Exalt Pt. 5

Nehemiah 9:5

Throughout my CHRISTian life, I have heard many people say that they do not know either how to pray or what to say when they pray. Most people believe that they are praying when they are consistently asking GOD for something. GOD is our FATHER and who better to go to when we are in need or want of something. One of the characteristics of good fathers is to provide and no one can provide better than our FATHER GOD. However, none of us like to be spoken to consistently by others only in the hopes of getting something from us. This is a loveless relationship and when we only speak to someone in the hopes of getting something from them, we have the integrity of being a user. GOD already knows everything that we require as well as those things that we would like to have. The proper way to develop our relationship with GOD/JESUS is to talk/pray/speak to HIM like this.

Blessed be YOUR glorious and wonderful name. YOUR name is more wonderful and YOUR name is to be exalted above all blessings and praise. No human can praise YOU enough.

1 Chron. 29:13 we are to give thanks and praise to JESUS most glorious name.

We must remind ourselves that JESUS alone is the LORD. That HE is the Creator of heaven and the heaven of heavens and all that is in heaven. The hosts of heaven worship HIM, the earth, and the hosts of the earth are to worship HIM, the seas and their hosts worship HIM. JESUS is the ONE who preserves us all yet mankind unlike the hosts of heaven and the seas are the only ones who do not make it our lifestyle to worship JESUS before becoming cleansed in HIS Blood. We do not remember that JESUS is the LORD GOD. We have to be taught and reminded then we have to believe. But even after we are taught and reminded some of us still miss out on worshipping HIM in the manner in which we should through exalting HIM often throughout our day.

Challenge yourselves, give yourself a gift of not asking GOD in the name of JESUS for anything for a month. Write down daily what your experience is. This is how we seek out the Kingdom of GOD and all HIS righteousness so that the things we need and want will be provided.


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