There are 54 curses for being disobedient to the law yet there are 14 blessings when we live in obedience. Our understanding of what a curse is is very limited when we take a look at our lives before coming to CHRIST JESUS. We are born cursed from our mother’s womb. I have compiled from the Old Testament and the New Testament our lives under the law and free from the law. I sincerely hope that my CHRISTian brothers and sisters who are possessed in CHRIST and not just a professor of CHRIST as so many are. Will receive the illumination from the Holy Spirit so that we will cease from what the law in the Old Testament in its perfection yet will not help us to be perfect and live according to the better and perfect law of the New Testament to live according to the liberty we have obtained in CHRIST JESUS. There are 106 OT laws which are perfect, however, if our believing siblings of old could not keep the laws it’s understandable that we are not able to keep the laws. And there are 174 NT laws of liberty that are perfect and demonstrated that will help us to become perfect as our GOD is perfect. It is through the Holy Spirit who teaches and guides us that will shape us to be who we were originally designed to be in CHRIST JESUS.

The Old Testament

  • Law of the 1st born – Ex. 13:10-12
  • Law of the Altar – Ex. 20:21-23
  • Law concerning servants – Ex. 21:1-3; Deut. 15:12
  • Law concerning violence – Ex. 21:12-13
  • Law concerning animal control – Ex. 21:28-29
  • Law concerning the Sabbath – Ex. 23:10-11, 24:12-13, 31:12-13
  • Law concerning burnt offerings – Lev. 6:8-9
  • Law concerning the grain & drink offering – Lev. 6:14-15; Numb. 15:1-3
  • Law concerning the sin offering – Lev. 6:24-25
  • Law concerning the trespass offering – Lev. 7:1-3, 6-8
  • Law concerning the peace offering – Lev. 7:11-12, 11:45-47
  • Law concerning the birthing offering – Lev. 12:6-8
  • Law concerning leprosy – Lev. 13:1-3, 46-48, 58-59, 14:1-3, 31-34, 53-55
  • Law concerning discharge – Lev. 15:1-3, 31-33
  • Law concerning sexual immorality – Lev. 18:1-3
  • Law concerning morals & ceremonies – Lev. 19:1-3
  • Law concerning the penalties for breaking the law – Lev. 20:1-3, 11-13, 24:21-23
  • Law concerning slavery – Lev. 25:39-40
  • Law concerning jealousy – Numb. 5:29-30
  • Law of the Nazarite – Numb. 6:13-14, 20-21
  • Law concerning unintentional sin – Numb. 15:22-23, 28-29
  • Law concerning presumptuous sin – Numb. 15:30-31
  • Law of purification – Numb. 19:1-3
  • Law of dying at home – Numb. 19:1-3
  • Law of inheritance – Numb. 27:1-11
  • Law concerning vows – Numb. 30:1-16
  • Introduction to GOD’s law – Deut. 4:44
  • Essence of the law – Deut. 10:12
  • Law of 1st born animals – Deut. 15:19
  • Law concerning witnesses – Deut. 19:15
  • Law concerning unsolved murders – Deut. 21:22
  • Law concerning sexual morality – Deut. 22:13
  • Miscellaneous laws – Deut. 23:15, 24:5, 25:11
  • Laws concerning divorce – Deut. 24:1
  • Laws inscribed in stone – Deut. 27:1-3, 8, 26
  • The laws are to be read every 7 years – Deut. 31:9

The New Testament

  • CHRIST fulfilled the law – Mt. 5:17-18; Heb. 9:22
  • Law concerning males – Lk. 2:23
  • Opened scriptures – Lk. 24:44
  • The law does not justify – Acts 13:9
  • Perish in and out of the law – Rom. 2:12-15
  • Breaking the law – Rom. 2:23
  • Guilty according to the law – Rom. 3:19-21
  • Justified by faith not law – Rom. 3:28
  • Establish the law – Rom. 3:31
  • Promise granted through faith not law – Rom. 4:13, 15
  • No law – Rom 5:13
  • Why the law; what is it for – Rom. 5:20; 1 Tim. 1:7-9
  • No longer under law – Rom. 6:14
  • Win those who are under the law – 1 Cor. 9:20-21
  • What is the laws strength – 1 Cor. 15:56
  • Do not return to the law – Gal. 2:11
  • Not justified by the works of the law – Gal. 2:16
  • Righteousness is not in the law – Gal. 2:21
  • Did we receive the Holy Spirit by the law – Gal. 3:2, 5
  • The law came 430 years after Abraham – Gal. 3:17-18
  • Purpose of the law – Gal. 3:19-24
  • JESUS redeemed us from the law – Gal. 4:4-5
  • 2 Covenants (law & liberty) – Gal. 4:21-22
  • Want to be justified by the law – Gal. 5:4
  • Love fulfills the law – Gal. 5:7, 14, 18, 23, 6:2
  • The law abolished – Eph. 2:15
  • The law is self-righteousness – Philip. 3:8-10
  • The law is hard labor/strive – Tit. 3:9
  • Tithing was done before the law – Heb. 7:4-6
  • Need for a new Priesthood – Heb. 7:10-12
  • The law is a fleshy commandment – Heb. 7:15-17
  • The law is perfect but does not help anyone to be perfect – Heb. 7:19
  • The law appointed High Priest who were sinners – Heb. 7:28
  • JESUS did not offer gifts & sacrifices as the Priest did according to the law – Heb. 8:3-5
  • JESUS laws are in our mind & heart when we come to JESUS & HE is our GOD – Heb. 8:10-17
  • Take a look at the crucifixion to see that the rituals done by Moses were done to JESUS.
  1. HIS Blood
  2. Water from HIS body
  3. Sour wine offered to HIM by hyssop
  4. HIS blood is powerful which was spilled and seen in the Holy Book/the Word, HIMself which connects us to HIM – Heb. 9:19
  • No other sacrifice by law will make us perfect – Heb. 10:1
  • Offerings and sacrifices were accepted but not pleasurable to GOD because they continually remind us that we are sinners – Heb. 10:8
  • There is a perfect law called liberty – Jms. 1:25
  • Royal law of love – Jms. 2:8-12
  • Do not judge our brothers & sister in CHRIST JESUS – Jms. 4:11

Deut. 28:15-68; curses for disobedience, Galatians 3:10-13; the law brings a curse





We all know that a cymbal is a brass instrument that when played properly does not overtake the accompanying instruments used to perform beautiful music. However, cymbals or tambourines in the use of one that is not trained to play the instrument in the form of hearing only pleasure can pierce one’s hearing and or only bring about displeasure because what we hear is only noise. Much like when a gong is hit, a gong is used merely to begin or end a song with no melodious tone to it. A gong more frequently is used to gain the attention of people that something is about to take place and our attention is required. However, when people speak without being led in love, we too come off as what is known as white noise, loud cymbals or tambourine out of rhythm to the music or a gong being hit continuously bringing our attention to nothing useful.

Every human is guilty of being a cymbal, gong or tambourine being used improperly. The words which come out of our mouths when spoken without the spirit of love is noise. Even the true believer in CHRIST JESUS will have a tendency from time to time to say words which are not filled in love. Words have power and when we aim our words in the direction of others or ourselves as well. We abort the spirit of the ones who are being assaulted. One of the lies that we all have learned is this, “sticks and stones may break my bones but name calling or what you say to me will not hurt me”. This is a lie because many of us who have been assaulted verbally in childhood can still recall what was said to us as young, middle-aged or senior adults. Words affect us emotionally and mentally. Words spoken out of love for us leave wounds that continue to bleed and the only healing we can obtain will come from CHRIST JESUS. Many may remember what was said to us after CHRIST has healed us but many of us will not remember the sting or infected wound that we suffered for years. Nothing can conquer hate except love. It is said that we all must “think before we speak.” This is a notable lesson because if we actually listened to the words that are floating around in our mind before actually bringing them forward to injure ourselves or others knowing the motive as to why we have those thoughts and knowing the motive as to why we are willing to say words empty of love. There is a great chance that we will not speak in an unloving manner. So how do we speak unlovingly to ourselves? Here are just a few examples.

  1. Calling ourselves anything other than what GOD made us to be
  2. I be damned
  3. I’m broke
  4. I can’t
  5. I’m sick

I recall an exercise that I found impossible to do when I heard the voice of GOD tell me who I am to HIM and how HE feels about me. I went into the powder room, closed the door behind me and looked into the mirror to tell myself that “I love me,” “GOD loves me” and who I am in CHRIST JESUS and how HE will use me for HIS glory. I broke out in uncontrollable tears. I believe this is the first time I faced all those unloving, unkind, evil words that had been hurled at me beginning in my early childhood. These words always haunted me emotionally and mentally but I never had to face them head-on by speaking love to myself. Each day I would tell myself what I heard GOD say to me and each day I grew stronger emotionally and mentally. Although I can recall every emotional and mental assault that had come at me, I am no longer affected by those words because I know who I am in GOD through CHRIST JESUS and I know that I am loved greatly in HIM. Today, if someone chooses to aim and assault me by their words I counter-attack by reminding myself who I am in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. And though I am guilty on very rare occasions I do speak as a cymbal, tambourine or gong which are not being played in a manner which brings about pleasure. I’m still believing that all traces of my saying things that cause harm to others will be removed from me. This is because of all the evil words that were spoken to JESUS, HE never once said a word that was unloving or unkind. And knowing that I am the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS and that I can do all things through CHRIST JESUS. This noise that I have a rare tendency to make will stop. And every word I choose to speak will be that of beautiful music which gives pleasure to the soul. Those of us who know the love of GOD in CHRIST JESUS understand that we too are filled with that reasoning, intentional, spiritual devotion such as is inspired by GOD’s love for and in us and this is what makes it possible for us to be as GOD is toward us, we should be toward others.

1 Corinthians 13:1




Day by day or every day we must give ourselves over to either hearing, listening or reading the scriptures and spending time with our FATHER. We can find time to do all things that we desire to do such as bath, attend school, go to work, and participate in fun and relaxing activities. If we have a family we blame the fact that our families have so many activities that we as good parents or family members support that it is impossible to find the time for anything else. We believe the lie that we don’t have the time to schedule GOD into our daily activity. We believe that attending worship service once a week and maybe Bible study is sufficient. Well, it’s not we know how to live and think according to this world but we don’t know how to live and think according to our real home which heaven is. Take a moment out of our daily lives and enrich the life we live by devoting time to our FATHER. We can do this anywhere. While bathing we can listen to the Word of GOD and also while we are getting dressed. We can also do this while driving or riding public transportation. We will find that listening to GOD’s Word on our podcast, or car radio will keep up stress-free and from road rage. If it is allowed to have a radio at our work-stations or permitted to have a listening device in our ear then we are able to get GOD’s Word at work another place to remain stress free. While at school if possible while taking a break listen to the Word of GOD on your podcast. As a family why not play biblical games this will be a test of how much we know about GOD’s Word and a lot of fun as well. Also, as a family each member of the family should take turns reading at least one chapter or a verse and discuss about what was read and how we must apply that to our lives.

Many people that read Matt. 6:11 believe that it’s speaking about natural food when in reality that scripture is speaking about spiritual food. We need to be in constant communication and develop our relationship with the FATHER as well as rely on the Holy Spirit for power to live in the manner which CHRIST JESUS has ordained and prepared for us to live. Most of us are on a spiritual diet we are lean and weak because we either attend weekly Bible study or worship service and believe that this is enough. Well, believing in this why not eat our natural food in the same manner. Eat once a week but whatever is eaten make sure that it’s extremely nutritional because eating in this manner we don’t have time to eat and drink junk. Also, the majority of us will lose all those pounds that everyone can see from the outside. Hopefully, if we eat our natural food in the same manner that we eat our spiritual food we will not grow weak in our flesh as we are in our spirit. It shows how weak we are in our spirit outwardly by our conduct and daily thinking.

To be a true CHRISTian a devout follower of CHRIST JESUS we must decide daily that we are going to deny those things that we want to do that brings us no profit. And pick up that cross that belongs to us and keep following CHRIST JESUS to those places HE desires for us to be. CHRIST JESUS will never force us to do anything with HIM that we do not have a desire and will to do. HE did not force us to believe in HIM and HE will not force us to cease doing what it is we have a will to do. This is why all born again CHRISTians need to have the Holy Spirit living within us and not merely on us. We need His power from within to disown ourselves, to forget and lose sight of our own self-interest and give up by rescheduling or giving up altogether those things we enjoy doing. Some marriages end in divorce because the couple does not understand what it is to cleave to one another especially the husband since it is written to him. That he must leave his father and mother to cleave to his wife. Some women will marry a momma’s boy believing that she can change him. Know and understand none of us can change anyone, work on yourself through CHRIST JESUS because HE is the only One that is able to change us and change us for HIS glory. We are to cleave to CHRIST JESUS stick to HIM like stripes on a zebra. Better yet like pepper and salt do when they are mixed together, has anyone ever tried removing each pepper granule from those salt granules or vice versa? CHRIST has left us HIS example of how we are to live, speak and think it’s not impossible. And no we should not take on many life-changing characteristics all in one day. Learn how to be as HE desires us to be one characteristic at a time. Doing this daily in HIM is a life-long adventure. In this, we daily choose to be united closely in affection and interest having a strong attachment to the desires of our FATHER just as JESUS had when HE was on earth.

In America, we have among us two sets of people, those who profess themselves Christians yet the evidence of this eludes their life. And those who profess themselves CHRISTians and the evidence of this is true because we witness the possession of CHRIST JESUS in their lives. Those who possess CHRIST JESUS are ever ready to accept by faith the Word of GOD into their hearts and character daily. They look forward to chatting about the goodness of CHRIST, hearing, listening or reading the Word of GOD. They know that by doing this they are enriching their faith in the containment of being in CHRIST who has given to us eternal salvation. It is also understood that the answers to all of life’s questions are found in the Bible so that we can steer clear of making mistakes that will cause us grief. We must pore ourselves into studying the scriptures because we trust in the scriptures which testify about CHRIST JESUS.

Making the choice daily to be as CHRIST desires us to be we are making the choice to die to ourselves daily. When we unashamedly share our testimony or speak about CHRIST we are preparing our heads for a crown. I’m writing to you to let you know that dying daily to CHRIST JESUS can hurt but unless we live in a country where CHRISTians are persecuted we will not die in our flesh because of our choice.

Matthew 6:11, Luke 9:23, Matt. 10:38; Acts 17:11, Jhn. 5:39; 1 Corinthians 15:31, 1 Thess. 2:19, Rom. 8:36, Ps. 44:22




If you believe that dancing is a sin, you don’t understand the concept of dancing. Now, it is true that some of the dances behind my generation are a bit risqué and you will never see me attempt any of them. However, I grew up doing the twist, the jerk, the monkey, the mashed potato, walking the dog and various others when I grew up in the sixties and did many of the dances that came about in the seventies during my young adult life. And though it is true that my dancing was never in exhilaration to the FATHER but for the exhilaration of the music I was a great dancer. When I came to JESUS the ministries that I received my early knowledge of CHRIST JESUS had a problem with the outward appearance and dancing. What bothered me the most was that they often spoke against dancing and I could never wrap my mind around that, and at home when I heard the great music of my youth I danced with no conviction that I was doing anything wrong. Also, though I had read and knew that David danced before the LORD and that the only person who had a problem with it was his wife Michael. It was not until I received revelation knowledge that my heavenly FATHER does not have a problem with dancing but has a problem with who we dance with and for. Our dancing can reveal too many who are filled with the Holy Spirit just who we are dancing for. Now I don’t know if the problem Michael the wife of King David had was the dancing itself or the fact that he danced right out of his clothes. Dancing is leaping, skipping, and moving about with gaiety, stepping to the sound of music through measured steps. And though it’s not a requirement when we take a look at the definition of dancing, it helps when dancing is done to the beat of the music, that the dancer has a sense of rhythm. In my opinion, the greatest dancing is when we lose ourselves in the goodness of CHRIST JESUS. I have witnessed others and I myself have danced in the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit. Dancing in and of itself when done is not a sin. However, I encourage my siblings in CHRIST JESUS to refrain from doing any type of dance which ignites the sexual passion. That is unless you are married and dancing this way with your husband. We need to stop being so prudish because there are times and places for everything in our lives.


I desire and so should others desire to have GOD’s love, grace and goodness through CHRIST JESUS cause us to dance. We all have had a miserable existence and when we think about all that CHRIST JESUS has and is doing for us in our lives. We should want to dance before HIM. Those of us who lived in the spirit of depression and oppression may know what I’m writing about. If we have been released from any type of addiction, we should want to dance before the LORD our GOD. No one can turn our darkness into light and no one other than CHRIST JESUS can turn our mourning into dancing. CHRIST JESUS has taken off our filthy rags and clothed us in gladness and joy. So dance before the LORD it’s not a sin as legalistic/Pharisees/Sadducees will like for us to believe.

Psalms 30:11



maxresdefault (1)Simply put it is the absence of light. The light will always conquer darkness but for darkness, it is impossible for it to conquer the light. In the beginning of mankind, we were not created in darkness but in the light. Now the curse of sin causes us to be formed and birthed in darkness, intellectually clouded and ignorant of nature and being of our heavenly Creator, Jhn. 3:19. It was never intended for mankind to suffer infernal gloom which is hell that place of utter darkness, Matt. 22:13. Darkness is satan’s empire he rules the darkness because he is the god of darkness. The place of death which is the last curse that will be destroyed is a place of opaqueness, the quality of being impervious to light Jb. 10:21.

Once we come to CHRIST JESUS study HIS Word of grace and refrain from becoming legalistic and religious which is a constant disappointment due to the fact that the law is forever demonstrating that we can do nothing of ourselves to please the Holy GOD. Know with the assurance that we are true Disciples of CHRIST JESUS, we are born of the Kingdom of light. There will be many who will call on the LORD and there will be many who believe that by acknowledging in faith that GOD is real yet will deny the SON, CHRIST JESUS. Those who deny the SON will be removed from fellowshipping with the children of light because of their darkness. Those of the kingdom of darkness will never have a place with those in the Kingdom of light. Those who are the realm of darkness will be in utter confusion because of their belief and relying on their self-effort. And when they are thrust into the pit they will be in eternal agony. Yes, it is true, the Kingdom of our Holy GOD will be taken from those who grope around in the dark and will be given to and remain with those who produce the fruit of the vine. Wow, everyone will get a chance to see the father of faith Abraham, along with Isaac and Jacob in the company of all the prophets and those who are washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS. For a second those in darkness will believe that they have made it to heaven but as quickly as they see they will be cast into eternal darkness.

It is ever so important that we renew our minds in the Word and grace of CHRIST JESUS. In many cases, our minds and the appetites of our flesh are not immediately transformed from the life of darkness. We will still have the same desires and just as a newborn baby in the natural has all the capabilities the baby must learn to live and operate according to the laws of this world. We too who are babies in the spiritual must learn how to walk in the light because we are now of the light. We must have the mind of CHRIST JESUS and not just learn and memorize what we are to do and say but live accordingly in grace. For example, whatever country we are born or living in we learn and live in the customs of that country. The customs of our family and country is our culture and when we step away from our family and the way we do things in our country we become lost in that foreign country whose culture is not what we know. I’m an American and all I’ve known is the freedom my country provides. When we enter another country that has restrictions we experience a cultural shock because for the time of our stay in a foreign country the freedom that is so ingrained within us are to be put aside for a moment and we must adapt to the culture of another country. It is the same for us when we come out of the kingdom of darkness and enter into the Kingdom of light. Being born in the Kingdom of light we must leave behind the culture of darkness, turn in our documents of citizenship which were that of the kingdom of darkness and live as a native born to the light. We now carry new and better documents because we have defected from the kingdom of darkness. We are no longer sons of the darkness but the sons of the light.

When we are heirs of the light we rejoice because the FATHER has drawn us out of the darkness and to HIMself. We no longer are under the control and dominion of the kingdom of darkness. We now belong to HIS SON and of HIS love. Those of us in the light may wonder why we never went through the type of turmoil that is coming our way before and begin to not only think but to say that if this is what CHRISTianity is all about it would have been better if I remained unsaved. I know that feeling because in my early years of immaturity in the grace of GOD I have thought and said the same. We all do. But know this my beloved that the temptations and trials that come our way like fiery darts are not being done by our loving CHRIST JESUS. No, temptations and trials that cause us to doubt our faith in CHRIST JESUS, cause us to fall and lay there for a while are the weapons used by the absolute power, the one who has unlimited authority and control of this world. We think that people behave the way they do because they are just that way. No, people behave the way they do because like puppets on strings they are being pulled by satan and his demons. When we abdicate from the kingdom of darkness he sends out an all-points bulletin (APB) to bring us back no matter the cost. Our nearest and dearest are often used against us and whatever we enjoyed doing that is against the Word of GOD the enemy will use to entice us with. So don’t fret because we the children of light have become citizens of that place where we will be abundantly and richly provided for. Because we live in the Kingdom of light eternally with our LORD and Savior, CHRIST JESUS.

Rejoice, my beloved, because we have been chosen by GOD and HE is the One who transformed us into HIS marvelous light, we are called HIS royal priesthood, we must live as the dedicated nation that we are. Just as we are dedicated to our natural homeland. Remember it was nothing that we did or could do to bring us into this light, no, GOD had to purchase us with HIS SON’s precious blood. Now, we should without fear or reservation declare to those we socialize with and our family the virtue we now possess. Through the deeds that GOD will have us to do, displaying HIS perfection within us because we are no longer citizens of darkness but citizens of GOD’s marvelous light. We no longer grope around in darkness doing and saying whatever we desire in sins. Our eyes have finally been open to see what truly is in this dark and cold world. A dear friend of mine before he came to CHRIST JESUS never saw all the demons that are in this world. He called me up one night and said that he is seeing the destruction caused by demons and demons themselves. That they walked up to his car while he was sitting in it but turned away because they saw the blood of CHRIST on him. I said to him you can truly see because your eyes have been opened. We never see what we are a part of when we too are in darkness. Darkness is the kingdom of satan and GOD’s Kingdom is light HE brings us out of the darkness and into HIS light. It is there we have forgiveness of sin and we are released from the control of sins. We are now consecrated and purified by faith in CHRIST JESUS.

Beloved live life the way GOD intended from the beginning when HE created Adam and Eve. For in GOD, there is no darkness and because we are in CHRIST JESUS there is no darkness within us. Today while there is still breath in our mortal bodies we await for immortality. There is only one human who is immortal that is the Creator of unapproachable light and HE lives in that light. As a mortal man, we cannot see HIM yet, we give all honor to HIM because HE alone has dominion and everlasting power.

Matthew 8:12, 21:43, Lk. 13:28, Ephesians 5:8, 1 Thess. 5:5, Colossians 1:13, Eph. 6:12, 2 Pet. 1:11, 1 Peter 2:9, acts 26:18, 1 John 1:5, 1 Tim. 6:16



What are they and how will we recognize a dart when it’s headed our way? We need to understand just what a dart is and what it does. Too often we all get hit with darts because we are not watching out for them. And too often we all throw darts as well. A dart is a missile weapon of destruction it will either pierce, cause an infected wound or kill us. Darts are thrown suddenly and rapidly with velocity. And darts can even come by way of the people who say they love us or people we socialize with who are busybodies.


We are told to always, not sometimes or when we notice that our backs are up against the wall and we find it stressful and difficult to escape. But always we are to be covered in the faith of what the Word of GOD teaches us and in the faith in CHRIST JESUS. The purpose of a shield is to cover, defend and protect us from the danger which aims directly at our vital organs. For example, the police wear a shield at all times when they are on duty because it’s too time-consuming to dress in preparedness while they are answering the call for dangerous conflicts. We know their shield to be a bullet-proof vest. The police trust in the partner they are assigned with as well as the equipment that they have in their possession. What good is it if the partner they are entrusted with did not help to defend the life of the partner? And what good is it to be issued all the vital equipment to help protect them and us should they find themselves in combat against the enemy if the assigned equipment has been left at home, in the closet/locker, in the back seat of the automobile or the boot/trunk of the automobile? GOD has provided us with life- saving equipment but we fail to use them appropriately. We have the Word of GOD which encourages, inform, inspire, and instruct throughout the day. We have the full armor that we are told to put on not take off. Our shield which we have been given is that of faith especially the faith in CHRIST JESUS not faith in ourselves, others or things (Rom. 3:22, 26; 1 Tim. 4:6). We must remember that the enemy never takes a day off just because we don’t feel the heat from him. A good soldier is aware of the devil’s devices and schemes. Never be caught with your shield down or off.

Have a complete understanding of this there are two fathers. The father of the flesh, Adam who gave everything to satan who is the god of this world. And the FATHER of heaven to which we are born to once we come willingly to CHRIST JESUS from our heart and with our confession in HIM. The father of this world is a counterfeiter whose only desire is to keep us blind, deaf and dumb to our Creator GOD. This father of the world keeps the passion of our flesh operative to those things that we see with our blinded eyes. As well as our feelings, how it makes us feel and let’s face it, sin is fun but only for a short while. And he constantly speaks to those who are not born from the heavenly FATHER and they obey. Sometimes Christians have a difficult time knowing who is speaking to them and because they do they find themselves under attack because their shield of faith was not in use to block those fiery darts aimed at them. But those who are truly blood washed not by a simple profession but by a complete possession in CHRIST JESUS. We are the ones who because we have our armor on and forever watchful, we are the ones who are victorious over this world because we totally comprehend that we are conquers from everything that the underworld throws at us. We trust in our FATHER who is GOD over all to protect us completely.  

Ephesians 6:16, 1 Jhn. 5:4



Movie_i_see_dead_people-769472 We all see dead people and don’t know it.

We don’t like death and that’s a good thing because it’s the hard wiring that we all have but don’t understand that we were never created to die. However, we are dead, spiritually speaking because we are born into this world with a void of grace. We all are under the power of sin once we are born. Much like the flesh decays with age and after the denial of animation and oxygen, we are also decayed in grace. We don’t have a spiritual life which produces good works in CHRIST JESUS. We begin our life with a corrupt nature which is not from a spiritual life or gracious principle but dead works. We are born into this world being perpetually separated from our Creator and Savior GOD with a sentence of eternal torment which is the second death pending in our lives. When we do not have a living spirit within us we are separated or alienated from GOD our Savior and our heavenly FATHER. This is because we are under the dominion of sin and destitute of grace which is the divine life but instead living a spiritual death unknowingly. However, we have been given the opportunity to escape this death and pass from death to a glorious life and one of the outward examples is the proof that we love our spiritual brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS.

As I wrote, in the beginning, we don’t like death yet, we all speak death daily. We may think not so but if our words are not filled with godliness then we are speaking death not only to others but ourselves as well. We are either speaking death or we are speaking life and in many cases, we bring them forth with the same unruly tongue. We bless and we curse with our words. Here are some examples. Go to h3//; you make me s/ck; I h@te you; I have a cold, the flu, whatever body ache we feel; I’m broke; I suffer from anxiety, depression, oppression, or anger. I’m doing good; I love you or like you; I’m too blessed to be stressed. The list can go on and on but I’m certain you are catching on. None of those negative words line up with the words we are taught to speak in CHRIST JESUS, in fact, they are all opposite of what we should speak to ourselves and others. Our minds are to be transformed by the Word of GOD and this is a daily activity, not just a onetime occurrence. We are to practice not speaking death and begin to speak life which is filled with encouragement, inspiration, joy, and peace. Because everything that we speak comes into existence. Most of us are familiar with the story of the prodigal son but most of us never get the message that we too are all prodigals. That is until we come to JESUS and presented back to the FATHER. My suggestion to everyone is that if you are telling others that you found GOD or you found JESUS you need to cease because you don’t understand what it is that you are saying. GOD the heavenly FATHER who is our Creator and HIS beloved SON JESUS have never been lost but we have or are. JESUS who is the Good Shepard is the One who comes looking for us. There are many HE has found and they continue to turn walk away and close their ears to HIS Words. And there are much more HE has found and they began to walk away with HIM and continue to listen to HIS Words. When we come to JESUS there is much merriment in heaven for each and every one of us and from that moment we are given to eat the bread of life.

I have another suggestion, instead of waiting to take communion when we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS. Why not purchase the same communion feast that is passed out in our worship service from our local Christian Bookstore, if you think that it’s too costly then purchase some grape juice and take a piece of bread or cracker and use this. Taking communion is what we do when we think about what JESUS body went through so that we do not have to suffer everything that HE suffered in HIS flesh. And taking the juice is when we think about how HIS blood washes us and makes us whiter than snow from sin. Also, share with others and never stand by when others do not believe that once dead there is nothing after that. CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead and so will we. Encourage those that are experiencing grief due to the death of a loved one. And correct them when it is said that GOD took for whatever silly reason. Let me set the record straight GOD has only ever taken two men and they have never seen death. Their names are Enoch and Elijah. Everyone else died for several reasons. However, while we still have breath in our bodies we can come to know with assurance when CHRIST JESUS lives in us and we live in CHRIST JESUS that we are no longer counted as dead as we once were. Salvation in CHRIST JESUS takes away sin and removes death. But, CHRISTians still die. CHRISTians as we all must die an earthly death, however, before being transformed from unrighteousness into righteousness our spirit man was non-existent so we were dead, alienated from GOD. But through the washing in the blood of CHRIST JESUS and the breath of life that HE placed within us, we have been made alive in CHRIST JESUS. Without CHRIST JESUS it is impossible to be alive.

So, in essence, those who are blood washed in CHRIST JESUS don’t die as we know death to be and we should not proclaim that a CHRISTian is dead. When we have witnessed the life and words of one who is the example of the embodiment of CHRIST JESUS we must proclaim that the individual is asleep waiting for the return of CHRIST JESUS. Because those who are in CHRIST JESUS will rise and ascend into heaven with HIM and whatever the cause that attributed to the death there will be nothing that will be tagging along because we will have a brand new body which will be glorified in CHRIST JESUS.

So in closing take inventory of yourself instead of others. Are you continually with willingness living your life as one who is any of the following?

  1. Fearful/cowardly
  2. Mean/abominable
  3. Prideful/contemptible
  4. Rejection of CHRIST JESUS / unbelieving, faithless
  5. Murderer/anger
  6. Sexually immoral/lewd, adultery, fornication, pornography, masturbation
  7. Idolaters/occult, horoscopes, drug & alcohol use to inebriate the blood and mind and anyone or anything in the place where CHRIST JESUS should be which is first place
  8. Liars/exaggerate, make excuse

If we can answer yes to any of the above you have either not given every area of your life over to CHRIST JESUS or you do not belong to CHRIST JESUS. Those who do not belong to HIM the Word of GOD informs us that they will suffer the second death because they died in their sins so the proclamation when we die to be known as dead is true. Those who die in sin will descend into the bowels of hell and will have their part in the lake of fire which blazes with brimstone and fire.

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