Some take this to be a dirty word. But it’s not; it’s a wonderful word when you open your mind to all of its possibilities. Adoption is a wonderful thing to happen to a family who for whatever reason is unable to have a fruit of a child from their own body/bodies. Adoption is wonderful when a child has been mistreated and a loving family chooses that child to become their very own. Giving to that child all the love, care and protection; to meet the child’s need. The blend can be so awesome that the child begins to take on the look of the family and unless those who are unaware are told that the child was adopted; no one would have ever known.

Well for the sinner it’s no different. When JESUS finds us and we accept HIS gift of salvation; we leave the hate and mistreatment of our father the devil and step into a wonderful relationship with our true and first FATHER that we were traded from; GOD our  Creator and our big brother JESUS. We begin to tell people that we are saved not knowing really what that all entails. JESUS on the other hand like the big brother that HE is; begins to protect you and will send HIS teacher to you who is the Holy Spirit. As you grow up in this family called CHRISTians you begin to acquire what you are mature enough to walk with. How do you acquire what is yours and how do you become mature enough to receive? You must read the Word of GOD. You will not know who you are and what you are to have and what you can accomplish if you don’t know what your DADDY and BIG BROTHER have provided for you. Then you must learn to ask for what it is that you need but it must truly be a need and not a want. GOD has met all of our needs and it’s up to you to learn just what your basic needs are and what your wants are. The debts that you have accumulated because of your wants; you may want to ask GOD to teach you how to discipline you in your finances. The Word of GOD is filled with scriptures regarding finances, money and wealth. I myself think that the very best illustrator for wealth is King Solomon because when he prayed to GOD about how to establish his earthly kingdom; he did not ask for trivial things that would be taken away by time. King Solomon asked for wisdom and when you have wisdom you can unlock the treasury vault. He did not have to play lotto or gamble; he did not have to swindle anyone, he did not have to work. GOD taught him how to increase his income with the ideas that HE gave to King Solomon. Though King Solomon went coo-coo for coco puffs he was and is still considered to have been the wisest human to have ever lived. GOD said in HIS Word that no human will be that wise again. But GOD did not say that HE would not make humans wise. We are encouraged to ask for wisdom often. Also adoption is wonderful because it tells the world that though you’re DNA and your blood may not be that of your family; you are in right standing of all that the family has to offer; nothing left out as if you did have the same DNA and blood line. So if you are from a poor family and the only inheritance is a record collection from the 1920’s not scratched and a will is drawn up; you are most likely to be named the heir of those records. (Unfortunately most poor or unwise people will not understand that a collection of records or just one record from the 1920’s in perfect to good condition is wealth) If you are the only survivor of that family and there is no will everything left from the deceased belongs to you without question. It’s no different when we come to JESUS in our adoption. We inherit all that HE left for use upon HIS death; no questions asked because the will is designed for the children of GOD who are living on earth and in heaven. The will is never ending. On earth you are to inherit health, wisdom, victory, truth, anointing, power, courage, the right to speak to GOD for yourself at anytime; protection and soooooooooooo much more. In heaven you inherit a mansion and more. See we don’t have to wait to get anything in the will of GOD all we have to do is be adopted, read the Word to know who we are and what we are to do; be obedient and above all love.

When you are questioned about your position in the family be it earthly or heavenly a good scripture to know is the one where the validity of being a Jew who are GOD’s chosen and being a Gentile, everyone else has any weight.

 Scripture reference and definition

Romans 2:28-29; 8:15, 23; 9:4

Galatians 4:5-7

Ephesians 1:1-14

Adopt: to choose or take as one’s own; make one’s own by selection; to take and rear as one’s own child, specifically by a formal legal act. (What JESUS did was formal and legal)

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