Colossians 3

Before salvation came to us; we were walking zombies; blind, deaf and mute to righteousness. We so called lived our lives to glorify the devil and his kingdom of hell without knowing it. We so called lived our lives to glorify ourselves and believing that all we thought, looked at, listened to, spoke and did was right and our excuse was that everybody is doing it. Now salvation has come to us and we are no longer walking zombies; we are no longer blind, deaf and mute to righteousness. We are now able to live a life on earth that is worth living; I did not write that life would be problem free. However, now we have someone to turn to who will deliver us from our problems; that will show us how to overcome the problems that we may face in life. We don’t have to wait for that great by and by because JESUS did not save us in this life so that we can remain miserable. We are raised with CHRIST; so why not look for those things which come from HIM above versus what the devil gives below? CHRISTians get so bogged down with the cares of this world by reading the news paper daily; listening or watching the news daily; believing what other are saying versus what the LORD GOD has said. CHRISTians are still bogged down by their past. The LORD GOD said that HE is the same yesterday, today and forever; HE never said that we are the same yesterday, today and forever. Whatever we were yesterday is dead today and each day we are growing and changing in the knowledge of our faith and trust in CHRIST JESUS. Our yesterday life is hidden with CHRIST in GOD. CHRIST is the very essence of our life and when HE returns we will appear with HIM in glory. So put to death; kill; murder those things that are earthy.

  1. Fornication / sex before marriage
  2. Uncleanness / sin
  3. Lust
  4. Evil desires / sin, wicked lust
  5. Covetousness / greedy or idol worshipping of people other than CHRIST JESUS the LORD GOD; places and things.

It is because of those things written above that GOD’s anger will come to the son’s of disobedience. Thank our DADDY that we no longer live as stated above. Now for once and for all just as we take off our clothes; only we are to never cloth ourselves ever again in:

  1. Anger
  2. Wrath / vengeance
  3. Malice / the need to cause bodily harm
  4. Blasphemy / to speak the name of the LORD GOD disrespectfully
  5. Filthy language out from our mouth
  6. Lies

The new and improved you no longer live with the desire or need to fulfill the desires of hell. So take off that old natured person and put on the new natured person who is renewed in the knowledge according to the image of CHRIST JESUS who created you. We are the elect saints of the most high GOD; holy and beloved so put on:

  1. Tender mercies / gentle compassion
  2. Kindness / considerate, helpful
  3. Humility / not arrogant; not prideful
  4. Meekness / compliant; patient
  5. Longsuffering / endure

Bear with all and forgive; after all CHRIST forgave us and because we have been forgiven; we too must forgive. Put on love this is our bond of perfection; allow the peace of GOD to rule in our hearts. Be thankful and let the Word of CHRIST live within us richly in all wisdom from GOD who gives to us when we ask and gives to us abundantly. Caution and teach one another with and in godliness with grace in our hearts to the LORD most high. Everything that we do and everything that we say must be done in the name of JESUS our LORD giving thanks to our FATHER who is GOD.

BONUS: Wives, submit to Your own husbands.

Husbands love Your own wives; do not have an antagonistic / hostile attitude towards them.

Children, obey your parents in all things.

Fathers, do not arouse your children’s anger.

Everything that we are to do; we must do it with a joyful heart in the LORD and not towards people. Knowing this; that it is the LORD GOD alone who will reward us with our inheritance because of our obedience in the LORD CHRIST JESUS.


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