Deceive / Deceitful


It’s an awful thing to have anyone deceive another. Because of the belief and trust that we place on what another tells us we become mislead in our mind. When we are deceived we begin to error due to the deception that we took by faith into our heart. We need to have the wisdom of GOD which is the Holy Spirit within us so that we will hear His voice when someone tells us or we read something that is laced in being a false accusation, claim or statement because it’s deception. We all must visit a physician due to an ache, discomfort or illness. And though it is true that via science the physician can see that we have a germ, or whatever they may see that will give us a discomfort or illness of the body. But that does not mean that we have to take ownership of the ailment. A diagnostic report is simply the characteristic of the nature of a disease. If we belong to CHRIST JESUS we should know that HE took that diagnosis upon HIMself two-thousand eight-teen years ago. We must stand on the promises of GOD which pertain to our health, do not invite the ache, germ, or discomfort of the illness to take up residence within you. I did not mean to write anything about health but I believe since the Holy Spirit had me to touch on that, it must be for someone who reads this blog. We must not allow anyone to cause us to disbelieve the truth and all truth is found in CHRIST JESUS not in what we can associate with because of our five senses. Do not allow anyone or anything to impose and delude us from what the Bible informs us with promise. Read Matt. 24:4. Also, be careful not to become prideful or ask the FATHER to show you if you have pride residing within you. We all are guilty of believing or saying that we do not do or say a thing and believe because we do not do or say something that we witness in others that we have no sin. Allow me to demonstrate at least two facts.

  • Anyone who has not come to the FATHER knowing and realizing that he/she is a sinner has deceived themselves into believing the lie satan has given to you.
  • Anyone who is blood washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS and now look down on others because of their behavior. Deceives themselves of not having pride within them. Read 1 John 1:1.

Never delude anyone into deception, check out the facts through the truth in CHRIST JESUS. Wait to hear HIS voice, most often than not HE will have the Holy Spirit speak to us in wisdom. When we delude the truth we cheat ourselves and others. We do not want to become one that cut ourselves and others off from the expectation that we all should desire to receive from the FATHER. Never cause another to become frustrated or disappointed because you are guilty of robbing them of what it is they have placed their hope in.

It’s a wonderful thing to be educated in the things of this world. However, it’s not a good thing to rely on the wisdom of this world. Wisdom belongs to GOD alone and only those who ask HIM will obtain true wisdom in the Holy Ghost/Spirit. We only fool ourselves into believing that we are wise because of what we can see, taste, touch, smell and hear. That type of wisdom comes from the world. Godly wisdom will have us to discard the wisdom of this world by the knowledge we receive from our senses and education. Walk by faith and not by sight. Once we recognize that the wisdom we thought we had a hold of is dull when compared to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit we will see that the world’s wisdom is foolish and stupid. Walk by faith and not by sight. The world’s wisdom comes from experience whereas true wisdom comes with true learning and scholarship which causes us to be truly wise. Walk by faith and not by sight. With worldly wisdom, we become conceited in our beliefs. Yet, when we turn ourselves entirely over to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS we turn away from all types of evil.

I totally hate excuses, when I hear excuses the Holy Spirit will tell me that what I’m hearing is a lie. Excuses will delude the truth and are groundless because of the sin of lying. Excuses will more so come from those who are rebellious and disobedient to the Word of GOD because they are empty of HIS being.

Each and every human need CHRIST JESUS because each and every human is born into this world with a deceitful and mortally sick heart. None of us need to be taught how to be corrupt and perverse, it is our nature. We do however need to be taught the Word of GOD how to be righteous in CHRIST JESUS. Our flesh nature will always be in combat with our spiritual nature once we come to JESUS the CHRIST. In CHRIST JESUS we will still have the capability to think of ways to deceive but it’s not our natural flesh mind that we must adhere to. It’s our spirit man that we must listen to because our orders come from heaven. Someone once told me many years ago that he keeps having thoughts to rob people. I said to him, you are saved which means that you no longer belong to satan. Don’t listen to any voice that instructs you to do anything against the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Always do the opposite. Know that when we come to CHRIST JESUS we will receive a new DNA transformation, our blood, heart, and mind will be transformed into the will of GOD. This is why it so important for us to be in constant communication with the FATHER. This can only happen when we speak with HIM and listen to HIS reply, read HIS Word and act on what the Word informs us to do and to say. Make truth a major part of our lives. Yet, those that refuse to hear the truth because deception has been deceived their ears, eyes, and heart will die the death of judgment, hell and the lake of fire.

Those who walk in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit because all truth resides within them have already escaped being deceived by the enemy.

1 Corinthians 3:18, Prov. 3:7, Ephesians 5:6, Jeremiah 17:9, Eccl. 9:3


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