We all desire to be given the credit for something done or said. It has been given to us by GOD because HE too desires that we give account to all that HE has done and said. Often when we ascribe it’s in written form the authorship of what is being acknowledged. We are presented in the ascribed form of being recipients of awards, degree’s, diploma’s, letters and trophies. Everyone who had been given the inspiration via the Holy Spirit to write down all that HE directed them to write in the scriptures ascribed what GOD had done in the lives of many people. From the beginning to the end, from the creation to the testimony of CHRIST JESUS in the book of Revelation the writer is ascribing all about the FATHER GOD and the SON JESUS who is GOD. Also, it is ascribed how people have been healed, delivered, raised from the dead and saved all throughout the scriptures. But in this writing, we will only credit GOD with the power and strength found in HIS very name.

The name of JESUS is awesome, glorious and wonderful for HE is the LORD GOD. Every human should proclaim the name of JESUS we should write about the greatness of JESUS in our own lives. The greatness of JESUS need to be told in the times of today because many people believe that the scriptures are stories that we may share to our little children at bedtime or stories that are taught only in Sunday school or worst of all fables that are shared among people like the tortoise and the hare or the boy who cried wolf. Whatever was done to those that disbelieved in CHRIST JESUS happens today to those who refuse to believe. Whatever was done to those who believed in CHRIST JESUS in the Bible is also done today. The Word of GOD is very today in relevancy. The LORD JESUS is glorious, great, majestic, powerful, splendid, and victorious. JESUS is the LORD of Lords, the Prince of Peace and KING of Kings and all that is in heaven HE owns. CHRIST JESUS is the Supreme Ruler and we are to exalt and honor HIM.

Keep a journal and write down all that JESUS is doing in your life. Share with others about the excellence and strength of JESUS. This is a great way to remind ourselves of all that JESUS is doing in our lives by acknowledging HIM for HIS great power by proclaiming the victory in our life because of JESUS. Also, our journaling can be a help to others when they come to us to share times of trouble they are experiencing. No person is the only person who has experienced woes in their life. If someone is sharing with us something that comes across as familiar, but we may not know just what to say. We just may find the help the person needs in our journal. Keep it real, be transparent, and share the power and strength of CHRIST JESUS.

Deuteronomy 28:58, 32:3; 1 Chron. 29:11; Psalms 68:34



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