A cup is such a small thing. This vessel that we use in our daily lives to drink our coffee, tea, soup, water or any other food item is given not much attention until we are in need of one. In the Bible, we see that JESUS request through prayer that the cup that is in HIS possession be removed from HIM because of the contents in which HE alone must drink, Mt. 26:39. Those who have faith in CHRIST JESUS have a grateful heart because JESUS drank from HIS cup. And now the cup that we have because of HIM is a joy to drink from because of our remembrance of HIM.

I’m elated with the grace that I have in CHRIST JESUS. HE is filling my cup with so much of HIS favor; HE has a kind regard towards me; my countenance has been changed to resemble HIS image; the propitious aspect that HE anoints me within HIS grace, mercy, and forgiveness towards me; HE shows me that HE has a friendly disposition for me. I am aware of having HIS support; HE defends me; I am vindicated from all the accusations that satan and his demons hurl at me and JESUS; HE provides to me the disposition to give me aid, JESUS has befriended me, and HE alone is the One who promotes and justify me. JESUS is giving me HIS kindness which is done and granted forever; I awake knowing, go about my day knowing and rest in sweat sleep knowing that HIS benevolence is shown by word or deed daily in me; I possess the act of grace and good will, as distinguished from acts of HIS justice and remuneration for me. CHRIST JESUS has pardoned me for being guilty I possess HIS favor. CHRIST JESUS has given to me the gift of eternal liberty and life in HIM. I have HIS overflowing love which allows me to be a success in HIM. CHRIST JESUS forever speaks words of encouragement to me.

Notice that I only spoke of myself it’s because when I think of my cup which is overflowing I can only hope that my CHRISTian siblings are aware of the fact that they too have a cup and that it’s not empty but filled to the brim or overflowing with the gifts that we possess in HIM. We are not saved from the punishment of sin just to get in and live in heaven, no, we are saved to experience a heavenly life through CHRIST JESUS and to drink from the cup HE has given to us. Don’t let the contents to spill out on the ground. Drink from the cup those things we are in need of.

CHRIST JESUS gives us a cup the moment we begin to have faith in HIM because we have been snatched out of the pit of despair where we were dying of thirst. As we drink in daily we acknowledge that CHRIST JESUS has confirmed; established and settled to perfection what was required to save us. CHRIST JESUS has placed HIS stamp of approval on us from HIS blood and we are valid with the agreement that has been established for us.

Not many of us think to take communion daily and it’s not that we are not thinking of what JESUS endured for us. Because I’m sure that when we think of HIS goodness we include in our thoughts what we have escaped because of HIM. But we have been so conditioned by our local assemble to only take our communion once a month. I am only aware of one ministry that offers communion on a daily basis and that is the Catholic Church. I don’t recall at any time the congregation being told in all the local assemblies that I have visited only take communion once a month in our desired house of worship. We all should go to our local Christian bookstore and purchase a communion package. If for some the expense of this boxed package is too expensive, improvise and take an unsalted cracker, or a piece of bread with grape juice and as we recall the goodness of JESUS and what HE endured for us. Take the communion as stated in Mt. 26; Mrk. 24, Lk. 22, and 1 Cor. Never forget what we hold in our cup from the LORD and what drinking from the cup reveals our action as to what we have in HIM and what HE endured for us and what HE established by fulfilling the law and providing us with a better covenant which is our life in HIM with all liberty.

Psalms 23:5; Mt. 26:27-28; 1 Corinthians 11:25


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