Character: Part 16

Titus 2:1-10

           Our character must at all times be a reflection of JESUS.

Men, you need to stop blaming those who were not there for you to teach you what a real man is. I’m not saying that what you are saying and experiencing is not valid because it is. What I’m saying is that there comes a time when you must get up off of your pity pot. Look in GOD’s Word for the dignity and strength of a man. Then begin to study and incorporate the characteristics of man into your life. Whatever you find to be a challenge, you are to ask GOD in the name of JESUS to help develop your character. HE will do that for you.

          Women, stop taking the role of man and allow a man to be a man. Encourage him and help him. Don’t degrade him in any way possible. Be feminine at all times. Don’t be abusive and don’t take abuse. Learn to love yourself because you are the man’s glory. Read and teach females younger than you to be virtuous. Speak only what is true. Don’t do anything that will remove your beauty which is within and shines out. Learn and understand that when you read GOD’s Word and come across the word submissive, not to take it or deny it as something dirty; negative or something that will remove your independence.

Women when you are married you are to submit which is another word for agree with or comply to. The word does not mean that you are to deny yourself for the person of who you are. When CHRISTian women are married to CHRISTian men the hierarchy is such. JESUS; husband; wife and child/children. Now I know and understand that there are CHRISTian husbands who are abusive to their wives. You are not to submit to anyone who is abusive to you emotionally; mentally or physically. However, when your husband is not being legalistic with GOD’s Word and the both of you are enjoying each other 90% or more of the time then you have no problem being submissive to him. Don’t remove the word obey from your wedding vows, it means that you will submit. Besides, men promise to do the same which means that he will listen to your wise counsel and act on it.

When daddy and mommy are living their lives according to GOD’s Word the children can’t help but be pleasurable to your spirits.

Finally, make sure that you both have eaten. Are you aware that when you are hungry your attitude is more likely to be abusive?

 This concludes Character.

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