Each and every one of us has something in our life that we will have to overcome. What seems big to another may seem small to someone else just as what is defined as a sin by one is not a sin to another. JESUS has already defined what is a sin and what the actions of sin are and we as people have burdened people with what we call sin that the bible has no teaching of. However, that does not mean that the action which is not good for the person will not be the cause of that action which is the result of the punishment for those who are sinners. For example, nowhere in the bible do we find that smoking is a sin, yet, there are many Christians who smell like burning sulfur and don’t realize it because of their habit. And if or when they, or someone who they live with or spend quality time get sick from second-hand smoke. Due to the consequences that come from the warnings given from the side of the packets, and the surgeon general’s pleas on televisions, radio, and print ads. The sin that is in the bible is that we are not to commit murder and smoking is a slow act of committing murder to oneself and towards others. But please don’t think that I’m writing to pick on smokers though I’m not one myself.

All I want to do is remind all of my spiritual siblings that there is nothing and I do mean nothing that we can’t overcome, we must stop just saying the scriptures and begin to believe and trust and live out the scriptures. I was once plagued by a generational curse of depression, oppression, anger, low/ self-esteem, and suicidal tendencies. I began trying to commit suicide at the age of sixteen – age forty and each time the LORD GOD kept me here. At age seventeen I became a born again Christian and at age twenty-six I was filled with the Holy Spirit. Yet, I was still plagued by the enemy all because I did not know who I was and who the fullness of JESUS is in me and all the promises that are available to me in the now. When I was forty and in a very dark and low place in my life, I screamed out to JESUS as never before and deliverance came to me and all at once I knew that I was an overcomer. I knew all at once that I have overcome every dark enemy that had plagued my life for forty years. I knew that my life was forever changed as it had when I was seventeen but had not received the full concept.
And that’s the way so many of us are, we try to receive everything from our glorious FATHER in our minds from the concept of earthly knowledge when it’s all about receiving from the heart and spirit. All at once I knew that I was victorious and that everything that had followed and walked with me for so many years of my life had now been evicted from me. I felt as though I was light as air because not only did I feel the weights fall off of my mind, neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs. I also heard the sound of clanging, the sounds of shackles falling, the sounds of chains hitting the concrete floor for the place where I was. I began to imagine Bob Marley from Scrooge in the movie a Christmas Carol as he stood there as a ghost that way. Wondering if I and so many others look that way? I got up from prayer and walked out and began to see and hear people in a different manner and felt totally different than before. I began to recognize those who were sexually abused as children and are now covering their pain with drugs and sexually promiscuity, homosexuality, depression and oppression in others. I did not see that before, and some of the people I asked discreetly why did they do what they did, some lied to me and I began to tell them what I saw. And they would cry and confess to me that it was true. I was surprised as to why the LORD GOD would allow me to see these things especially when I can’t relate to this lifestyle, the child abuse and sexual abuse I can but nothing else. But I guess however we cope with the pain we all have a story to tell and we all can have a testimony if we allow JESUS to cause us to overcome.

What and who are we listening to? Are we listening to what people say or are we listening to what the LORD GOD is telling us? Too many of us are guilty of worshipping our neighbors, co-workers, school chums, mates and associates and let me not forget our wonderful leaders, the anointed public speakers, the motivational speakers of GOD. We are not to be worshiped, we are being used by the Holy Spirit the same Holy Spirit that should be residing inside of all of us and what any of us are preaching, teaching or writing on should always be found in the Word of GOD and we must always get a confirmation from the Holy Spirit. But some of us (speakers, writers, listeners and readers of blogs or inspirational books) never open our bible until we get to worship service on Sunday or when we attend bible study during the weekday depending on our work schedule. Whatever is spoken on or written about it is our responsibility to go back home and study that scripture for ourselves so that we may hear the Holy Spirit speak to us as to what HE desire to give to us on top of what has been given to us by the speakers and writers but none of that will mean anything if we don’t believe and apply the scriptures and what the Holy Spirit is telling us for our lives. This is why so many people who are not born again Christian yet claim to be Christians and why born again Christians get so bent out of shape when they see wealthy ministers of GOD. The millionaires who at one time had as much or less wealth as you and I do. If you truly want anything all we have to do is get into the Word of GOD and follow the plan of GOD to the letter as HE designed it not how we want to do it. We don’t have to follow any Old Testament laws and ordinances to get anything from our FATHER. Our FATHER is not a respecter of people, HE loves all HIS children and all the promises for you belong to you with your name on it. And besides, why do we want what another has, we should want what we want for ourselves that will increase our enjoyment here on earth, not cause us more problems. Maybe some of us will never have more money because we don’t have a responsible handle on the money that we do have. Besides, there is a world of difference between being rich and being wealthy, well, enough of that.

My beloved siblings, we are all inheritors and unlike those who pretend to be in a relationship with the FATHER, those who pretend to trust in JESUS and those who reject JESUS. We don’t have to wait to die to get anything from our FATHER or JESUS or when we enter into heaven. We can get our inheritance in the here and now. Because the true and living GOD is our LORD GOD and we are HIS sons.

1 John 5:4; Revelation 2:7, 21:7



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