As a demonstration of HIS body and the use of it, of what will take place to HIS body.  JESUS while HE and HIS disciples were dining. JESUS took the bread and began to praise GOD, gave thanks and asked the FATHER to bless it for *there and *our use (past and present). JESUS then broke the bread and gave it to the disciples saying; take, eat this is MY body. Many of us wait to take communion only at our local assembly but there is a scripture that reminds us that we are to take the bread and wine often and in affectionate remembrance of JESUS; for what HE suffered and that HE gave HIS life for us. To no longer be counted as disobedient sinners but to be counted as the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Though JESUS did this during supper which is a late evening meal; it demonstrates to us that we should take communion daily while we are having our meal. We give thanks to the LORD our GOD for providing us with the food but we never consider taking part of the meal in remembrance of what JESUS did for us. I’m guilty of this as well. In this blog I will not tap into the wine portion; however, I will remind and inform you that the bread and wine must never be separated because each is a demonstration of what JESUS did for us. Remember Cain who never provided a blood sacrifice but his brother did. Always keep a bottle of grape juice (unfermented wine) on hand so that when dining we can take a piece of the bread that we have and take some wine and praise GOD and give thanks for what JESUS did for us in HIS body the curse infiltrated HIS body taking the curse from our bodies and HIS blood was spilled from HIS body to wash us completely clean from sin.

The Apostle Paul knew and believed so much in the fact that when we change our minds about JESUS and take HIM into our heart because of  HIS gift of salvation, we are then set apart from those who still have not changed their minds and hearts towards HIM. We are set apart from the world, but we are taught how to live victoriously in the world through JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit. Because of GOD’s great mercy towards us, it should not be a strange thing for us to make a decisive decision to dedicate our entire body as a living sacrifice and believe me, it is a sacrifice because of the habits we have and the cravings of the flesh. Daily we have to make a choice not to surrender our flesh to whats, not in line with GOD’s Word. I often fail at this; this is my confession, though I try to eat healthy so that I can be an instrument for HIS use and go or do those things HE will have need of me to do. I often surrender to the cravings of my flesh in the form of eating those things I so enjoy, yet, I am aware that too much without keeping dedicated to going to the gym will be seen on the outside of me. Pray for my deliverance in eating emotionally and for ceasing to eat the wrong things when I’m on the go. Thank you. We are holy in CHRIST JESUS and it’s not too much to ask that we make the choice daily to please the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. After all, look what HE sacrificed for us compared to what we are being asked to sacrifice. Yes, I get it, it’s a battle. But we are conquerors in CHRIST JESUS. We must allow our bodies to be in service and worship HIM. Our bodies have many parts, seen and unseen (internal organs) and we are the body of CHRIST doing what HE request of us. It takes each and every one of us to make JESUS body complete so do not count yourselves as being little. Meaning do not believe that the things that we do and or say is not of any use. Don’t believe that we are not being used daily, sometimes JESUS will use us just to smile at someone in the hopes that it’s our smile that will stop someone from self-destruction. We all have various functions to perform or to share verbally. We are not the Lone Ranger in this walk of faith in CHRIST JESUS, we all belong to one another and we need one another. We are the body of JESUS CHRIST individually and we all are necessary. We are HIS flesh and bones. So cease from hating your bodies by taking into it those things that destroy the body and cease from using the body for purposes it was not created for. Find out in GOD’s Word who we are and how to properly live in this temporary housing called the flesh. Take care of the body just as CHRIST takes care of HIS church which we all who are in HIM and HE in us are apart of.

JESUS! I give YOU thanks for taking the load of our sins in YOUR own body. Just as JESUS died up there on that cross for us, we too are to die to sins so that we can live righteously. And for all of us who suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis, those of you who have a disease in your body, those of you who are in wheelchairs and beds; those of you who suffer from mental anguish or blood disorders and all other things that I have not thought to write. Know this now and remind yourselves daily even though our flesh is not obeying our will which is that of the FATHER and the SON, JESUS we are healed and don’t ever forget this, people of GOD. JESUS did not suffer that beating for nothing, HE did not wear that crown on HIS head for nothing. Sometimes, we need to take a moment and close our eyes and ears to the world and visualize what JESUS went through for us and know that what we see in our mind is nothing compared to what HE actually went through for us because it was one hundred times worse than what we are able to visualize in our mind. We are healed! JESUS precious body was tortured by the wounds HE suffered to take on willingly for us because we trespass over the laws in the Word of GOD. And we love to be morally vile in our body. The body of JESUS became one large bruise because of our injustice and unrighteousness. To obtain the peace that HE offers and give freely to us, HE had to be punished for us. Again, I am willing to write that we are healed.  Okay, I will try and hopefully get us all to see this; JESUS died one time and HE is not going to return to this earth to go through that torture again for anyone. HIS death was an acceptable, perfect completeness for deliverance for every human soul. We either will believe this or not; the choice is ours. However, JESUS is coming back to earth but it’s not to deal with sin as HE did before. When JESUS returns the second time it will be to gather every saved soul who has been eagerly and patiently waiting for HIS arrival. It does not matter if we no longer have breath in our bodies and are buried in the ground, mausoleum, water, or cremated. And there will still be people with breath in their bodies who also will be harvested to join HIM in the air.

So remember the body of JESUS and know that we too are HIS body.

Matthew 26:26; Lk. 22:19; Romans 12:1, 4; 1 Corinthians 11:24; 1 Peter 2:24; Heb. 9:28; Is. 53:5; 1Cor. 12:27; Eph. 5:30


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