AMFBeM Newsletter – Faith Series XIV

June 18, 2020

Strengthened by faith

Acts 16:5; Romans 4:20

Today, how can the church/body of CHRIST become strengthened by faith and increase in numbers?


We have come such a long way from the text of the above scripture [all praise be to GOD in CHRIST JESUS] because in that scripture the text is still found in legalism where they are still abiding in the law of Moses. But our focus will not be on the legalism of the law but rather on how and why in today’s culture regardless of where we reside that we must live in the generosity, joy, and rest of JESUS. So, to answer the question above here it is; begin or continue to meet together with one mind, the mind of CHRIST JESUS. Visit together either in the homes of one another or somewhere public [prefer]. Have fun together operating in the joy and generosity that is found within your hearts by praising GOD through CHRIST JESUS continually and having favor/appreciation with people. Then notice how the LORD not you but the LORD is adding daily the number of those being Saved in CHRIST JESUS. When in public try to meet at the same place often so people will notice that who you present yourselves to be is attractive, pleasing, and normal for you. In most cases it will be the staff who will recognize this should you meet in a public establishment and if you meet in an open public place, those who frequent the same area will notice as well and eventually come and speak with you.


Many people around us are not coming towards us because they are watching and listening to us and for the most part I am sad to write this but the body of CHRIST/the church/us folks are showing just how weak and sickly we are in spirit because we sound and look like those who are without CHRIST JESUS.

All of us are not chosen for the Five/Governmental Fold of Ministry but all of us are ministers/witnesses of CHRIST JESUS, Eph. 4:11; Acts 1:8.

I can recall my years of working and how I wanted people to perceive me. I did not want people to know that I was shy so I performed to be the opposite. I did not want to look like a clone of the women working with me, so I dressed according to my own comfort as long as it was in the guidelines of how men and women must dress. I spoke to people differently than most people spoke among themselves and I saw that my mission was being accomplished. Only a handful of people really knew the true me, they found me out because when I heard or saw something that I knew could be a far better outcome than what was being done in the lives of my co-workers I spoke up. In the beginning because of how people perceived me I was not taken seriously. But as the years rolled by and some of my co-workers found themselves emotionally drained I was sought out. I was not the person they thought to come and speak with but those that they confided in told them to come and speak with me. I was told often that they were shocked when they were told to come to me and at that time that is just the way I wanted it. But after they relented and came to me asking if they could have a private conversation with me, I stopped what I was doing, found a conference room, and listened to their heart as they shared with me what was their secrets. The replies they received from me was life-changing because all I have to offer then and now is how JESUS would handle situations of humanity. Each time I spoke with someone I always told them not to tell others of who I really am, sounds familiar. Did not JESUS tell those that HE helped not to tell others who helped them? Yet, they told others anyway and the same happened to me. By the time most of my co-workers found out who I truly then and am now my FATHER removed me from there. And I have been living in bliss as being retired from secular work and attending to my FATHER’s business.

I know that I may have strayed from the essence of this letter but what I am trying to convey to each reader is that we are to strengthen the body of CHRIST and non-believers through encouragement, information, and inspiration. How do we do that? Encouragement is given not only to our siblings in CHRIST but to non-believers when we as siblings to one another increase the confidence that we have in the faith of CHRIST JESUS. Though we are of the faith there are things that we need help in, maybe this is why there is a scripture that we can remind ourselves with; “help my unbelief” Mrk. 9:24. For the non-believer, we try to provide encouragement when we inspire them to be who they are by what they want to do as long as it is not breaking the law of mankind. Being informative is not the same as being a know it all, actually, what we are to do when it comes to being informative is to instruct by communication verbally or through writing. Those that inform, should only inform others what will be instructive to those that they are trying to help through the knowledge of what they possess either through education or experience. When it comes to inspiration, again believers and non-believers need help in this area, we do so by being influential through guidance/teaching/helping/leading. Just by doing those three things as long as our motives are in CHRIST JESUS, we will not go wrong. Some will come to JESUS quickly and for others [most often] they will come eventually. But as for you do not become discouraged and do not present yourselves as Bible thumpers. Just be loving and caring through CHRIST JESUS.

Now, lastly do not magnify the situation that seems impossible for you. Magnify GOD who can do the impossible on our behalf. As long as we do not allow doubt to creep in and steal from us our belief in what JESUS can and will do for us, everything is everything/it is all gravy. Never doubt what GOD will do according to HIS promises to us. Never stop believing. Grow stronger and become empowered by your faith giving glory to GOD.


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