Who do you say I AM

Mark 8:27-29

A simple and direct question that deserves to be answered.

However, when asked what are you listening to? Your response will answer that. 

Look at these definitions and then I’ll ask the question again.

Hear: capable of hearing sound

Listen: give attention; attend closely; heed and obey with the ear. 

Now here is the question again, now remember the definitions that were given.

Who do you say I AM?

This is the question that JESUS asked HIS disciples. The men who were in HIS presence day in and day out. HE did not ask at that time, who do people say that I AM? That question was asked already earlier and HE got several answers.

When you are asked “Who do you say that I AM”? Do you provide good, true and or wrong answers as the disciples did?

 Remember when Moses asked GOD “what is YOUR name”? GOD answered I AM who I AM. GOD informed Moses in this introduction to HIS essence; our need of HIM; the total package.

 JESUS did not ask “What do you think; who did you think; who do your friends, family or peers”. JESUS made the question personal. Who do you think I AM? Who do you say I AM? Who do you know that I AM?

 JESUS the second GOD Head of the divine trilogy. HE’s asking “Who do you say I AM”? The question has never changed, never been retracted. Who do you say I AM? 

A few of the disciples answered but they answered wrong. Simon whose name was changed by the revelation and the action of his faith spoke the correct answer. “YOU are the CHRIST”! Peter said that JESUS is The Anointed One.

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