August 19, 2020


The Holy Spirit Testifies-Acts 20:23

Why was Paul in such a hurry to go to Jerusalem? The only reasonable explanation would be that during this era of time, Pentecost is or was an early harvest feast, one of the three feasts that all Jewish men were required to come up to Jerusalem to celebrate.

Why did Paul not heed the warning given to him by the disciples who were in Tyre?  *It was not understood by Paul as a positive command that he should not go up to Jerusalem. For had it been, Paul would not have disobeyed the testimony of the Holy Spirit. Paul understood it as expressive of the disciple’s earnest wish that Paul should not go, as apprising him of danger, and as a kind expression regarding his welfare and safety. 

The Holy Spirit is always testifying but we are not always listening. We take it upon ourselves to mix our emotions or self will/the desires that we want in with what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us as we share with others.

Often when the Holy Spirit testifies to us we do not listen well. Just because the Holy Spirit is showing us something in the negative does not mean that He is forbidding us to continue with our plans. We must learn to listen better and stop putting words in His mouth. I cannot tell you how many times people have said to me GOD said this or that only to hear the Holy Spirit tell me that He had not said a thing to that person regarding whatever it is they lied on Him regarding.

Most often the Holy Spirit will testify to us through encouragement and inspiration but then there are other times when He will warn us, showing us what will occur should we decide to continue with our plans, but this does not mean that our plans are wrong.

The disciples in Tyre saw what was going to happen with Paul and instead of speaking with him about what they saw, they were overcome with emotion and misunderstood his farewell to them as meaning he was going to be killed.

Then came the prophet Agabus who without emotionalism clouding up what the Holy Spirit testified to him regarding Paul. He simply confirmed showing Paul the warning through demonstration of tying Paul’s belt around his wrist and ankles acknowledging Paul will become a prisoner bound by his captors.

This still did not deter Paul because I believe that Paul saw greatness in this. I believe that when Paul had been shown through testimony from the Holy Spirit that Paul became all the more zealous to proclaim the name of JESUS. 

I believe that Paul has demonstrated to us that regardless of the circumstances of where we are, nothing and no one can stop us from witnessing about CHRIST JESUS, and in this, we continue to bring glory to our FATHER. 

Paul received in every city that he went in on his travels toward Jerusalem the testimony of all the tribulations that awaited for him and that he will be in chains.

I say glory to GOD because though Paul did become a prisoner, he became the most outspoken of all the apostles regarding the grace of CHRIST JESUS. This is something that we must recognize and stop making excuses as to why we do not glorify JESUS through our very own testimony as well as the power in the blood of JESUS CHRIST. We can speak boldly to everyone GOD directs us to speak with because the Holy Spirit will equip us with what to say. 

Remember, our testimony differs from the testimony of the Holy Spirit because what the Holy Spirit speaks comes directly from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS out of the mouth of the Holy Spirits’ testimony and into our spirit.

If public speaking is not something that you enjoy, do a podcast, social media airing, or blog writing. I believe that Paul would have utilized every tool that we today have just to get the message of CHRIST JESUS out there to people. Listen to the testimony of the Holy Spirit and share what He has given to us to speak. Recognize when He warns and take heed but look or listen for His telling us not to say or not to do.


*copied from Barnes Notes Commentary                                                                                         

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