Temptation is a virus

James 1

Temptations vary for people. For example; I can’t be tempted to steal from someone; because taking what I’ve not paid for or gifted to me, is not for me. I can be tempted however to over eat; when I know that I’m full; yet, what is left on my plate taste so good; I stuff it into my mouth. So what sins have I described here; envy, stealing and gluttony. However, my brother James have encouraged us by letting us know that being saved does not mean that the enemy will not tempt us to do wrong. Yet, we can count it all joy when we do wrong; because of temptation. Not that we should do wrong on a day by day basis just for the heck of it. The mature brother and sister in CHRIST JESUS will find it difficult to just sin because this is what they want to do. We must look at temptation as a test of our faith; will we pass or fail? It all depends on what we know and what we know comes from reading the Word of GOD; communicating with our DADDY. And asking; that the Holy Spirit put the Word of GOD into our hearts. This is so we can live out the Word; instead of just knowing the Word in our minds. Don’t be religious; the religious know what to do and will not do it. Have a relationship with our FATHER; relationship causes us to do what is right and pleasing towards our DAD. Religion only deceives our own self and is useless. It’s difficult to go against the grain. For example, in America the traffic lights red, yellow and green all mean the same. Red stop; yellow be cautious / wait and green go forward. However, when we go forward on the red without stopping; it is more likely that we will be affected negatively by oncoming danger. Yellow, reminds us that we may continue; yet, we should slow down and be sure that it is clear for us to continue. In other words; look out for danger.  Now knowing this and not doing this is called head knowledge. And knowing this and doing this means that it’s apart of your life; it’s in your heart to stop, look then go. We can actually use GOD’s Word as a traffic light for our lives to avoid temptation. The Word will let us know when danger is around so we must stop. The Word warns us to always be watchful. And the Word informs us to go forward in JESUS. When we are tempted and go forward in that temptation; hopefully we will escape severe danger. This can be a learning tool; but, not all temptations can be. When there are clear, posted signs at a petrol station that inform the consumer not to have an open fire anywhere near the petrol tank; it would do you good not to go against this warning. A tiny spark of amber from a lit cigarette can cause a massive explosion that you will not come back from. You didn’t learn from this temptation but another did. This is why James encourages us to learn from our temptations that we give into where we have escaped danger. In our learning; the Holy Spirit will teach us what we could have done and we will be better prepared for the next temptation that will test our faith. Why, because we will stop and wait (red and yellow). Think about the outcome. All of us lack wisdom and all of us must ask our DAD to give us wisdom to get through today. It’s wonderful to know that; DADDY will supply us with daily wisdom instead of giving it all to us at once as HE did Solomon. We can’t handle the full dose of the spirit of wisdom. Our carnal and spiritual sides are forever at war with each other. Read what happened with Solomon, he went nutty. Dad, will dole out enough wisdom just for today so that we can live the day making better decisions and to see far more clearly than we would if we leaned on our own understanding. Just remember brothers and sisters only to ask without doubting. If and when we reflect on our day when we have settled down; we will see how blessed we were to have endured those temptations that tried to overtake us. GOD will get the glory. Did you know that faith is perfect and it does not matter what we have faith in; the fact is faith is perfect. You can have perfect faith in fear or you can have perfect faith in CHRIST JESUS. Faith in JESUS will produce patience which will cause us to wait before going forward. Patience will work things out for your good and will give GOD; HIS perfect glory. Impatience will work things out for your destruction and will glorify you and cause you to become a horrible testimony of GOD’s grace. When we have perfect faith in JESUS; we lack nothing and are complete in HIM. JESUS was tempted by the enemy after HE was baptized and led away into the wilderness. JESUS was physically weak from hunger because HE had not eaten in forty days. Some of us feel weak if we had not eaten in four hours. Everything JESUS was tempted with was what HE knew and did not have at that moment. Yet, JESUS did not go forward to satisfy HIS hunger, HIS wealth or HIS health. JESUS went forward in HIS DADDY. JESUS was able to endure temptation because HE was filled with the Holy Spirit and we can too. Temptation is from satan; satan is the father of temptation. I once heard someone say; “You know; I believe that satan can be saved. All he has to do is ask for forgiveness.” Dear brother; if you remember saying that and you are reading this blog let me shine some light on that erroneous statement that you made. JESUS did not go to the cross to redeem satan; JESUS went to the cross to redeem mankind. The reason satan was not redeemed and will never be redeemed is because mankind is led away by the allure of something. We are enticed by what we are attracted to. The enemy provokes mankind with pressure to that strong invitation to do what the flesh so desperately wants to do. No one tempted satan. No one enticed satan. No one provoked satan. That enemy of ours envisioned being god and thought that he was going to remove GOD from HIS throne and have the angels worship him. GOD will not allow anyone or anything to take HIS place. The pride that was found in Lucifer caused him to be evicted from heaven never to return after JESUS came to earth, surrendered HIS life on the cross for mankind and returned to heaven. Before JESUS came to earth the devil would return with the angels as we may find in the book of Job. But now, no way-no how.  The enemy had his own agenda and his desire was conceived and birthed which is called sin. Sin can be perfected and when it does; it produces one thing…death. Our DADDY the Most High GOD provides HIS kids with perfect gifts; they come down from HIM to us never will we get a perfect gift from satan. When we open a Pandora’s box we get what we did not expect and it’s never good. JESUS of HIS own will; brought mankind out of sin with the Word of truth. We must listen intently and stop speaking so much. Want to know who a person is; listen to them speak. We live in a world full of anger and not just anger but quick, hot anger. Learn by the Word to love; slow your roll; listen, look and wait. The implanted Word in our hearts will save our souls day by day. Live to love and love to live in freedom. Continue in it by doing what the Word of GOD instructs us to do. Remember, I stated that there is a difference between head knowledge and heart living. http://about.me/amfbministry

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