Think B4 U Speak

Did you know that every single word that comes out of your mouth comes from your heart?

Well it does and here is the proof according to Biblical scripture; Matthew 12:34 & Luke 6:45

I’m caught by surprised when at times profanity comes through my lips. I spend quality time in the Word of GOD; I attend church service; I minister the Word of God when I visit churches across America and yet there are times when profanity will come slipping through my blessed lips. I do not practice this language so I can go for months and months and profanity will not be used by me. And when profanity does come through it’s never a planned language that I desire to use and my vocabulary is large enough that I don’t have to rely on profanity to get my point across.

I don’t bring GOD glory when I use profanity and I must always ask GOD to forgive me for the sin that still reside in my heart.

My brothers and sisters in JESUS; what have you heard yourself saying today that has not glorified GOD? Be honest with yourself; ask GOD to allow you to hear the words that you speak. You maybe surprised; especially if you feel that you cross all the I’s and cross all the T’s in your life. We in the body of JESUS must renew our minds every day and we do this by reading the Word of GOD; asking GOD to help us grow in HIM; change our conversation; apply the Word of GOD to our lives and believe what GOD has written to us in HIS Word. I used to use profanity so much a young woman had to call me out on my verbal expression about 20 years ago. When she brought this to my attention I found scripture to help me with my language and without my notice; the same young woman informed me that she had noticed that I had not used profanity in 3 months. I gave GOD thanks; for me that was a testimony that GOD does just what HIS Word say HE will do.

 So always speak in LOVE and encourage one another at all times.

Psalm 49:3

Proverbs 18:21

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