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The reason why we can trust GOD is that HE is firm, constant, observant, true, and exact in being faithful. And humans are the opposite of this. It’s not that we can’t be faithful it’s that we are not 100% faithful in all things at all times. Somewhere in something with someone, we miss the mark and we even do so with GOD. Yet, HE remains ever so very faithful towards us.

It has always bothered me and I don’t know when it will cease to bother me when I hear people say that they found GOD. GOD has never been lost, we are the ones who are lost and HE comes looking for us because this is what a good Shepherd does. HE goes calling out for us and when we respond we begin to build a relationship with JESUS. Our hope begins with our confession of belief in JESUS and we do so by not wavering because the belief does not come from emotion or in our thought but from the heart. JESUS presented to us a promise and HE is reliable and trustworthy HIS Word is faithful. GOD is so faithful to us, don’t you realize that it was HE who called us and not us calling to HIM? We are in fellowship {association, companionship, company, communion, partnership} with CHRIST JESUS.

Just think about this, when we confessed our sins to GOD when we realized that we were sinners. GOD from the beginning of time was faithful to forgive us. HE sent JESUS to earth to teach us about the FATHER’s forgiveness and JESUS died to demonstrate just how far HE was willing to go for us in HIS faithfulness towards us to show us that we are forgiven. In the blood of JESUS, we are redeemed and forgiven because HIS grace is rich and we are clean from all unrighteousness. And it burns my biscuits when people allow others as well as themselves to talk themselves into believing that they are still sinners and need to be forgiven. I also know that most will scarf at this blog but it only goes to reveal their relationship and understanding, read Ehp. 1:7 and try to explain that away. My question would be, why to purify what is already pure? It relates to the sick has no need for a physician. Now I’m not saying that the righteous do not error, please don’t misunderstand me. Because we error all the time, we are still growing in grace and if we were to close our eyes and imagined life without CHRIST JESUS. We would not like where our lives could possibly be and what we would possibly be doing. But for the grace of GOD are we separated and set apart. As the righteous of CHRIST JESUS, unfortunately, we do fall but thank CHRIST JESUS we do quickly get right back up again. You know how when we realize we did something by mistake or crazy and we may speak to ourselves about it, why not do the same thing when we do something sinful if you don’t trust to tell someone. Only this time speak to the FATHER. Believe you me, I get it. People especially our siblings in the body of CHRIST are just a wee too judgmental instead of being a listening ear and praying us through as well as someone that will hold us accountable. We don’t always need to be beaten upside the head with the Bible and slapped across the face with a scripture. Learn to have compassion and empathy, be a brother keeper. Learn to be faithful in times of trouble so another will not feel so all alone. We have saints in the body of CHRIST now who conceal sin and are losing power and do not know why. It’s because when sin is hidden we don’t prosper but when sin is confessed we will find compassion and mercy from the FATHER why not our CHRISTian siblings?

We come from wonderful stock, we have the very best DNA and because of this there just is no reason why we cannot exhibit the loving kindness, tenderness, mercy, and compassion which is shown to us daily. They don’t end, they are not consumed instead each and every single morning without fail they are brand new come rain or shine, winter, spring, summer, and fall. All because the GOD that is the true and living GOD is a faithful GOD to HIS Word and to HIS children.

Hebrew 10:23, 1 Cor.1:9, 1 John 1:9, Prov.28:13, Rom.3:24-26, Lamentations 3:22-23


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