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When I was a baby in CHRIST JESUS and read that darkness cannot overpower light, I struck a match in the darkness of a room to test this out. And, I found out that with a simple paper or stick match, with a Zippo or Bic lighter, with the straw from a broom, and lighting a piece of waded up paper all in the dark; it is true the dark cannot overpower light be it from fire, electricity, oil, or battery, darkness is absorbed by light.

With this image nestled firmly in my heart, I began to understand how JESUS is the Light that will shine into every area that we give HIM the permission to enter and clean. Yes, I did write permission. JESUS is a gentleman and HE will never enter a home or room occupied by you until HE is invited. Ever noticed the picture of JESUS knocking on the door? I grew up with such a picture in my great-grandmother’s bedroom and never noticed until I was in my twenties when it was spoken of in worship service that the door did not have a door handle/knob outwardly. I could remember the picture but could not dispute in my mind what was being said because I always took it for granted that there is a door knob. When I returned to work on that Monday, I looked the image up on my computer. Home computers were not yet a thing so going into my office was my only option and back then the internet was very limited. And I saw this for myself and yet, again this image was now being tucked away in my heart, not as the picture that hung in my great-grandmother’s bedroom when she was alive but to remind me to not just open a door for JESUS to enter but to keep it opened. Also, as the years moved along I realized that there were doors to my heart that I had not given JESUS permission to enter and shine HIS light into. I then had to humble myself and invite HIM to open whatever door HE found shut and if it were locked and I had no idea where the key or combination is, I permitted HIM to just open the door HIMself and shine HIS light. But not only to shine HIS light but to open the windows of my heart as well, to throw out everything that has nothing to do with HIM, to wash, disinfect, and organize each room within my heart until HE had total control of my heart and that there was no longer room for anything else. Today, I can tell that my heart is illuminated by the Light of JESUS because thoughts that once controlled me no longer exist and thoughts that I considered are difficult for me to conjure up. No, I am not yet perfect but I do recognize more of JESUS in me than there is of me and so do others.

Darkness cannot absorb or overpower light because it is unreceptive to it. Darkness cannot comprehend/understand, or defeat light. When judgment is administered to everyone who did not choose JESUS in their former life [while alive] this very same Light will be by their judgment. The Light will reveal how darkness was preferred over light because they were evil-wicked.

John the Baptizer is JESUS’ cousin, Mary the Mother of JESUS and Elizabeth were cousins, Luke 1:36-45. John was sent by GOD before he was conceived in his mother’s womb. The reason for his leaping within his mother’s womb at the voice of Mary is because he was filled with the Holy Spirit so though he had sinful blood, the Holy Spirit empowered him to live free from sin. This is a HALLELUJAH moment here because this demonstrates to us that when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit we too are empowered to live the remainder of our lives sin free. The key word here is power.

Before John was born his assignment had already been imprinted within him and it is no different today. How do I know this? It is found in the dreams, the visions, and the passions that push us towards what we are here to do. This is why I find it critical that when our children tell us what they want to be while they are so very young. We are to go and purchase the things that they need to cultivate that and take them to meet people who are already doing what it is that they will like to do. For example: If your child says that they want to be a person who builds things, your job is to go and purchase building blocks or legos’, erector sets, and such, take the child to a construction site and ask to speak with the supervisor, explain to the supervisor that your child desires to build and would he/she mind showing your child around. The supervisor will be delighted to take on this task and more than likely the supervisor will probe the child with questions to give to you all insight into how deep this passion is. However, do not be disappointed if your child changes his/her mind about who or what it is they desire to be when they grow up. Again, cultivate that and when the child sticks with whatever you helped with, more than likely this will be who your child is to become.

John the Baptist was foretold through the prophet when he said that a messenger would be sent. JESUS as the LORD ALMIGHTY said that HE will send HIS messenger and he will prepare the way for ME. So, as I understand it preparation is to make ready and this is what John did, he was making ready the hearts of people to receive JESUS once HE comes. He instilled in the people that they are to always be looking for the MESSIAH. And that HE will come suddenly though HE lived among people after all remember JESUS was birthed from a human. John had never met JESUS according to the scriptures yet, the Holy Spirit recognized HIM and caused John to proclaim “Behold the Lamb of GOD who takes away the sin of the world” John 1:29!

John 1:5-6

Reference Scriptures: Jhn 3:19, Mal. 3:1; Mark 1:2–5, 7-8; Luke 3:1–22


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