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November 26, 2020

Counsel and Wisdom – Daniel 2:14, 20, 23

Most people never find out what the root of a problem is let alone the surface in order to deal with situations that arise. We must first inquire as to what it is that we must deal with by our providing better solutions, helping to make matters better, or just chucking the entire ordeal altogether. When we try to handle situations without knowing all the facts we go in blind and all we do is make matters worse. And what do we say because things did not work out the way we planned them to? I do not know why this or that did not happen this or that way or some other way we express confusion?

Before we delve into anything we should with counsel and wisdom inquire.  Some trials that we must face will take a day or two to resolve though we want them resolved immediately. But we must never let anyone see us sweat. Make it known that we may need a couple to a few days to get the resolution to the problem. This does not mean concretely that we need that much time, but always leave the room so that we will not move forward out from the emotional pressure of stress. After making our inquiries, discuss among others that we know with assurance are helpers rather than hinderers. It is not that hinderers, hinder for the sake of being hindrances but there are equipped people for every situation. Then collectively, pray to the LORD GOD, reveal the entire ordeal as we understand to HIM, ask for HIS guidance and wisdom to help in our understanding. We may be surprised to find out that our answer or answers will be revealed to us in our dreams. Most people of science like to give this credit to Rem sleeping but all answers to whatever we present to the LORD GOD comes from HIM and should HE decide to present to us the answer or answers that we need while we are at rest, it will be done at that moment when we are in our deepest rest when our heartbeat is the slowest and our breathing is most controlled. 

Do not panic if the answer does not come as swiftly as we like it. Take instruction from the persistent neighbor found in, Lk. 11:8 -10, 13. 

Before we have our answer, bless the LORD GOD, we are to never cease giving thanks to HIM. Acknowledge that our LORD GOD is the greatest, that HE is the most powerful, glorious, victorious, and majestic because everything that is in the heavens and in the earth is HIS dominion and kingdom. The LORD Most-High is to be exalted because HE is head over everything. We obtain riches from HIM because power and strength are found in HIS hands to make us prominent and strong. Only in GOD will we find HIS perfect wisdom and strength because it is only through HIM that we will find true counsel and understanding. Great is our majestic and strong LORD who has abundant strength, HIS understanding is boundless, inexhaustible, and infinite. Our Almighty GOD is a great counsel and strong in HIS exploits, HIS eyes are never off of those who belong to HIM, HE never turns away or closes HIS eyes.

Then, after we have obtained our answer from the LORD GOD, continue to give to HIM praise and thanks. HE is the ONE who has given us the wisdom that we need for this specific time and the strength to execute that which either needs to be done or said. HE will make known to us that which we have inquired of HIM. Our GOD will provide to us the desire of our heart, HE will not refuse what we have asked for. When we pray along with our CHRISTian siblings believing without a doubt in our heart we will receive from our FATHER what we have in abundance, HIS compassion, and mercy as we obtain HIS help to understand that in which we need clarity.

Now, remember, just because our GOD reveals to us the wisdom we need does not mean that we are wiser than any other. Our earthly wisdom does not make us any greater than any other person, this is why we are to rely on the Wisdom of GOD to counsel us in all things.  Beware of pride and do not take GOD’s glory from HIM if and when we are congratulated for anything. 

Lastly, GOD is the ONE who makes known that which we press in for. 

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