRIST JESUS we have been reconciled through the complete works that HE has done, in the breaking of HIS flesh through the crown of thorns which were pushed onto HIS head, the beatings HE endured, the snatching out of HIS beard on HIS face, through the piercing of HIS side and through the spilling of HIS blood.

So when we think that we have been broken by the pressures of life, remember how JESUS was broken in HIS body for you and put to shame for you and that each and every drop of HIS precious blood which flowed from HIS body was spilled for you.

John 19:31, 36; Exod. 12:46; Num. 9:12; Ps. 34:20; 1 Corinthians 11:24-26; Ephesians 2:14-16