JESUS the CHRIST – wisdom of GOD

1 Corinthians 2

Let me begin by writing; that I love education. I enjoy learning new and adventurous things that I can at some point in my life use. However, as much as I love education and believe that everyone should grasp knowledge with everything they have and more. The love that I have for wisdom far excels the love that I have for knowledge. Everyday I’m always watching, listening and reading to obtain more knowledge. Everyday I’m always asking, watching, listening and reading to obtain the direction that only wisdom can provide. Now having written this; it’s not about the ability to speak eloquently; to be educated or to look a certain way. We are all ministers of the gospel that have a relationship with CHRIST JESUS and we should all want to share with others who HE is. We should all want to share how the LORD JESUS has changed our lives from darkness into light. However, we can’t do that if we are slipping and sliding into darkness expecting to be a witness of light. Who would be willing to listen? Many people share with me how they don’t like to attend worship service because there are hypocrites there. Well if that is your reason; why do you attend school, why do you go to work, why do you socialize with people at all? I’ll tell you why you go to school; because it’s the law to complete your general education-so you have to or you want to. You go to work-not because you want to but because you want that money. You socialize with others because people need people. I’ve never heard anyone repeat that they don’t do those things because they are hypocrites. So in essence there really is no excuse why we would not share our testimony and the crucifixion of JESUS with others unless we ourselves are hypocrites. When the Holy Spirit resides inside of us we have no need to be afraid of whether we will be received; being received or not are not the issue. After all there were many who witnessed JESUS heal the sick, raise the dead, open blinded eyes, cause those who could not walk to walk, cast out demons, opened the deaf ears and fed the hungry. And some of those witnesses still denied that HE is the SON of the living GOD. Don’t consider failing because you don’t fail when you try. Also, keep this in mind; you don’t know if you are the one who has come to plant or to water; that is none of our concern. Just know that we are being used by the living GOD through the power and wisdom found in JESUS CHRIST and that HE will get the increase. Maybe what I’m sharing will only be caught by those who walk in the wisdom of the LORD GOD because to pull on the wisdom of the FATHER is our growth of maturity. Everything that the world considers to be wise will die. Everything about the LORD JESUS is eternal. I shared in former publications that we lack nothing because we belong to the FATHER. The world is dying and is dead to those things eternal. People are born, vibrant and they die. Plant life is green or full of vibrant colors then they die. The lakes, oceans, ponds, rivers and seas which once held life in them are known to dry up and die. Nothing here in this world which was created to be everlasting lives forever once sin entered. The things of the living GOD are hidden from the world but are given to the children of the living GOD. Leaders of old and the leaders of today have never gotten this and because they don’t get it; it’s not shared throughout the countries. It was the leaders of old who were used by satan to fill the hearts of men to go along with the crucifixion. Because of sin there has been division in and out of church. The Word of the LORD has proclaimed “no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no one’s heart has imagined all the things that GOD has prepared for those who love HIM.” Our FATHER has revealed all hidden things to HIS kids and to HIS kids alone. However, to know these hidden revelations we must have the Holy Spirit living within us. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and He only proclaims those things that pertain to JESUS CHRIST. He is the one who searches the deepest depths of what we are to know. After all, no one can expound on who the LORD JESUS is unless He knows HIM intimately inwardly. The Holy Spirit is the very Spirit of GOD HIMSELF. Once we have the Holy Spirit living within us we no longer have the spirit of the world within us. We only have room enough for one god in our hearts and we must choose which god we will serve; satan, self or the True and living GOD; JESUS the CHRIST. The Holy Spirit provides us with the ability to rightly evaluate everything; we are not legalistically judge; however, we will have the ability to know a fruit tree by what fruit is produced. When we search for those things which are in the dark; we are of the dark. When we search for those things which are in the light; we are of the light. In CHRIST JESUS there is no darkness; no sin can be found and neither should there be any darkness and sin be found in us. “Who has known the mind of the living GOD who has absolute control? Who will counsel HIM?” Those who are sold out much like myself have the mind of CHRIST. Praise GOD my DADDY; thank YOU, JESUS.


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