This is a word that has become very important to anyone who has been arrested and charged with a crime. They go before a Judge or Judge and jury; after it’s all been said the person charged with an offense is waiting to hear two simple words. Not Guilty which means acquitted. The happiness and feeling that comes from the prosecuted is one of relief; be they guilty or not. Some promise never to do anything so stupid again and some just think that they got away with a crime because of their being so smart. Those that have learned their lessons are the ones who came to realize that they escaped a judgment that would destroy their lives and family for life. They came too close to possibilities of fighting for their lives; to live another day in a violent penal institution. To escape being raped and the many other torturous activities that goes on in prison.

There are many in this world that do not understand or do not know that JESUS took on the crimes of this entire world. HE took on the guilt of every person born before HIMSELF, during HIS life as a human and for those of us who would be born after HIS death. I’m awestruck when I think about that very first baby that was birthed just seconds after JESUS died on the cross and he/she if taught about what JESUS had done for him/her and he/she accepted that belief that he/she would be acquitted. I look forward to meeting the very first baby born after JESUS death who accepted JESUS as his/her SAVIOR. I also look forward to meeting the very last male/female that accepted the verdict of acquitted before JESUS returns and takes HIS bride from this earth as we know it.

However, it pains my heart to know that people choose to discount what JESUS did for this world. The sins of this world have people going to hell on a rollercoaster without breaks and the rails are greased with thick heavy oil.

Let me explain what it was like for JESUS when HE was arrested. If it helps; close your eyes and think.

JESUS a man who spoke only love; who fed the hungry; who healed the sick; who delivered men/women from demonic influence (possession); who provided or restored sight to the blind; who created appendages or limbs to those who had none; who brought the dead back to life. Why on earth would you want to see HIM dead?

JESUS was arrested and led to the courts during the night. This was unjust because this was during hours when court was not in session during normal business hours. HE had no attorney. The courts paid people to lie on HIM and the people could not even do that well. They transported HIM to another court to be tried (extradited) and that too failed. So they sent HIM back to the first court to be judged. The Judge refused to say that HE was guilty of any crime and that he wanted nothing to do with HIS being sentenced for a crime. The onlookers wanted the very worse criminal who was serving time to be released and for JESUS to accept the sentence that was placed on the other prisoner as well as be charged with HIS own crimes. The prisoner was released and JESUS was sentenced to death. Now just like today we have the death penalty as well; we use a lethal injection or gas to kill a prisoner. Then, they used stoning or crucifixion to kill their guilty of the most heinous of crimes. They beat HIM until HIS flesh was hanging from HIS bones. They stuck a crown of thorns around HIS entire head; the blood pouring down into HIS face blinding HIS sight just as we are when things get into our eyes. They removed all of HIS clothing; pulled his beard from HIS face with their hands and spit on HIM. They slapped HIM and continued to hit HIM in HIS open bleeding wounds. HE was without sleep or rest or food and drink. People made fun of HIM calling HIM all sort of names and accusing HIM to be something HE was not. HE was insulted and a royal robe the finest of the finest was placed on HIS body. This was to contradict HIS position as King. HE was paraded through the streets to have more accusations hurled at HIM. From HIS exhausted body after HE collapsed while carrying HIS own cross to the death sight. A man was chosen to take the cross for HIM. The robe was then removed; HE was completely naked; no loin cloth was on HIS body. These pictures we see of JESUS hanging on the cross are not accurate; they don’t depict the horror for which HE was succumbed to. People continued to insult HIM while HE was hanging on the cross; HE said that HE was thirsty and a soldier tried to give HIM urine to drink. One of the inmates who were being crucified with HIM sneered at HIM while the other asked for forgiveness. During all this torture JESUS kept the people who believed in HIM before HE came to earth as a human on HIS mind; HE kept those who believed in HIM during that time on HIS mind and HE kept people who were not yet born on HIS mind. Praying for us all. Now I believe that it was not the torture or HIS weaken body that caused HIM to die; I believe that it was HIS loneliness of being without HIS FATHER for the very first time ever. GOD had to finally turn away from HIS SON because HE saw the filth of sin all over HIS being and GOD cannot look on sin. This is why JESUS cried out asking why HIS FATHER; HIS GOD why did HE leave HIM. JESUS asked GOD to forgive because we don’t know what it is we are thinking; saying; believing; doing then HE stopped breathing and was pronounced dead.

JESUS the better Perry Mason or Matlock got us acquitted of all charges. But if we don’t accept being acquitted then we will suffer the punishment. But here is the beauty; though some of us will be found guilty of our crimes in the natural and are sent to prison. Freedom can be found their; you maybe behind cinderblocks, bricks and cold steel. Trying to keep from being raped witnessing the animalistic violence and the homosexual activities that is a part of the everyday life of prison. But if you allow JESUS into your heart; confess HIM; pray and saturate yourself in HIS Word; you will find that you will be untouched by the surroundings of prison. There is a difference between the jailhouse Jesus and the real JESUS. The jailhouse Jesus is discovered in prison and left there when you are released. The real JESUS discovers you and releases you in prison; you maybe locked up but you are free.

However, wouldn’t it be so much better to have JESUS to discover you now? You are an inmate and don’t know it. You are imprisoned by sin and have been found guilty. You are on death row.

Come to JESUS; let HIM speak to the JUDGE on your behalf. HE will win the case, HE has not lost one; HE is an undefeated attorney yet HE still can accept more clients; HE can make every meeting and accepts every call. HIS phone number is John 3:16 and HIS office is your heart.

DEFINITION and Scripture Reference

To relieve from a charge of fault or crime; declare not guilty; to release or discharge from an obligation; to settle or satisfy a debt or obligation.  

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