Hebrews 3

The High Priest of my confession is CHRIST JESUS. I don’t need a go between; I can go straight to HIM and tell HIM all and not feel guilty or ashamed. I can also tell HIM things like; today the weather is delicious for me. I’m going out for a walk; thanks for the weather. I know that HE loves hearing what bothers me and I know that HE loves hearing what makes me happy and increases my joy. JESUS has been counted worthy of glory that excels any glory man or woman could ever experience. JESUS built all things and HE Is GOD. CHRIST is a SON not a servant and because of HIM we are sons and daughters not servants. Servants don’t get to become intimate with those that they serve. They know only but so much and can experience but so much if and when the master desires to share. But a son or daughter get to experience full relationship; they get to experience moving about the property without invitation; they get to eat whatever they desire. They can go right up to the head of the family and lay a huge hug and tender kiss on the cheek and not be brought up on charges of sexual harassment. Now, it is up to us to know who we are and to hold on to our confidence of hope; rejoicing to the very end. Let me share a quote directly from the Holy Spirit. “Today, if you will hear HIS voice. Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion. In the day of trial in the wilderness; where your fathers tested Me and tried Me and saw My works for forty years. Therefore I was angry with that generation and said; they always go astray in their heart. They have not known My ways. So I swore in My wrath, they will not enter My rest.” Did anyone notice those key points the Holy Spirit brought forth from the FATHER? He wants us to beware.

  • Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Don’t harden your heart; don’t be rebellious
  • Don’t test Him, knowing that you are doing wrong only to know that you will be delivered. Because you know what you are doing is wrong. You don’t pour gasoline all over yourself; light a match and say in your heart that GOD will deliver you from being consumed by the fire.
  • Don’t experience or witness first hand who GOD is and continue to disobey HIM.
  • Don’t go off doing your own thing; just because you can and you want to. Knowing what you want to do go against GOD.
  • Your rebellion is proof positive that you do not know who GOD is; you are not in relationship with HIM. Relationship is intimate and intimacy causes one to know the ways of a person.

Brothers and sisters; we witness daily in ourselves and in the character and integrity of our siblings the unbelief that resides in the heart. No one is immune to unbelief. Do you know that when you remain away from reading your bible; unbelief creeps in? When you stop attending church on a regular basis; at least twice a month (this is for those who have to work on Sundays). Unbelief creeps in. When we don’t fellowship with those who’s faith is in CHRIST JESUS more than we fellowship with those who don’t believe. Unbelief creeps in. Unbelief in the heart is a sign that there is still evil in the heart. Unbelief causes us to depart our first love; who is CHRIST JESUS. The living GOD. We must and this is not an option; encourage our brothers and sisters daily. Listen for HIS voice; hear HIM and don’t harden your heart as you did before. Before, you did not know any better. Now, you don’t have an excuse. Take a look at these questions and answers. Heed the warning.

  • Who, having heard the voice of GOD and rebelled? Those who were led out of Egypt.
  • Who was HE angry with for forty years? Those who sinned.
  • Who did HE swear would not enter HIS rest? Those who sinned willingly. So they died and went to hell where they are today.
  • What did GOD swear about entering into HIS rest? Anyone who does not obey will be lost forever. Disobedience is unbelief and we must believe in who JESUS is; what HE has done for mankind and what HE is doing in our lives today.

You know before JESUS dismissed HIS Holy Spirit from HIS body and was pronounced dead. Salvation was none existent. JESUS had to come and fulfill HIS destiny on the earth. We put JESUS back to an open shame when we rebel due to unbelief and disobedience. In essence we are saying in our arrogance that what JESUS went through for mankind was not enough. What JESUS did; was not enough. Well let me ask you some questions. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be beaten until you had no flesh on your skeleton? When was the last time you had to carry lumber on your back until the major arteries behind your knees broke and you fell because you could not go on with the weight? When was the last time you were paraded through the streets without clothes on while being ridiculed? When was the last time anyone plucked the hairs from your face or head or chest or back or arms or legs or pubic area? (I’m sure I covered all the areas hair is found just in case you are a woman or you are a clean shaven man). When was the last time someone stuck thorns on your head and pressed down so that the thorns penetrated your skull? When was the last time you allowed anyone to take spikes or even nails and hammer them into your hands and feet? When was the last time you hung for hours; not being able to breathe? Ask an asthmatic what’s it like and you still can’t come close to what JESUS went through. When was the last time you were buried and rose again after being dead and more than 500 people saw you? So before you decide that you want to do something just because you can. Think about what JESUS did for you and no one but you. http://about.me/amfbministry

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