Created, Creation, Creator, and Creature [a series-4th and final]



That which is created; every being beside the Creator, or everything not self-existent. The sun, moon, and stars; the earth, animals, plants, light, darkness, air, water, man, etc., are the creatures of GOD.

Now that it has been read throughout the series who is the Creator let us get an understanding who and what are the creatures. GOD spoke into existence every creature that lives in the water; and every creature that flies in the air. If it existed or exist it’s because GOD is the One who created it to be so. And everything that GOD created was good in HIS sight. GOD not man or a huge explosion spoke into existence that the earth was to bring forward every living creature. After man had been created the LORD GOD brought every wild animal, every creeping thing and every bird to Adam to see what Adam would call them whatever he named them to be that is what it’s called to this day. After the flood the LORD GOD made a covenant with Noah and his descendants that has remained to this day. This covenant was so powerful that the LORD GOD also included HIS creatures the animals which survived the flood because they too entered the Ark as well. Not only was the covenant spoken the LORD GOD sealed HIS covenant with a sign in the sky which is in the form of a rainbow. The LORD GOD is a promise keeper because HE said that HE will remember HIS covenant between HIMself and every living creature of every kind. When people see the rainbow in the sky they think it’s a symbol of luck, that there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow or that it’s a symbol for a leprechaun. The rainbow is none of the above it’s placed there so that when GOD see it HE will remember the everlasting covenant that HE made with Noah and every living creature on the earth. There was a time when the law prohibited the eating of certain animals. Bless GOD that this law no longer needs to be adhered to. We will find out why later in the blog. A great question is why is it that every living creature willingly praise their Creator except humankind? When someone decides that they want to try and drag me into their foolish conversations with their pets, I stand my ground because not only does the scripture inform us that everything that has breathe praise the LORD. It’s broken down for us and too not understand what the scripture is, is because we don’t want to understand. The scripture teaches us that every living creature is to praise the LORD from the earth everything that lives in the water, fire and hail; snow and mist; storm-winds obey HIS Word; the mountains and the hills; every tree; wild animals; livestock; creeping reptiles; flying birds; royalty of the earth; those in authority; men, women and children are to praise the LORD. Why is it so difficult for humankind to understand this? When your dog barks, it’s because the dog is praising the LORD. When your cat purrs it’s because your cat is praising the LORD. Your reptiles praise the LORD and so do your pet fish and birds. Every tree and bush that we pass by is praising the LORD and so does the elements. Every creature praises the LORD willingly except humankind and it’s because humankind are detached from the Creator until humankind come with a repentant heart to JESUS by faith. Ezekiel who is a creature called humankind had a vision of GOD his Creator. We like to think that Cherubim are what we call cupids they are far from that. In Genesis we see the first mention of them. Two of them to this day are guarding the entrance of Eden and believe me they are no babies. They have been standing there in obedience since the LORD GOD placed them there with a flaming sword. This is just one description of their appearance composed of various creatures, as a man, an ox, an eagle and lion. Another description of their appearance is that they have four heads or faces, the hands of a man and wings. The four faces were, the face of a bull, that of a man, that of a lion, and that of an eagle. Yet, they have the likeness of man. They have four wings two of the four wings touch one another and the other two of the creature wings cover their bodies. In the middle of these living creatures is burning coals that resemble torches and lightning. These living creatures move with the swiftness of lightning. Next to these living creatures is a wheel on the ground. This wheel has a wheel within a wheel and when the living creatures moved these wheels moved alongside of them. When the cherubim who are creatures were lifted up so were the wheels. Where ever the spirit moved the cherubim moved and so did the wheels right along with the spirit. This occurred because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. Over the heads of these living creatures appeared to be ice glittering and each of them had a pair of wings stretched out toward the others as another pair of their wings covered their bodies. In the sound of the wings of the creatures was the sound of great waters the voice of the ALMIGHTY/EL SHADDAI. These creatures which are cherubim’s are so mighty that CHRIST is described in the scripture riding on one of the creatures on the wings of the wind. In the celestial hierarchy the cherubim is a spiritual creature which is after the Seraph which is the angel of the highest order. In conclusion about the creatures which are the cherubim there are four who stand around the throne and in the center of each side of the throne. Never ceasing to praise the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY saying “Holy holy, holy is the LORD, GOD of heaven’s armies. The One who was, who is and is coming!” Because HE alone is worthy, HE is the LORD with three distinctive entities, FATHER, SON and Holy Ghost. HE is the LORD our GOD. HE has glory, honor and power because HE is the One who created all things because of HIS will every creature was created be they in heaven, earth, sea or hell. There is an appointed time when the creatures along with the elders in heaven will sing a song regarding the opening of the scroll that only the worthy Lamb can open. And once this is done along with the creatures which are the cherubim and elders will also be the creatures which are angels who will also be around the throne. And in unison it is heard by the creatures in heaven the following. “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. To receive power and riches and wisdom. And strength and honor and glory and blessing!” Then every creature in heaven, on earth, in hell, and sea will say because CHRIST JESUS will not be denied HIS praise because HE alone is worthy of glory, honor and praise. “Blessing and honor and glory and power. Be to HIM who sits on the throne. To the Lamb, forever and ever!” Then the four living creatures said, “Amen!” And the twenty-four elders who are creatures fell down and worshiped HIM who lives forever and ever. So if the creatures in heaven worship GOD, don’t you think that we too should worship HIM? Now after CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave HE located HIS disciples who were renamed apostles and told them to preach the Good News to all of HIS creatures which is the human race. Warning, GOD has given HIS creatures which are the human race over to the full power of sin when they refuse to believe the truth of GOD. Instead there are some who prefer to believe the lie because of the lust of their heart and they serve creatures that have been created by the Creator. However, there is hope for anyone who will turn from their wicked activities and depraved heart and HIS name is JESUS the CHRIST. HIS death on the cross is to reconcile us back to the FATHER because we are HIS creatures which are in need of HIS SON. Once our faith is in CHRIST JESUS never turn away but remain grounded and steadfast look to CHRIST JESUS who is the hope we need by reading and listening to the gospel which is made available to us all who are creatures HIS human race who are under heaven.

Do you recall that I wrote that at one time there was a law pertaining to the eating of certain animals? Well, now here is the freedom we now have to eat whatever creature, animal we desire without fear of consequences. Every creature in animal form or that creeps on the earth is good by the voice of GOD. As long as we receive our food regardless of what has been prepared for us to eat we are to give thanks to GOD for our food by prayer in the Word to GOD to make our food holy. No creature that GOD spoke into existence is hidden from the sight of GOD. We are all exposed; naked, and defenseless in the eyes of our Creator JESUS. Once we are reborn through CHRIST JESUS we become sons by HIS Word which is Truth we become the firstfruits of HIS creatures because we are consecrated to CHRIST JESUS. We are fabulous creatures with the ability to tame every creature but we cannot tame our tongue. There are scripture references that I have included in this blog that I have not written about because it will appear repetitive. However, my suggestion will be to read them in the hopes that we will gain wisdom from GOD about the fact that everything seen and unseen has been created by GOD which makes everything HIS creature in the hopes that in our ignorance we will stop worshipping and idolizing HIS creation and turn our attention to our Creator.

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