Why is my life so full of confusion?

Good question; but before I get into the depth of confusion. Let’s understand that confusion is in two parts. The demonic spirit of confusion: when thoughts are unclear, indistinct, bemuddled, the failure to distinguish between reality and fantasy, everything mentally is all jumbled up. This is an everyday occurrence. We call these people mentally ill due to dual personalities; schizophrenia and such.

Then there is the person who has for the most part not gotten a clear understanding of what was said to them or given to them to do. Making a mistake in distinguishing between twins; being stressed by a certain task when taking on too much responsibility or the need to meet a deadline. These mistakes can often be rectified; such as when we are not sure of what has been said; why not just ask the person to make sure we have comprehended correctly. You know you are challenged when it comes to twins; so stop embarrassing yourself and just ask which one are you, LOL. When we are stressed it’s better to ask for help. Especially when our thoughts are all jumbled; we are easily misplacing items; people who speak to you sound like millions speaking at once; you are having small panic attacks. During these times; we need to realize we must call in the re-enforcements; step away for a moment; ask for help; breath and laugh. Come back to the task at hand with a renewed outlook.  What I’ve written may come across as corny but believe you me; they work and you must listen to and understand how you operate. Once you understand how you are designed to work there will be less confusion in your life. 

1 Corinthians 14:33; James 3:16.

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