JESUS Family pt. 1

Everyone has a family and everyone has family issues. Everyone is also told that they remind other’s of another family member by looks or character. Looks we have no control over but character we do. Let’s take a look at JESUS family members and how HE chose not to be who HIS family came from. I want us to see how they were major mess ups yet The LORD GOD kept HIS promises as to who they are and what they will be. So realize because The LORD GOD did it for them HE will do it for us. JESUS had 44 generations before HE became the son of Mary. I will take 4 generations at a time. 

Abraham /aka Abram was a coward; a liar and selfish, (Gen. 12:12-19). The LORD visited, ate, drank and spoke with Abraham at his home. The two angels went to Sodom and Gomorrah but The LORD remained with Abraham and spoke with him about what HE plans to do. The LORD did not leave Abraham until the conversation ended. After being with The LORD face to face Abraham lied again (Gen. 20). The LORD GOD tested Abraham by telling him to offer Isaac as a burnt offering. Abraham told the two servants that went with him and Isaac to wait for their return. To offer means to present, to consider, to give; it does not mean to destroy. Abraham had the faith to know that he and his son were going to return one way or another (Gen. 22). 

Isaac / a coward, a liar and selfish (Gen. 26.8). Notice the resemblance to his father. 

Israel / aka Jacob a momma’s boy, cunning and selfish (Gen. 25:29-34). He came from a family of deceivers on both sides; his mother helped him deceive his father and his uncle deceived him in marrying another woman that he thought was the woman he wanted, (Gen. 28 & 29). After wrestling with a man (Gen. 32:24-29) and having his thigh/ hip placed out of joint; Jacob’s name was changed. 

Judah /did not like his younger brother yet he spared his brother’s Joseph life by having him sold into slavery (Gen. 37:26-27). The tribe and kingdom of Judah is Joseph’s older brother (Gen. 49:8-12)

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