Because the Spirit of the LORD rest within JESUS. We can be assured that when we have the Spirit of the LORD within us that we too are at rest.

We can rest because it is through JESUS Holy Spirit that we have wisdom because our FATHER said that HE would give this to us liberally if we would only ask HIM for it. And with our getting we are to get understanding. We are also counselled by the Holy Spirit, we are not left ignorant to the enemy’s devices. We can gain daily knowledge from being guided by the teaching of the Holy Spirit and to understand just what it means to have a healthy fear which means respect for the FATHER.

JESUS is a justifier and HE justifies through HIS Holy Spirit. This is how JESUS recognizes HIS own and believe it or not we too can recognize one another by the response the Holy Spirit within us prompts us to know that we are in the presence of a relative.

Coming to JESUS we give to HIM our old deceitful, evil heart made of stone and JESUS will give to us a heart made of flesh. As well our spirit is born anew with an eternal hope of life.

In order to obtain this wonderful Spirit that JESUS has we must first be born again. Once we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that JESUS is LORD. Then if we have time (earthly living time because some people will believe just moments before death) we should receive water baptism in the name of JESUS and either before, during or after ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We must follow the example JESUS left for us, though HE was not in need of either baptisms, JESUS demonstrated for us how we are to give an outward showing of our being buried with HIM and to rise again as HE did. As well to have the Holy Spirit residing within us.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit by far is the better baptism because this is the baptism that gives us power to overcome. Unlike water baptism, no one will be able to witness this baptism years down the line of our lives. But the power that comes from the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evident throughout the remainder of our earthly life. Because of this baptism we will most definitely know and so will others recognize that the FATHER, SON and Holy Spirit live with us and we live with HIM.

Because the Holy Spirit resides within us there is nothing good that we will lack. We will have the capability to do far more than JESUS was able to do in HIS earthly life. The Holy Spirit is also known for imparting gifts on those that He desires to give them to.

Because of the Holy Spirit we are able to live free in the fullness of grace given to us through the mercy of CHRIST JESUS. He shows us how to live according to the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law which caused us to sin because none of us were able to keep the law.

Our coming to the Savior was done through one body and one Spirit which gives us an eternal hope through CHRIST JESUS.

It is ever so important that we read and study our Word that comes straight from the heart of our FATHER. HE instructs us through the Holy Spirit how to sow/live in the spirit so that we can reap a harvest according to the Spirit. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us which means we are to be separated from corruption to righteousness because we are made righteous through JESUS.

The Holy Spirit is a discerner of every intent within our heart, HE is the only one who can get down into the very marrow of our bones where the life force of our being is. The Holy Spirit is deeply in love with JESUS and He loves us as well. So when He lives on the inside of us He will not allow shared occupancy between Himself and evil. The Holy Spirit is jealous, He only has a desire for everything JESUS and nothing less.

So how will we know that the Holy Spirit truly is living within us? We will want to do those wrong things that we have been so accustomed to doing and find it impossible to accomplish them or if we carry them out it will tear us up to the point we will no longer want to do those things again. We will begin to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit and begin to obey Him more frequently as we mature. However, if we can live our lives as we did before confessing JESUS as our Savior and not be bothered with what we are doing and saying, chances are the Holy Spirit is not inside of you.

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