Complete Rest In GOD

Heb. 4:1-7

A promise has been given to everyone who hears, believes and obeys.

Remains = to stay; abide (which means to live in)

The scripture has informed the reader that a promise remains.

In other words it stays put; unmoved and lives.

There are far too many of GOD’s creation (mankind) who are restless. Unbelievers you’re supposed to be restless the god you serve is restless. CHRISTians you are not supposed to be restless because the GOD you serve has given you rest. But many are restless because they don’t know that they are to enter into GOD’s rest. GOD told the unbeliever that they will not enter into HIS rest. Ps. 95:11 and Heb. 3:18-10

The gospel is being preached to all nations. I understand that there are many who have not heard the Good News. However, it does not make it so that the Good News is not being preached to all the nations.

Remember: Those of us who are Americans living in America a nation formed on the principles of GOD. Many of us have not heard the Good News. This country has a church on every block or at the very least every two blocks. If there is a liquor store on the block there is a church on the block. It’s a sad witness but true. Many of us had not heard the Good News until we were adults. How is that possible? Honestly I don’t have the answer, there are many answers that I can give but I would rather share my testimony with you because maybe some of you will be able to relate.

The Good News was not shared with me because I did not come from a Godly home. As a wee child I was taught my bedtime prayer. “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee LORD my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray thee LORD my soul to take.”

This prayer meant nothing to me because it had never been explained to me. Why must I pray? Who is thee LORD? Why is HE going to keep my soul if I die? Why am I going to die in my sleep, maybe? I never thought to ask those questions and the adult that taught me that prayer (my Great-Grandmother) never thought to teach me. I continue to pray this prayer up until I began school at age 6. It’s as if bedtime prayer was no longer a requirement. I was also taught to pray (called grace) over my food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. “GOD is Great, GOD is Good and I thank HIM for this food. By HIS hands am I feed give me LORD my daily bread. Amen

Now I’ve not said these prayers in many, many years but they are rooted within me. As I’m sure if you also were taught these prayers you remember them also.

I was taught never to take the LORD’s name in vain. I never knew I was doing it until I said something that raised the attention of an adult then I was told “stop taking the LORD’s name in vain”! It was not explained to me why what I said made me take the name of the LORD in vain, it was just the mentioning of HIS name when not used in a religious setting that made it vain. It is true however that we are not to use the name of GOD in vain. Some examples are: cursing or when reflecting an all too high opinion of yourself.

Church in my home was commonly known from the radio or TV. Back when I was a child the reigning Televangelist was Rev. Ike during the 60’s and early 70’s. I was taken to church every Easter and most CHRISTmas’s. I either went outside to play or went to sleep. Church when I was a child was not geared to children or young people as it is today. The ways of GOD was not being taught in my home because it was a religious home. The adults in my home did not have a relationship with The FATHER or with JESUS. What they had was knowledge but not an intimacy with THEM. The Holy Ghost was something. That in itself is wrong because He is someone. The Holy Ghost was something that made old people jump and buck that caused them to hit you upside your head or knock you down. Where is the reverence towards Him? There is none because He is not known as the third Godhead of divinity. He’s not even known as a person but a thing.

I learned to shut out the Pastor when I did go to church on my own (motivated by the music) because I was a nervous and abused child. What since did it make to leave a house of yelling to enter into a church building of yelling from the Pastor. The Pastor sounded as if he was having a respiratory attack, drenched in sweat and eyes bugging out. What is his problem?

As I grew older I looked forward to going to church still motivated by the music only. Maybe some word got into me, I don’t know to this day and I’ve been a CHRISTian for 32 years. When I got saved 32 years ago I was dumb as a box of rocks because I had no word. I did not enter into GOD’s rest because I knew nothing about GOD’s rest.

When I did hear of GOD’s rest it had to do with death. I still hear it at funerals today. But that’s not what GOD’s rest mean. GOD is our source, GOD, HIMSELF told Moses that HE is I AM. Gen. 3:14 We are to want for nothing HE is our FATHER and HE is Good. Ask of HIM and rest in the assurance that HE will speak to you in HIS giving you what you desire or why HE neglects to provide to you at this time. If you can’t manage $100 I doubt seriously that HE will give you $100,000.000.00, your motives are wrong, you don’t operate in wisdom.

For those of us who have arrived and entered into GOD’s rest it’s great and we look forward to seeing those who are restless to join us. Stop being disobedient, now I’m not saying that all of my I’s are dotted and that all of my T’s are crossed. What I am saying is it’s harder for me to willingly be disobedient than before. I enjoy the rest.

Hey, I just closed my eyes, and I saw myself on a tropic beach under a large umbrella sipping on a virgin daiquiri enjoying life and resting.

Come on the water is fine.

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