All are healed

Luke 4:38-39

When hearing or reading the word all; what definition do you come away with? If it’s anything less than any, complete, entire, and whole; we short change ourselves from everything all provides. Especially when all is attached to anything positive.

When JESUS came to Simon’s home; HE found Simon’s mother in-law with an exceedingly abnormal degree in body temperature; which is often caused by a quickening of the pulse and the disturbance of other bodily functions. A high fever could be a disease in and of itself or an alarm system to let the body know that it’s fighting off something that is attacking it.

The scriptures do not disclose what caused Simon’s mother in-law to be struck down with this high fever; however, what is known is that the fever gave her great discomfort as most fever’s do.

There are many scriptures that can be found that show us that JESUS healed them all and many of us refuse to go to JESUS with a common allergy or cold.

These scriptures are not placed in the bible for just mere stories; they are to instruct us and to encourage us. We are to go to the scriptures; finding our situation and stand immovable in faith because the LORD GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever. HE healed then; HE heals today and HE continues to heal. As a matter of fact all diseases and sicknesses were placed on JESUS while HE hung on that cross.

For various reasons we succumb to disease and sickness when we really don’t have to. Some of us will go to JESUS and believe that HE is the Healer and you will take your healing from HIM. Then there are others who either don’t know or refuse to believe.

Thing is this; you don’t even need to be a Christian to be healed. Just about every person who were healed by JESUS where people who came to believe in HIM after HE healed them. Some were healed before they knew that JESUS could heal them and others were healed because they heard that JESUS was able to heal people.

I’m not sure where Simon’s mother in-law fell before JESUS came to the house; but this I do know that she became HIS disciple; one of the many women who followed HIS ministry.

When we come to JESUS and ask the FATHER to remove whatever sickness has come on our flesh in JESUS name; JESUS will speak to that sickness telling it to leave. Your part is to believe that and to begin to do what you normally would do; doing the course of the day. Don’t continue to lay in your bed; don’t continue to complain; don’t continue to confess that you have this or that. Speak healing in your body; thank the LORD for your healing. Don’t concentrate on the symptoms; concentrate on the Word; concentrate on JESUS.

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