Love 1 of 3


This is one of my favorite subjects to speak or write about because the one thing this world lacks is love. And yet the epitome of Love HIMself came to earth to teach us and gave us the demonstration of how to love one another. This will be a three-part series blog and I will still not have written all that I could about love.

One of the first principles of love was given to us regarding loving the LORD our GOD. We are to do this with all of our heart, we know how to do this. It’s with that exact same passion we have for something or someone that is in the place of the LORD GOD. For example (food, clothes, shoes, sports, addictions, self, and so on). Then we are instructed to love the LORD our GOD with all our soul. Our soul is our mind, will and emotions which means that the LORD is who we should be thinking much about and we should be wanting to do HIS will instead of wanting do our own thing and our emotions should be in check and not all over the place. And lastly, we are instructed to love the LORD our GOD with all our strength. Not the strength of anyone else but our very own, it should be personal.

You know pre-crucifixion the Old Testament saints bless their believing hearts had their sins covered and they relied on the blood of animals to purchase their righteousness. This was an act of covering. We still do this today, for those that we love we will cover their faults when deep down we know that they are wrong. But we will argue to the death that they are innocent. The day of JESUS crucifixion and post-crucifixion our sins are no longer covered they are washed away by HIS blood. So the only person holding us back from our freedom is ourselves and the voices of those demons that we are listening to. They are telling us that we are just too bad and that we need to get ourselves together, get our mind right, get our life right and all of the other crazy talks that are keeping us away from being washed free from guilt and condemnation. The thing about a cover is that someone can come along and remove or lift the cover up and expose what is beneath. But when JESUS washes us clean from sin there is nothing to expose. Most Christians find it difficult to walk in the freedom of love because they don’t realize that they are free. Free from the law of condemnation, sin, guilt, shame, rituals, and traditions. We are forgiven and we must be eager to forgive others. Our love for humankind must be hot, it must have a glow like a woman when she is expecting, and people can see that she has a glow about her. That glow is called life the baby that is living on the inside of the mother to be. JESUS is living on the inside of every believer and that glow should be making itself seen. All of this will make it easy for us to cover the sins of people who sins against us.

Deuteronomy 6:5; Proverbs 10:12; 1 Pt. 4:8



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