Confess/es/ion – Part II


[Recap]-When we acknowledge the wrong that we’ve done to someone who is at a disadvantage because they did not expect to be wronged by a known or unknown assailant. We not only clear our conscience but when we provide an open declaration of guilt from the heart it will be written in the books which are kept about our life in heaven. This is for the just and the unjust. In this two-part blog, I hope to convey to the readers what is meant to confess in the Old Testament as well as the here and now New Testament and just how important it is to know the following. What we confess. When we confess. Who we confess, and Why we confess.


We’ve all heard the saying “think before you speak”. This is because we speak out of emotion and our emotions, what we feel are unreliable. For example, we can feel tired or sapped of our strength, yet, we find ourselves pushing through. We can be upset with someone for whatever ridiculous reason saying out of what we feel that we don’t like someone when in truth we don’t like what a person has done to us personally. Another example is that we can experience something negative from a place caused by people. And when this occurs we affirm/tell with confidence to others what our experience was, never giving thought that we are infecting others with the venom that we have coursing through our emotions. It is important that we be sober in our motives before we open our pie hole and speak. Often times those who do not know the LORD GOD will strike up bargains in the hope of getting what it is that they desire. Only to renege on the appeal that was made to HIM after they have received the answer to their request. They do not have the knowledge that before JESUS died on the cross for their sins that such a lack of fulfilling what was declared by appeal to the LORD without their follow-thru would have caused HIM to become angry. I can recall a dear woman who in the beginning I truly liked then over the years I began to despise her at least that is how I felt emotionally. And I never found a good thing to focus on to speak about to others so my venom went among other people who for whatever their reason also had a reason to dislike her. Then came the day when CHRIST JESUS convicted me and without my knowledge of what a special day this was for her. I purchased a card of friendship and instead of just signing the card, I wrote an apology for the thoughts and what I had said openly about her to others. When she read the card she came to me and not only thanked me but she was unaware that I held those negative feelings towards her. She informed me that the card she had been given and what I shared with her was a wonderful gift because it was her birthday that particular day. I found myself wrapping my arms around her and telling her that I love her. That was many years ago and nothing to this date has changed about how I positively love her and anyone else for that matter because it’s truly impossible to love our Creator and our Savior whom we have not met in the sense of how we meet humans and not love HIS creation, humans. We have it twisted that when we confess that we are to make our confession to GOD and or in front of the members of our local assembly. We are to make our confession to the one we are in disagreement with, the one that we are having negative thoughts about, and the one who we speak evil against. They may not be aware as the woman that I held evil emotions toward but when they hear the struggle that we harbored they will be thankful not only that we confessed to them but that from that day forward we will express our love and respect. So often we want others to change to please us when it’s us that need to do the changing. Also, we all are guilty of this crime, I grew up hearing this and it always bothered me until I became an adult. If we have a very stylish parent we may borrow something from their closet to wear, also if we have siblings this is most likely done as well. When taking anything without the knowledge of the owner though they are a close relative living in the home along with us this is considered stealing. So, what happens when we borrow from the closet? Do we pay for the cleaning of what it is that we wore? In most cases, the answer is no. When we use some cologne or perfume this cannot be borrowed because it’s impossible to return that which we anointed our flesh with that is liquid. So, what happens, do we purchase another scent to replace that which we used as well as purchase one for ourselves? Most likely not. In order not to be guilty of these types of crimes which often spill over to our taking something from our schools and workplace without the owners knowledge and never replacing that item from our own finances we should go out and make our own purchase of the item that we desire or get over what we want that someone else owns if we know that we don’t have the finances to own what we desire for ourselves. Joshua became the successor after the death of Moses and was the leader of Israel. His position was to hear the sins of this great people as the face of the LORD GOD. Thank GOD through our Savior CHRIST JESUS that we no longer have a need for a go-between as some religions continue to practice today. First of all, we are to know that we are forgiven. How many of us ever gave it any thought that before JESUS CHRIST was nailed to the cross that we were not living as yet? However, HE forgave us! So, when we make our general confession to HIM about our being sinful and that we need HIM to live in our heart because we confess with our heart out of a heart of belief that HE is the SON of the living GOD and that HE died and rose again for us then we are also acknowledging that we are forgiven of past, present and future sins that we have done, are doing and that we most likely will do. But those sinful actions that we will do after our very first confession will not be because we live and practice sin as we once did but because either out of our emotions, the cravings of our flesh or the ignorance to the truth from the Word of GOD did we do what is not pleasing in the sight of GOD. So, just as we acknowledge that we have goofed to ourselves which is confession or when we say “oh, LORD I messed up or I did this or said that” this too is confessing by acknowledging our wrong. If what we thought, said or did was directed at someone then we are to confess that to them. Stop hiding our wrong-doing by trying to keep them in the dark and shine a light on them this helps us to grow in our faith and will often put a complete stop to what we’ve done. JESUS loves it when we are transparent. It’s always proper to speak to the FATHER from our own heart but if we are at a loss for words just as JESUS left us with a blueprint/the outline or plan of action to prayer which is found in Matt. 6:9-13 & Lk. 11:2-4 discover this blueprint left to us by Daniel in the verses 7-11. Daniel’s prayer was acceptable in his time but in using his blueprint/the outline or plan of action, we will need to change some of the wording because we are no longer under the law and we are not in fear of GOD’s anger.

LORD, righteousness belongs to YOU, but to my confusion or shame today I have sinned against YOU. To the LORD my GOD belong mercy and loving-kindness and forgiveness, for I have rebelled against YOU. I have not obeyed the voice of the LORD my GOD by walking in YOUR Word and promises which YOU have set before me. Yes, I have transgressed according to YOUR Word. I have also caused others to not obey YOUR voice because of my lack of understanding or out of sheer rebellion on my part. I am the one who sinned against YOU, however, I’m thankful that I can come to YOU confessing to you that I am aware of what I’ve done and that you have forgiven me. In JESUS name.

We hear people all the time who proclaim that they know JESUS CHRIST but it is apparent when we hear who they think HIM to be. The difference of the proclaimer of JESUS and the possessor of CHRIST JESUS is in the actual knowing through our relationship with HIM. It does not matter who others think CHRIST JESUS is what matters is who do we know HE is especially to us inwardly. Also, we must not get so high minded in our ministry and this does happen that we forget that we are mere mortals pointing the way to CHRIST JESUS that we have gotten lost in all the accolades that people shower upon us and believe in the hype. So much so that we actually no longer depend on CHRIST for the works that we have been put in-charge to follow through with. It is always our objective to point people to CHRIST JESUS to tell people that HE is coming back. Believers and non-believers alike must be reminded or given first awareness who CHRIST JESUS is and who we are in HIM and that without HIM we are nothing more than dried up grass which is blown away by the winds and can do nothing. The name of the LORD CHRIST JESUS is to be highly exalted above anyone and everything. Believers must remain humble and return confessing their wrong to their Savoir and non-believers must confess from a believing heart and out of their mouth about their faith in HIM. The Savior of the world is alive and either people will willingly bow the knee and confess HIM with honor and praise or they will be made to. I suggest that we choose the first. Believers are to openly praise the name of JESUS who is full of grace, mercy, and truth not keep HIM to ourselves. My beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS we are to turn and run away from what causes our flesh to crave evil before the sight of our GOD and LORD Savior. Cravings of the flesh the worldly lust only causes mental anguish and distress. Why do we desire to be stressed out by things that we could have prevented? Instead, run towards all things that are in right standing with GOD and that which is truly good. Possess the loving reverence toward our Creator by having the character and integrity of CHRIST. Operate in HIS faith, love as HE does and be patient with others out of a gentle heart because HE is being patient with us. Take hold with a tight grip our eternal life that we answered to that good confession that we confessed to at first when we were alone or surrounded by others and that we continue to confess. Fight the good faith which is found in CHRIST JESUS. Do so not ashamedly but openly before our FATHER in heaven just as JESUS CHRIST made HIS good confession before Pontius Pilot and his false accusers. Keep the commandments given to us by CHRIST JESUS in the New Testament because HE is coming back and all will see HIM who is the Anointed One in HIS anointing.


Do you desire mercy? Don’t we all? Then shine a light on what is sin/wrong without being legalistic living according to the law of death. Just confess the problem, don’t do it again and move on. Don’t consider the laughter and mocking’s from our enemies because we will have the last laugh when they see with their own eyes how we have risen up out of the darkness of despair and either placed or returned back into GOD’s marvelous light. Only the LORD our Savior and advocate can plead out the case before the FATHER so that we will look on HIS righteous deliverance confessing them before mankind. There are times when GOD allows us to look as though nothing will ever be done but it is these times that we must trust that this is not difficult for HIM but it’s an opportunity for all to see HIS works that are being displayed and illustrated in our lives. Even when GOD uses the aid of people don’t give people the glory which belongs to GOD. And when GOD delivers us out of situations that no human effort was used don’t act dumb-founded by it, give GOD HIS glory and praise. Share how you once were and how GOD delivered you from that circumstance even when the naysayers make fun or consider that what has taken place is a lie, don’t back down from what you know to be true. And more often than not it’s the religious people who don’t believe in the works of GOD. And will begin to call us fanatics even when we go through other trials and tribulations and these religious people will no longer want anything to do with us. I have actually listened to people who were told that they can no longer attend a particular local assembly because of their faith and trust in CHRIST. GOD will only listen to the confession of sinners this is a good and merciful action through HIS grace. But those of us who worship HIS SON and does HIS will, HE listens to us constantly. Remember, GOD cannot look on/be attentive to sin. Yet, HE is aware of all the sin bottled up in the heart of the non-believers. Stop being an undercover/hidden worshipper of the LORD your GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Because we believe and trust in HIM make it known. If people throw us out from socializing with them or attending service with them count it as an honor because of CHRIST JESUS. Cease from gaining the approval of mankind and chase after the approval of GOD. Hold onto the faith that there will be a resurrection of those who are asleep (believers in CHRIST JESUS) and of those who are dead (spiritually dead, non-believers in CHRIST JESUS). Exercise being disciplined in the Word of GOD and HIS promises to us, have a clear conscience and avoid being offensive to GOD especially but also to humans.

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