Don’t let sin rule your life

Romans 6:12-13

A battle is raging in the spiritual realm: the forces of good and evil are at war all around us; Ephesians 6:12. Although the possibility of sinning is always present; we are to be dead to sin and to be constantly living for GOD; Romans 6:11. If sin reigns in us we freely give over our mind, eyes, ears, mouth, limbs and the full body. However, if we have dedicated ourselves to GOD; then every part of us and our activity is given to GOD. Avoiding temptation is a way to avoid sin. We can keep our eyes on JESUS; study HIS Word and avoid situations that could entice us to do evil. If we do sin; GOD forgives us when we ask HIM but the scars of sin may remain although the wounds of sin have been healed. We must realize that JESUS in us is greater than any type of sin that the devil will try to control us with. The devil has NO power unless you give it to him. We are victorious as we grow up in JESUS; we begin to understand our new nature within HIM. The books we read; the pictures we view; the thoughts we imagine; the entertainment we select; the environments we frequent; those we choose to socialize with all influence the course we choose. Being in the clergy does not give me exempt status from being tempted to sin. Everyday sinful thoughts come into my mind to get out of something or to plump up an excuse for why something was or was not done. Let me give you an example of my last sinful thought. On the week ending August 27, 2011 Washington, DC experienced an earthquake and heavy storms from hurricane Irene which caused electricity to go out or trees to fall. I could have easily said to people that my electricity went out or trees had fallen in my neighborhood and not gone to church. The enemy was lining up some great lies for me to tell. I on the other hand choose to attend a church in my neighborhood community and GOD used me greatly as well as caused me to have a wonderful time in fellowship with the few that came to service that day. I did not allow my not being able to attend my regular service where I fellowship deter me and this made the devil angry. But I say “who cares that the enemy is upset”? I placed a smile on my DADDY’s face and that is all that matters to me.  

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