Thank You


It is extremely important for me and the ministry to thank you for reading and sharing the blogs. Through writing, I share with the world the love of JESUS and HIS forgiveness, provide encouragement and inspire my CHRISTian siblings to persevere.

In the upcoming year, the LORD GOD willing it is my desire to expand the publication to


The e-books will be a wee bit longer than the average blog and may differ from the daily blog. If you desire to receive an e-book from this ministry in 2017 simply provide Elder Shawn Briscoe with your e-mail in the messenger in Facebook

Also, Elder Briscoe welcome suggestions from the readers as to what areas you will like for her to address or what weekly meeting online or conference call you will like to have with her. Once two-three people provide a suggestion the ministry will forward a feedback to those individuals to provide further information.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I pray that in the upcoming year 2017 that you persevere in all things JESUS.

I Love you in JESUS name

Elder Shawn D. Briscoe


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