The SON pt. 5


One of my favorite characteristic traits that is found in JESUS that I cherish so much, and desire for everyone of my CHRISTian siblings to have. Is to know and be an overcomer.

When we get it into our spirit that JESUS already overcame the world. We have no need to hold on to those cares that so easily entangle us. Whatever we spend too much time stressed out about, care about, addicted to. We can just let them go because we are overcomers because JESUS lives within us.

Because I know that I’m an overcomer, I have the –

  • Peace of JESUS.
  • Victory of JESUS.
  • Faith of JESUS.

Now it’s up to all of my CHRISTian siblings to get this and stop fretting over things that are in the world. Those things are temporary and we must set our eyes on those things that come down from our kingdom home.

If you are dealing with emotional hurts of any type. I get it because I was a prisoner of depression for forty years and I was set free in JESUS. But I had to be willing to let all that hurt go. I first trusted JESUS and HIS Word, then I began to forgive everyone including myself. Lastly, I decided to love regardless how I’m treated and how I’m spoken to.

Our peace and sanity are not based on people and the circumstances around us, but in CHRIST JESUS our deliverer.

FATHER, for each and every single soul that belong to YOU, I’m asking on their behalf that they trust in YOUR Word, YOUR SON (JESUS The CHRIST), and YOUR Holy Spirit. Then I ask on their behalf that they begin to worship YOU out of their belly where ever they maybe at this moment. Because as they praise YOU they will begin to feel everything that they have been dealing with on their own, taken away. YOU will do nothing without a request from the heart, as well YOU are an activator to those things that are according to YOUR will. Then I ask that these dear souls begin to forgive those, including themselves that have hurt them deeply and superficially, heal their emotions FATHER. And as YOU remove all the hurt, replace that space with YOUR love, joy and peace. Then they will know that they are overcomers in YOU and that they have YOUR victory which belongs to us. Thank YOU, in JESUS name. Amen.

Acts 8:37, Jhn. 16:33, 1 Cor. 15:57, Eph. 2:14, 1 Jhn. 5:4


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