Who is your FATHER? PT. 7

Abba, Father - Romans 8 verse 15 & Galatians 4 verse 6

Luke 6:36; 9:26; 10:22; 12:32

Our FATHER in heaven is a compassionate FATHER. And the product of HIS children should live and produce compassion as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to be compassionate to people; believe me I know. Bless those of you who have this anointing that oozes from you; I had a god-mother like this and during her final service of life; many who spoke of here had no more to testify about but her compassion and love for others. But for the rest of us; we have to daily desire to be a person of compassion. We will have to make it up in our minds to reflect compassion just as our FATHER shows us compassion in all we think; give our attention to in sight, hearing and doing. None of us are perfect not even the ones who go around with these exalted titles which come across as if they have it altogether. They don’t; we must spend quality time reading and seeing how JESUS showed compassion on all. Even when HE showed anger at the temple; HE turned around and began to heal those who were sick; Mt. 21:14. When we move in compassion towards others; we are more apt to do those things that JESUS has done and do them far greater; Jn.14:12, HE would have not done those great works had HE no compassion. Here is another example at how I’m certain JESUS was amazed with people. JESUS would say “you of little faith”? Meaning that JESUS was telling them that they did / do not trust HIM. And this is that same fact today; where is our faith; why don’t we trust HIM in everything? HE said this to the very men who spent one thousand and ninety-five days with HIM. They ate together; lived together; move around from one place to that place together. They witnessed all the miraculous deeds; the healings, the deliverance, the feeding, the walking on the water. They had first hand-up front account of these things and yet at times and maybe often; their faith was weak; they had no trust. They did not understand that JESUS moved in compassion just as HIS FATHER does. In other words like FATHER like SON. When we belong to JESUS; JESUS will expose who the FATHER is. It is my personal belief that when we belong to the FATHER through JESUS that JESUS is willing to reveal who our FATHER is. We don’t have to sit back and wonder if HE is this or that; if HE is willing to do this or that. We will already know who HE is and what HE is willing to do because we know HIM through relationship and not through second or third hand knowledge or religion. Our FATHER has given to us the kingdom and what does that mean to us? It means that whatsoever is in the kingdom belongs to us and we have a right to take it because we are the owner; it’s our home; we are rightful citizens. For example; in your home you have a young family and they have a right to enter into your bedroom; go to the bathroom; enter the kitchen and prepare a meal or take what is in the refrigerator; they can lay around all day if they desire because they know that this is home and they have a right to be free flowing without reservation. Now, you have company in your home; are they allowed to just walk into your bedroom; do they know and can they just get up and go to your bathroom; can they walk into your kitchen and prepare a meal or enter your refrigerator and take whatever they desire; can they lay around anytime they want? NO! When you’re young family grows up and moves out; they will visit you and there is still that freedom to move freely and with familiarity within that home. It’s the same thing with the Kingdom; it’s our home, we are heavenly citizens but we don’t know how to access the entrance code and go for what we need and or want. Why is that?



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