AMFBeM Newsletter-Faith Series XXII

July 2, 2020

Approving Faith -vs- Fault Finding Police – Romans 14:22-23


The faith which you have is between you and GOD the FATHER. What this actually means is that though the blood-washed children of GOD all believe in the Savior, CHRIST JESUS within their hearts and have no problem confessing openly just who CHRIST JESUS is and what HE has done and is doing in their own individual lives. There are some who have found it necessary to abort the freedom of their siblings in CHRIST with what and how they believe a CHRISTian should be. I like to call these judgmental and legalistic people the fault-finding police of our faith in JESUS. We all have our own personal convictions and most often they are framed around our character of likes and dislikes. We must strain ourselves from pushing our own personal convictions on to others because most often than not those that are judgmental and legalistic are miserable and they want others to join them in their misery. I have witnessed people who have walked away not from JESUS but from the lifestyle that people have pushed on them because they wanted to please GOD so very much but kept failing because they were not aware of what GOD wanted for them through JESUS. Do you know that some people who once enjoyed comedy no longer listen to comedy or attend a comedy concert because they believe that they must not laugh but be serious? What about those that tell others that they can no longer go to the movies or musical concerts or listen to secular music because (and this is how they twist the word of GOD) we must come out from among them, 2 Cor. 6:17. Most often when people are bible beating others they are the present-day Pharisees and Sadducees always pushing the law on others yet are not obedient themselves. JESUS came not to do away with the law because HE, HIMself fulfilled all six hundred thirteen of them perfectly. No other human can do nor has done that. What JESUS desires is that we live in HIS freedom and rest. To love not only our siblings in the body of CHRIST but non-believers as well (some of them are not very loving). What works for you should stay with you, stop trying to make a clone of others from your misery. Obey the will of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS as you live your life in a manner that suits you in your belief that this is how GOD desires you to be in order to fulfill HIS will for your life. If there is anyone to judge, judge yourself according to the will of JESUS. Obeying HIS will is obedience to the FATHER. If you are not condemning yourself why are you condemning others? Ask yourself this question, do you like it when people point a finger at you, accusing you of whatever, telling you how you are doing anything that it is wrong as if the only right way is their way? Then why are you doing that to others? As long as our siblings in CHRIST are not being condemned in their hearts leave them alone, our part is to encourage one another through love. Either we are to remind our siblings in CHRIST what the Word of GOD has informed us of or we are to take them to the Good News of JESUS and let them read what HE said for themselves. But be careful because it saddens me when my CHRISTian siblings do not know what is actually for us and what is actually for the non-believer. Most of us do not even realize that the New Testament does not begin prior to the crucifixion of JESUS but after. If we are to say that any part of the gospels is the New Testament then we should begin with HIS being in the garden and taken away for HIS unjust trial, HIS being physically tormented, HIS being verbally abused, HIS willingness to lay down HIS life on that cross and die for us all and HIS getting up from that grave then after sometime ascending upward to the FATHER to be rejoined to HIM. Anything before that is the Old Testament, we either overlook or misunderstand that JESUS was born under the law, a law that HE fulfilled perfectly so that we could stop trying to be obedient to all its observances, rituals, and such. Be convinced within your own heart/mind what is best for you and cease trying to change others. Work on yourself which is a full-time job which should leave you no room to tell others how and what they should be doing. So, if you enjoy comedy great we have clean CHRISTian comedians, you love secular clean music great keep on listening and also look for CHRISTian music with that same flavor that you like so well to add to your music library. Enjoy going out to night-clubs, did you know that we have our own CHRISTian night-clubs free from sin? Those things that we enjoy are available for us, in our new life of living for JESUS. Look I love my classic Tamla/Motown we are the same age, I grew up and ate this music, you will be in a world of hurt if you came up to me and told me that I can no longer listen to those great songs as well as some of the songs of the ’70s, I even enjoy music from the ’40s-’50s, does this make me a heathen? Not at all! I once loved horror movies and tv that is until JESUS removed that desire from me to watch them and because HE removed them I do not crave to sneak and view them at all, I do not miss them in any way. Let us help each other out but let our help truly be helping through encouragement and love.

Take off your fault-finding uniform, turn in your fault-finding keys that has a siren on your fault-finding automobile, and enjoy your retirement from being apart of the fault-finding police squad. Allow JESUS to mature us all and to take away anything that HE does not want us to have any longer.

Well, my love’s this finally concludes the Faith Series, you have read twenty-two news articles all based on various types of faith and I sincerely hope that they have been or will be a help to you.

If you have a subject that you will like for me to discuss in future news articles, let AMFBeM know in the comment section of the website.



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