That which we don’t know we will never respect. When we come to know that fire is not only a beautiful thing to look at but is also a danger because of its ability to burn and that it has four specific flames that we are to familiarize ourselves with. For instance, in science, I was taught that the Red flame ranges between 525-1000 Celsius and 980-1800 Fahrenheit. Orange 1100-1200 C and 2000-2200 F. White 1300-1500 C and 2400-2700 F. And blue the hottest of all ranges 1426-1648 C and 2600-3000 F.  We will come to respect fire. When we come to know how important life is to GOD, how we are created in HIS image, HE molded man with HIS very own hands from the clay of the earth, that our very blood speaks out when our life has been taken from us un-naturally and that we do ourselves an injustice by not placing our souls in the home of JESUS. Then and only then will we be able to respect the life of humans. And lastly, if we knew what true royalty is, we would not disrespect the highest Majesty and give HIM the respect HE so truly deserves.

Why do we worry? It’s because we meditate on things that we may or may not have any control over. And just where has it gotten those of us who are still held captive to worry? Nowhere but a life of stress which is nowhere. There are things worth dwelling on, things worth our concentration. If we would surrender ourselves over to the study of who JESUS is not was because HE is an Is alive, what HE did and what HE is doing, and who HE said that we are. We would come to realize that we have no need to be stressing out over the things of this world. JESUS is altogether glorious, HIS attributes are divine. The brilliance and eminence that comes from HIM though explained in the book of Revelation from John I’m sure still does no justice because our finite mind is not able to comprehend all of the splendor that comes from CHRIST JESUS. JESUS is great in appearance, HE even when on earth always knew that HE had dignity and carried HIMself in the aspect of this manner. Those who truly know JESUS as fully GOD and fully man nothing watered down are inspired to give HIM the fullest reverence at all times. Not just on Sunday or mid-week or when they feel like it. They are aware that the eyes of GOD who is JESUS see every little thing that they do and their heart is not hidden from HIM. They know that the ears of JESUS hear every word spoken in the heart not just out of the mouth. They understand that where they go so does JESUS. So if they don’t want JESUS to see them committing adultery, fornicating, and homosexuality they don’t participate in those activities. Getting close to JESUS and allowing JESUS to get close to us is the only way we are going to survive. I know for myself that I am only I prayer away from sinning. I need to read my bible, I need to communicate with JESUS because if I don’t when I step out of my home the old me may not be so kind. I have to remind myself daily of the Majesty from which I come from and of HIS works, not mine.

As an Evangelist, my first duty to my readers and to those I speak with is to introduce JESUS to lost souls. The next is to share my testimony, to let others know that if JESUS did something for me HE most certainly will do it for you. Reading what happened in the bible to others is great and it’s very encouraging but to most readers, they are just stories. They don’t believe that JESUS still delivers today as HE did yesterday when those testimonies were written. I have written nearly five thousand blogs and all of them contained my testimony of what I have learned and have been delivered from over my thirty-eight- year life of being saved in CHRIST JESUS. And I am still being taught and trained daily in the Holy Spirit. I don’t share lies to get your hopes up about the power of CHRIST JESUS. I know first-hand the power of HIS healing and deliverance in my life. I know that JESUS is coming back and when HE does, HE is coming back for me and my siblings in HIM. I don’t want anyone to miss out on HIS Majesty. I have a desire that the entire world will have their very own personal witness of HIS Majestic splendor.

I pray that every single reader today and in future will come to JESUS because there is no other way into heaven. There is no way possible for us to see GOD other than JESUS. Allah, Buddha, Confucius, or any other deity that you deem necessary will not save you from sin, death, hell and the lake of fire. As much as I love my President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama he is not my Savior, CHRIST JESUS is. The very center and core of your being must be flooded by the light of the Holy Spirit. You will receive a divine guarantee with a confident expectation for that which you are being called the riches of HIS glorious inheritance in GOD’s people so that you will begin to know the active spiritual power working in us who believe. In accordance with HIS mighty strength which the FATHER produced in CHRIST JESUS when HE raised HIM up from the dead and seated JESUS at HIS right hand in heaven far above all authority, dominion, power and rule. JESUS is seated far above every name that is named and unnamed this was, is and is to come. And for every realm JESUS is far above those too, they are under HIS feet, CHRIST JESUS is the Supreme Authoritative, the Head over all things in the church which is me. I am HIS body the fullness of HIS body, I am the fullness of HIM because I fill and completely believe in HIM.     

Psalms 145:5; 2 Peter 1:16; Eph. 1:18-22


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