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July 6, 2020

Baptized in the Holy Spirit – Matthew 3:11; Mark 1:8


Those that have been or will be water baptized if you have not been washed clean in the blood of JESUS because of your disbelief in JESUS and HIS being invited into your heart to live. All you are doing is getting wet in the water, going down dirty and coming up dirty. Water baptism is the outward demonstration of our repentance/the changing of our mind and heart. As we go down in the water we are buried as JESUS was and in our rising, we are being resurrected as JESUS was.  Water baptism is great if you decide to have this done or able. However, the baptism that is most important in our lives is to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Glory to GOD! So, why is being baptized in the Holy Spirit a requirement for the children of GOD?


  • The LORD will wash away our moral filth
  • The LORD will cleanse away our sinful bloodstains
  • The Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of judgment will pass a one-time judgment on us
  • The Holy Spirit will burn away all that does not represent JESUS


The way that we receive the Holy Ghost into our lives is that JESUS will breathe on us. Proof that we are baptized in the Holy Spirit will be our ability to speak with new tongues because the Holy Spirit will cause us to speak. The Holy Spirit is not prejudiced as mankind is, the Holy Spirit is not many various heavenly spirits, He is One and those of us who heard His calling out to us or have asked for Him to reside in our heart will be made to drink from the same Spirit.

Our LORD JESUS pours out to those who thirst for HIM living water and if we will only pray for our descendants they too will be saved by coming to CHRIST JESUS and filled with HIS Spirit which is Holy to receive HIS blessings. “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD”!

We should desire everything that JESUS had when HE lived here on earth among HIS creation. The FATHER anointed JESUS with the Holy Spirit, so why do we not ask for what JESUS was anointed with? The Holy Spirit gave JESUS great power to go and do good, to heal those who were oppressed because the FATHER was with HIM and the FATHER will be with us as well. Now let me inform you what oppression is. I was once oppressed and I praise my GOD for HIS deliverance to me and I desire that if you are oppressed that you too ask for your deliverance and take it. This is what oppression is; carrying/loaded and burdened with unreasonable impositions/assessment or duty, severity/harsh or unpleasant, rigor/adversity or hardship. Overburdened, overpowered, overtaken, trials, and tribulations that just lay heavy and sit on top of you pressing you downward. Oppression belongs to satan, not GOD Almighty.

It is possible that while someone is either speaking, teaching, or preaching about CHRIST JESUS that the entire room cannot be filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit because the heart has been primed for His arrival. In actuality, it does occur. So, should you be in an atmosphere when everyone is speaking in tongues, do not look upon them as though they are flipping out/out of control. Ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in an unknown tongue by you. GOD is the maker of every language and just because you have not been formally trained to speak a certain language does not mean that the Holy Spirit will not speak through you to speak Hebrew, Chinese, Greek, and so on. 

The Holy Spirit is not one of many various heavenly spirits He is the One and Only for there is none like Him. For it is only by the Holy Spirit that we are baptized into the spiritual transformation of one body and we are all made to drink from one source, the Holy Spirit who fills each of our lives. 


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