Who is your FATHER

Part 1 from the Old Testament

1.  HE is; the One who styled us from the manner in which we are made. HE is; the One that branded us by creating us with a spirit as HE is; Spirit. HE had given us HIS character and nature. We were to reflect HIS very nature. We have HIS image and likeness. Gen. 1:26

2.               HE is; with us, HE blesses us and we are Abraham’s promise of being his descendant. Gen. 26:24

3. HE is; our Amazing Counselor, Strong GOD, Eternal FATHER, Prince of Wholeness. Is.9:6

4. ADONAI; the Redeemer , the one possessed of absolute control, our Living FATHER, Is.63:16

5. HE is; the potter, the sculptor, the worker. Is. 64:7

6. HE is; the Savior. Jer. 31:7,9

7. HE is; the questioning FATHER. Mal. 1:6; 2:10

8. When we confess JESUS  with our mouth that JESUS is the LORD and believe in our heart that GOD raised JESUS from the dead; we are saved and ADONAI say that we are HIS son’s and that on that day HE becomes our FATHER. HE is; a provider, HE will never walk away from us. HE is; the Rock of Salvation. HE is; Compassionate, sheer Grace and Mercy, calm and cool, Loving, forgiving, a separator from our sins, HE knows us intimately, Ps. 2:7, 27:10, 68:6

9. HE is; a disciplinarian, HE tells us that we must listen with respect to our earthly father. Prvbs. 3:12, 23:22

Our FATHER is too much for us to understand; yet we want to deny HIS existence. Well go to Job 38 and read that chapter in full; read various translations such as the Complete Jewish, the Message, the Amplified and New King James Bibles.

·    HE is; a promise keeper. HE  is; blessed, great, mighty, victorious, majestic, ruler, the eternal FATHER, worthy of thanksgiving and praise just because of HIS name. 1 Chrn. 17:10-14, 29:10

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