I AM GOD! I AM everywhere! You cannot escape from ME! I AM both near and far!

Where is it that you believe or think that you can hide from ME and not be seen? Humans will never have a secret place where I cannot come to get you. I AM The LORD GOD who lives in all of heaven and earth. There is not enough room in heaven or earth combined to contain all of ME.

Where is it that you human can run to thinking that you can hide from ME? Human, you will never be able to hide from the sight of MY Holy Spirit. You cannot escape or have the ability to run fast enough from ME. 

Humans, you can dig through the earth until you reach hell and with MY hand, I will pull you up from there. You can climb toward the sky and I will bring you down. Should you try to hide at the top of any mountain, I can and I will find you and take you away. If you try and hide at the bottom of lakes, ponds, oceans, rivers, and seas, I The LORD GOD will command a snake to come and bite you.



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