Grace – Psalms 84:11

King David is reassuring himself just who the LORD GOD is and it is good for us to remind ourselves as well. The LORD GOD is referred to as being the sun; which means an ever giving light; in HIM there is no darkness. Here on earth we only have a moment in time when we can visibly view the light which comes from the sun. But that does not mean that the sun has gone dim or lost its light because we can no longer view its light. Even behind the clouds the sun shines. The light of the sun may have grown dim where you are but in another part of the world the sun is showing off its rays of light. When we belong to the LORD GOD we are always in HIS light and HIS light never grows dim or cold. King David also proclaims that the LORD GOD is his shield. That means to me that the LORD GOD is a protector from all the fiery darts that are thrown at the children of GOD. The darts could be anything that is considered a disaster in your personal life. These darts may knock you down temporarily but they will not kill you because they are blocked from hitting you and penetrating your vital organs. If you are like me and you watch gladiator movies or if you have viewed pseudo-biblical movies made in Hollywood (which are good and may lead people to read the stories portrayed in the bible); you will notice that the armies always use a shield in battle. The children of GOD are always in a battle but it’s a battle that we don’t have to fight because our enemy is already defeated. However, what he will do is sneak attacks. Trying to get us back at every cost; nothing is off limits to get you to turn your backs on the Creative GOD and to curse HIM. The LORD GOD shields us even during the times that we are not watchful or reluctant to realize that HE has demonstrated HIS protection over our lives. King David also realized that our GOD will provide HIS grace daily to HIS children. Well what does that really mean; HIS grace? Simply put the grace of GOD is HIS favor, goodwill, kindness, love, forgiveness, mercy, pardon, paid debt, one of GOD’s elect. From our GOD we are recipients of heavenly bliss; meaning that all that heaven has we can have right here on earth. We don’t have to wait for that great by and by; for that day when we die on earth to partake of the offerings that our FATHER desires for us to enjoy now. We must call on those things that GOD has in store for us; for as it is in heaven let it be so here on earth. The LORD GOD is not stingy; HE has not promised to be our provider only to sit on HIS throne and watch us suffer. HE promised that HE would not withhold any good things from HIS kids. So what is the definition of any? Any is an unspecified quantity or an unspecified thing. In other words there is no limit as to what we are to receive and all we have to do is ask. Find the scripture that will support your desire; believe by faith; don’t waiver and simply ask DADDY for what it is you need or want. Now King David said to those who walk uprightly; thank GOD that this does not apply today. King David lived before the grace dispensation; he lived according to the law. We live in grace dispensation; we don’t have the law because it was destroyed on the cross. The LORD GOD knows that we will mess up at times; yet, HE will not withhold any good thing from us. This is worth praise and a shout; some of us will not ask our DADDY for anything because we are filled with guilt and condemnation just for cussing someone out in the heat of anger; maybe in traffic. Get over it; let our DADDY know that you let one fly and that you realize that it was wrong. Let HIM know that you still need HIS help in this area and most of all you need help in the area of patience. That’s why people get so bent out of shape in traffic; it’s due to short patience and not knowing the cause of why the traffic is backed up. If you had your radio tuned to a CHRISTian channel listening to music or the Word; your mind would be occupied with giving GOD glory and you would not allow the traffic to bother you. Traffic is also a good time to chew on the Word of GOD like a cow chews the cud; what verse of scripture should you meditate on; saying over and over to yourself? Meditation of GOD’s Word gives us the strength we need in a situation that we can do nothing about.   

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