1 Timothy 6

To my beloved sisters and brothers of the faith; know that it’s not alright that there are some who blaspheme the name of the living GOD and HIS Word. It can be done verbally or in deed; whichever it’s a very poor testimony of their faith in CHRIST JESUS. Teach and advise one another of these things that we may strengthen each other in our growth in godliness. Anyone who does not hear let the LORD GOD deal with them; for all of the FATHERs children should be eager to speak wholesome words at all times concerning the LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS Word which instructs us how to live godly lives. Anyone who does not listen is considered to be proud; believing in knowledge knowing nothing and is obsessed with disputes and arguments over words which are life and deaf from the tongue depending on what is spoken. Any person who is argumentative is obsessed with envy, negativity competitiveness, more than likely abusive in language, evil suspicions, constantly have to keep something going contentious wise, their minds are corrupt and they lack the truth because they believe that godliness is a means to financial wealth. You know them as prosperity ministers or non-believers that view the testimony seen and believe that ministers are pimping the congregation of their money; getting fat financially as the congregations continue to struggle. I want to write this and make it plain; there is absolutely nothing wrong with being financially wealthy; as a matter of fact; I wish I was financially wealthy because there is so much I would love to do to help those in need and to support ministries who truly have a heart for the Living GOD. “And you shall remember the LORD your GOD, for it is HE who gives you power to get wealth, that HE may establish HIS covenant which HE swore to your fathers, as it is this day; Deuteronomy 8:18. This scripture is not only for ministers it’s for every child of the Living GOD; all we have to do is believe and apply HIS Word to our lives and believe you me; we must be disciplined to do what it takes. Most of us including me are not disciplined when it comes to money. I know I pour all the finances I have back into this ministry with the fullness of joy and ask for nothing in return along with paying all my household bills. However, I am content and believe that I walk in godliness and if I’m not; the Holy Spirit will correct me and get me back in-line and this is great gain to me. Daily, I look forward to what the LORD JESUS will do with me and if HE just desires that I rest and enjoy TV or hanging out just doing me than I do it with contentment in HIM. We must lose the mentality of becoming rich; (this comes from me and none other. I believe that being rich is temporary; being wealthy is eternal). See, I’m a very wealthy woman; whatever I need my DADDY supplies it to me. Those who desire to be rich will go about it in all types of deviant ways for a buck. A woman will sell her precious body; a man will pimp a woman out; drugs / death is sold everywhere. Alcohol is sold, deception is sold, and scams are sold. Some of what I wrote places people in the worse possible danger when they are conducting business and the others written here rape people financially. People will run to the get rich quick scam every time regardless of how many times they have heard that people have been placed in jail for this scam. You are the one out of money and before they got caught; they enjoyed for the moment the riches that you in your ignorance provided the scammers. The temptation for getting rich is foolishness and this lust will bring nothing but harm to your door. You will find yourself drowning in despair because of the choices you made to get rich quick; nothing worth having is obtained without some work. Don’t allow your thirst for money to destroy you and take you to hell. Remember, the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. If you don’t believe the Word just look out your window, step out your door or take a ride or walk throughout some communities and witness the devastation of what the love of money is doing and has done. I have seen ministers who still stand behind the pulpit; however, they have left their first love by leaving the faith in such a subtle way; that they really don’t know just how far they have slipped from the presence of GOD. And because the ministry staff and congregation are lulled by the starlight of their pastor; they don’t recognize the wrong doing. I’m a true believer that when the pastor is blessed immensely the blessings should flow down as the oil did from Aaron’s beard and touch the people. You got a pastor that live in an estate home or mansion than you should be living in an estate home or mansion. Your pastor drives an expensive car than you should be driving the car of your choice instead of “pit and pat or public transportation.” For those of you who have never heard of pit and pat; that’s walking. Let’s help each other to flee from all types of evil with wholesome words so that we all will pursue righteousness and godliness in the faith through love, faith, patience and gentleness towards one another. We all must fight the good fight of faith; we are not alone; we are in this walk together. Daily we must take hold of eternal life which we confessed to before witnesses. You may have been sitting on the toilet and thinking that you were alone; but the angels in heaven witnessed you confessing JESUS. Keep the commandment; be blameless; JESUS is coming back. JESUS will come at the appropriate time that only the FATHER has designated; our assignment is to be ready. JESUS is blessed and HE alone is the only Potentate (possess great power; sovereign; monarch and ruler); JESUS is the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords/lords. JESUS is immortality and HE lives in the unapproachable light who is the FATHER which no man has seen or can see. JESUS is the one who has all honor and everlasting power. So to you who are rich turn from your wicked ways and stop trusting in your riches; trust only in the living GOD who gives to us richly all things to enjoy. Do good with your riches; be rich in good works; give to those in need; share with others expecting nothing in return. Store up for yourself a good foundation which is eternal life. Guard what was committed to your trust; avoid profane and idle talk. Don’t listen to contradictions of the Word from those who trust in their knowledge but are ignorant to the Spirit of Wisdom which belongs to the living GOD alone. http://amfbministry@about.me

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