How many of you have a difficult time of asking for just anything? I myself can recall when it began for me to shy away from asking for things. Way back in the days when the Good Humor ice cream man was still coming around in the neighborhoods in his starchy white uniform and hat. I would ask for a nickel or dime as the other kids who was screaming ice cream and did not always get it. Or I would ask to go to the most elaborate park at my time that was too far out of sight of my mother’s eye but yet I was with someone who was much older than me like she was either at that time in high school or had already graduated. Or I could have just asked for things and just received my usual “no”. After you get enough of these, you begin to expect these and the occasional “yes” not only became the surprise but it jump starts the enjoyment more than what we’ve anticipated from whatever it was we wanted. For me “no” was a normal part of my life from family and those that I associated with, I was always the last choice in the games. All I ever wanted was to belong and to be accepted by others but the reply to me was – no. I was liked well enough but no one ever ran towards me as they did others in school, no one ever came to my home to hang out, no one ever rang my phone just to chat. So is there any reason why I was introverted? But then as a twenty-year-old who had just begun my career in a white collar world, I had decided that I was not going to be that introverted person and that I was going to be the opposite of my true self. At the day’s end, I was exhausted and I found that most of the people that I thought that I wanted to know, I had nothing in common with. I did not do clubs, I did not drink, smoke, drugs, illicit sex and I could care less about trying to out dress someone. So eventually, I met myself in the middle and it was less exhausting. I tell you, emotional turmoil is a blip. I can recall during these turbulent times in my life when I came across this scripture again that I had read so many, many times but this time the Holy Spirit opened its understanding up to me. However, because of the wounds that I had sustained and will continue to sustain more of for a few more years, I had no idea what it’s true revelation of knowledge is. I hope that I will help someone with this truth.

  1. Always keep this in
  2. Seek, we are to follow JESUS only.
  3. Knocking until that door to your request is opened.

Sometimes we have to ask with persistence and I know that some of us like me don’t like doing this. To this day I don’t like asking for anything more than once. So I have adopted a rule it may not be correct but I have found that with people, people do what they are inspired to do. When we ask people to do something and they are inspired to do anything we do not need to ask more than once. If they are very busy people to be sure they do not forget, they will take it upon themselves to make a note to reply to our request. But to the person who is not inspired, they will dismiss or pretend they’ve forgotten. But with GOD I’m still learning to press in after all these many years because it’s so very difficult for me to ask more than once. We don’t ask GOD more than once because HE does not care or because HE has forgotten. We ask pressing in because when we asked HE had already said “yes” and the angels that have charge over our lives were dispatched with that yes answer. But there are demonic forces in the airwaves better knows to us as the heavenly atmosphere. Our mission is to thank the FATHER for the answered prayer of the request so that our answer will reach us. We need to see and touch the answer to what we have asked the FATHER for. When we know that we are true followers of CHRIST JESUS nothing that we ask for will be kept from us because we are only asking for what is rightfully ours. Remember, we are joint heirs with our LORD JESUS CHRIST. So my dear siblings of the kingdom of GOD, don’t stop knocking, knock until you’ve received peace for your request and when you’ve received peace for your request begin to thank HIM for the answered prayer. And when you either see or can touch the answer rejoice because you know that man was not able to do this but your GOD, the LORD CHRIST JESUS intervened for you.

Just remember that the moment you decide to go before our DADDY to ask HIM anything in the name of JESUS. That you believe that you are going to receive the answer to your request. We can’t go before HIM begging and we can’t go before HIM with wishes but by faith is how we approach our FATHER. We must never doubt the greatness of our DAD and what it is HE will do on our behalf. After all did HE not raise HIS SON, JESUS from the grave for you? Okay then, why do you think that HE would end things for you there?

Most of us can remember to tell others and most of the time those we tell are ones with no faith in JESUS. But we forget that this still applies to HIS children as well. JESUS is only standing on the outside of a locked door to those without faith in HIM and HE is waiting for that person to unlock that door and allow HIM to enter. Once HE is allowed in HE does just what HE said HE will do and that is HE will dine with us and we with HIM. But who in their rightful mind just sits and eat all day and night? For those of us who recall having family breakfast, lunch and dinner then just only family dinner, it was a time when we also chatted about what was going on with one another. This is what JESUS and we are doing at the table as we dine together. But here is something that may be a surprise to some. After JESUS has eaten, HE likes to walk off HIS meal, so where does HE take HIS stroll? Well within the house, the house of the heart because HE will never leave. In that heart are many, many doors and some are locked. JESUS will come and ask what’s behind that door and we will for years never unlock some of our doors to HIM and HE will never push HIS way in, just as HE did not push HIS way into the main door of the house of your heart. HE will just wait patiently for us to unlock and invite HIM into the open door so HE can take a look around and clean that room out. Now I’ve written all of this to make a point, the answer to some of our prayers are actually locked in our own heart. Behind one of those doors, it’s a door that has a room filled with something or someone that we must no longer have in our life and it’s up to JESUS to clean and disinfect the room, open the windows and let the Light in. FYI: Locked doors of our heart never become closed and locked again.

So today, go ahead and begin to ask the FATHER for what it is you need in JESUS name.


Matthew 7:7, Mark 11:24, Revelation 3:20


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