Part 4

Are you the reader in the intimate presence of the FATHER? This is what is meant to be in the bosom of the Living GOD.

Now, Jacob before he was given a new name Israel. Wrestled with a Man as the Word is written. The scriptures read that the Man was not able to overwhelm Jacob. I personally don’t believe this to be so. Why is this? First, the scriptures capitalize Man this lets me know that this was not just any mere man. JESUS was known to show up before, as an Angel of the LORD GOD, He spoke with Abraham face to face in telling him that He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. There are translations of the bible that will refer the Man as the Angel of the LORD GOD. If an angel is written in this manner, lower case we know that this angel is a creation and not the Lord Himself.

Secondly, the scriptures teach us that JESUS is the LORD GOD and that HE is the one who created everything by speaking the Word.

And finally, we know that JESUS came in the likeness of a man so that He could relate to His creation.

Now, as GOD the FATHER; no man has ever seen HIM. It’s impossible for us to see the FATHER as HE truly is and live. Our mortal bodies can’t handle HIS full glory. This is why JESUS took off His glory and came down from heaven to live among mankind. JESUS brought, declared and revealed the FATHER to mankind by showing us Himself. JESUS made the FATHER known to us. Do you recall or know that when the disciples asked Him about His FATHER, JESUS said that when you see Him you see the FATHER?

Back to Jacob, what a revelation it must have been to him. He realized that though he thought he was wrestling with a mere man, he was actually wrestling with GOD. By his own declaration, Jacob said that he had seen GOD and did not die. So this tells me that this was JESUS testing him.

Ok, now that all of that has been written, let’s move on as to how we are to take our lives and mimic all that JESUS did.

  1. We can’t do anything of our own accord.
  2. At all times, we are or must do what we see our father / FATHER do.
  3. We hear our father / FATHER speak and that is what we speak.
  4. Our will is based on carnal knowledge or the righteousness from JESUS.
  5. We should always seek to know the FATHER what HIS will is and obediently do that.
  6. We must have a reverential respect and love for the FATHER so that our prayers are answered.
  7. As sons of the Living GOD, daily we are to learn obedience by the things we suffer through.
  8. Know that we are being perfected in the Word and obedience of and to the LORD GOD.

The lower case father is directed in two instances, satan and our earthly father. Because of our sin nature, we are unaware that we are doing his works. And those of us who look up to our earthly father, we have a loving desire to not only please him but we want to mimic him. This is especially true for the males. The upper case FATHER is for the Living GOD.

John 1:8, 5:19


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