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July 9, 2020

Speak what the Holy Spirit tells you to speak-Mark 13:11; Luke 12:12


We all understand what it means to be in the thick of a situation that we prefer not to be in. That place when our hearts will pound just a wee bit faster and our thoughts begin to race, trying to think of what to say when confronted. It is not an enjoyable place to be. But think back if you will as to why you, yourself was in that situation. Most likely it was because of something that you did or said, and in those not so common areas, it could be something that you did not do or say. Those who still experience the touch or maybe an overwhelming sense of fear regardless of their being in the right or not, hopefully, will find this article most helpful to them. We who live in America and are devoted disciples of CHRIST JESUS are determined to do and live as JESUS has instructed us to. Yet, for our brothers and sisters who live in foreign countries where the name of JESUS is forbidden. Their persecution from family and friends is unthinkable to those of us in America. This country I admit has gotten way out of hand with religious freedom, yet, none the less GOD has given to each of us the free will to worship whomever or whatever we please. Unfortunately, those that do are not aware or care less about the eternal cost.

For those of us in this world regardless of where we are living, we must trust in the FATHER who gave us HIS precious SON, who in turn promised to us and has given to us HIS Holy Spirit. Those who are religious have no concept of who the Holy Spirit is and what His functions are. I can attest to this, that His function is not to cause anyone to behave inappropriately due to emotionalism. The Holy Spirit is our demonstrator, guide, instructor, leader, teacher, He is the Wisdom of the Almighty GOD who will give us understanding. The Holy Spirit has a voice and His voice can be heard in our spirit and there are times when we will speak in an unknown tongue either in prayer to the FATHER or when we are lead by the Holy Spirit to witness to those about CHRIST JESUS in their native language that we have no formal education of. Then there are times when the Holy Spirit will give us what to say in our own native language regarding business, to encourage or properly rebuke a brother or sister or any other area of our lives where His help is required. When we follow the Holy Spirit we cannot go wrong.

We have to fine-tune our spiritual hearing much like a musician fine-tunes his/her instrument, a mechanic with an automobile, actually in whatever our career is we should have a mindset to fine-tune that which we do. We can always recognize the person who is doing or fulfilling their dreams, goals, and vision because those that are doing so will adjust themselves precisely to bring out the highest level of effectiveness. People like this will never be satisfied with average and especially below average, it is unthinkable to them. Each day before I begin my task for the FATHER in the name of CHRIST JESUS with help from HIS Holy Spirit, I ask for HIS Wisdom and understanding for the task at hand for the day. I ask that my spiritual eyes be finely tuned as an eagle and that my ears be finely tuned to hear every word that the Holy Spirit will speak to me. I want to please my FATHER by doing HIS will and not my own. The desire to help others get to know the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is what I live for. So, I must rely totally on what the Holy Spirit has for me to convey which will be encouraging, informative, and inspirational. Following the leadership of the Holy Spirit gives me the ability to communicate appropriately and clearly.

In order to know the Holy Spirit as our demonstrator, guide, instructor, leader, teacher, and that He is the Wisdom of the Almighty GOD who will give us understanding. We must first be filled/baptized in the Holy Spirit. Being saved is only a portion of having the Holy Spirit because none of us would have received the gift of salvation had we not answered when we heard the Good Sheperd/JESUS calling out for us. If you do not believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is required to get all that JESUS has for us, read the following scriptures here, Mrk. 1:8; Lk. 24:49; Jn. 14:26, 15:26, 16:7; Acts 1:5, 8; Rom. 5:5; Eph. 1:13.

It is through the Holy Spirit that we are able to speak the Word of GOD with boldness and courage.  I am a trained public speaker, though properly trained I do not like public speaking for myself, however, I will do so when lead by the Holy Spirit because I need His boldness and courage. I do not like speaking to more than three people at one time unless it is in a classroom setting where I may have a question or maybe I may be able to expound on a subject matter for better clarity.

My dear brothers and sisters, it is most beneficial to us all when we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us because we are in desperate need of being taught. JESUS calls HIS Holy Spirit the Helper [Paracletos, one called alongside to help]. Here are just a few ways in which the Holy Spirit will help us, He is our Advocate, Comforter, Counselor, Intercessor, Standby [He can be relied on at all times especially in emergencies, He should be our favorite, reliable choice of resource because He is available and ready for action immediately.] The Holy Spirit is also our Strength and He is not here on His own accord, He is given and sent to all the children of the FATHER in the name of JESUS. His position is to not overshadow CHRIST JESUS but rather stand and operate in the place of JESUS as HIS representative and act only on behalf of CHRIST JESUS. We must allow Him to teach us everything there is to know about the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, our true home [heaven/the New Jerusalem], and who we are in CHRIST JESUS as well as what we are able to do through CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit is our Helper, will you not allow Him to help you daily? And in His teaching in times when we pull on His help, He will cause us to remember those things which we have been taught by Him that CHRIST JESUS has said. So, each time we read either a chapter or a verse, we must ask the Holy Spirit to teach us by finely tuning our eyes to see what the FATHER has for us to see, to finely tune our ears to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit when He is speaking to us, to speak that which the Holy Spirit has given to us to say,  and to apply that which we have been taught.



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