We are approaching the end of spring and things are heating up. The signs of summer are coming and many have and are heading to the beach and having cook outs and eating that succulent sweet summer fruit. You know the kind when it’s reached the peak of perfection because its natural sweetness has reached the very top and if you eat the fruit with your hands how those sweet juices drip and run down your chin. Especially those melons!

Well, now that I have your attention of the sweetness of the warm season. Let’s focus on a sweetness that’s far greater than any sweetness we could ever intake with our natural senses. The goodness of the FATHER. When we trust in HIM we are blessed and how good it taste. Each time we place our trust in JESUS we are kissing the SON of the FATHER who will bless us because we are trusting.

When we trust in JESUS what does that sweetness bring to us? We are able to rejoice, we able to shout for joy because we know HE is our defender. Just the love of HIS very name is sweet to us and causes us to have great joy.

Our FATHER has redeemed our very soul. Do you realize that the soul is our emotions and the enemy loves to cause great havoc right there. I don’t know about you but me, in the natural, I’m a person who is led by her emotions. I’m easily hurt because I’m led by my heart. I hold all my hurt and anger within because I don’t want to offend anyone and what this did to me nearly destroyed me. Not only is this the place where the enemy constantly spoke to me but it caused me great health problems in the long run. That was my reward from the enemy. And I’m certain many of you can relate. However, when we get into the Word and realize that the Blood cleanses us it’s that power that JESUS operates in that redeemed our soul from the enemy that heals us. This is what we need to pray for, we need to release those people who we are angry with, who hurt us, we need to see ourselves as our FATHER, and JESUS sees us and ask the FATHER to heal our soul with HIS power, to deliver us and most of all forgive those people we are angry with and who hurt us so that we can be healed in our soul. Then we must take up our mat and walk. Those of us that belong to the FATHER are no longer under condemnation of anything and should no longer suffer condemnation from anyone. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and utilize the self-check register. Unbeknown to me I did not ring up one of my items, when I got outside the Holy Spirit told me to stop and check my receipt, I did. I noticed an item missing, when I checked my bags I saw the item sitting in the cart un-bagged. Now the temptation to continue to my car was there and the enemy said this is a blessing. I told him, no it’s not this is stealing and turned around and saw a cashier who had no customers and said that I used the self-check out but missed this item and would like to pay for this. She said to me, you began to feel guilty huh? I said to her, no, I’m washed in the blood of JESUS, HE called this to my attention and this is why I returned. I have no reason to be guilty of anything that was paid by HIS blood. Just so happened she could relate.

The Word of GOD is just delicious it’s a scrumptious delicacy to the pallet. And when you have partaken of this delicacy you will find the graciousness of JESUS. Not only that but because it so good you desire others to take a bite as well, then you will want them to get their own. You know how we do with our stuff.


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