We are treasures

2 Corinthians 5 pt. 1

Brothers and sisters of faith in Cthe LORD JESUS CHRIST know that we are treasures housed in the flesh. What we see is not us; just like what others see along our neighborhoods are not us just because we live in that particular building. Our flesh is only a house made from clay/dirt and just like your home we are responsible for its up keep. You mow and water your lawn; you wash and cut your hair. You beautify the outside of your home with decorations be they flowers; flags; wind chimes. You beautify your flesh with stylish clothes and shoes; we deodorize our home with fragrant scents. We use powders; body oils; cologne and perfumes. You are getting the picture; in order for us to sustain a healthy long life we must put healthy things within our bodies and exercise but we can’t stop there. See all those things are good for the outer house but what about you the spirit? You are not flesh; you are a spirit and you must take better care of yourself than you do your flesh house. You must feed and drink the bread of life which is the Word of the LORD GOD and drink the new wine which is the Word of the LORD GOD. You must renew your thinking and this take major time to transform from speaking negatively to speaking what the LORD GOD desires us to say. For instance; when a person ask how are we doing instead of saying something like “fair to middle” or “I got this or that” why not say “I’m well or I’m prospering in health as my soul prospers?” You see I’m is you; now you may want to inform that your flesh is sore or has a fever or has a cold but you are well because the promise of the LORD GOD is true and does not return to HIM void. “I AM the LORD GOD who heals you.” It’s normal that our earthly house our flesh is torn down that’s what dirt does; it crumbles. Ever see a building with cracks in it; that happens from years of settling and the jolts it takes from loud booms or underground gyrations. Our flesh takes on a lot of gyrations; loud noise; traumas; growth and such. What is not affected is our spirit but we must supply our spirit with the nutrients and exercise that it requires; the nutrients come from the Word and the exercise come from the operation of faith. Don’t get so caught up with gray or balding hair or a new found wrinkle. We have a new house awaiting us not made from earthly hands; in heaven. We are not going to be found naked; remember Adam and Eve and how they were carefree until sin entered their lives and they saw that they were naked. It’s not that they ever had outer garments on but that the glory of the living GOD had been removed from them. The righteousness of our Holy GOD and sin cannot and will not live together in the same environment or vessel. The more we are around sin the more burdened we become to go home so that we can be clothed in GOD’s glory. It’s not that we are naked but we sense that we are oppressed because we want to cover up mortality. We sense that mortality will die once it’s swallowed up by life. All of us in the faith of the LORD JESUS CHRIST have been prepared for this very thing by the LORD GOD who sealed us with a down payment in the Holy Spirit. Being filled and sealed in the Holy Spirit we are confident that we will go home one day; we understand that as long as we live in our flesh home we are absent from the LORD. Now, please don’t get over excited and cause bodily harm to yourself; when you have reached the end of your earthly life you will leave but while you are here be CHRIST ambassador. Help lost souls from being aborted because of sin in the flesh. Walk by faith; live in total trust in the LORD and HIS Word. Don’t place your trust in what you see; don’t even listen to negative talk about you because when you listen you begin to entertain those thoughts and this is where depression comes to make a home. I’m confident that just like myself; you desire to be joined with the LORD JESUS in heaven but today is not your time nor is it mine; I have work to do and so do you. The day will come when each and every human will be absent from their body and present with the LORD and when we come before the holy court we will be judged by what we did be it bad or good in our bodies and what will keep you in heaven will be our faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Have you made HIM LORD in and over your life? Is HE your GOD; your Savior; do you believe that HE is the SON of the living GOD? Do you believe that HE rose again on the 3rd day; was seen by HIS disciples; ate and encouraged them; do you believe in HIS Word? Then live to please HIM and in pleasing JESUS your LORD; you will find pleasure forever more. http://amfbem.me

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