What does HER mean

H – Hannah was favored but unfulfilled because she could not conceive and bring forth a child. But when she prayed and poured her soul out to GOD she was heard.  Not only did she devote her son to the LORD’s service but she was blessed with more children.  Hannah represents the woman who knows that she is destined to produce more with her life and not satisfied with unfruitful living.  This woman will not allow her adversary or circumstances to define her. She is provoked to prayer for a higher purpose and will fully devote her ministry to the LORD.

E – Esther was chosen from among many women for a special place of leadership and influence at a very critical time in history.  It was a very difficult position to hold but grace, wisdom and the predestined plan of GOD enveloped her life.  Esther represents the woman whose role has been as a trailblazer in ministry.  She is the first to step forward in her family or church to follow the call of GOD.  She is the female minister chosen to shatter the glass ceiling and affect many lives simply by her meekness and grace.  Her position is not always comfortable but she stands because she is called to the Kingdom of GOD for such a time as this.

R – Rahab is usually the last person considered as an example. But she is a role model because of her faith in GOD. Regardless of her sinful life and pagan past, when she heard about the works of GOD for Israel she chose to believe in HIM. Rahab left her past and followed GOD to experience a more glorious future. This woman’s faith saved her family and she is listed in the lineage of CHRIST. We learn from her life that GOD can use any woman willing to believe HIM.  Rahab has taught us that any woman fully surrendered to the LORD’s call to ministry is one through which CHRIST can be revealed to other’s for salvation.

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